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Jordan Driver

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  1. UCP / Login Name: materieel64 Character Name: Jordan Driver Items & Amount Lost: 1 Combat Pistol with 25 Ammo, 1 Switchblade and 1 Bat Exact time and date: Discovered lost at 16:05 on 11/Jan/19 Reason: Presumably due to being equipped on sudden delog the night before Evidence: See attached screenshot
  2. Jordan Driver

    Never mind, found a screengrab from September... perfect!
  3. Jordan Driver

    Seeing as I don't save screenshots on my PC or with links, I may have to dig down a screengrab I may have posted somewhere on Discord. Chances are this won't have a timestamp... I'll get back to you when I can.
  4. UCP / Login Name: materieel64 Character Name: Jordan Driver Items & Amount Lost: Combat Pistol (1), Ammo for said pistol (25), Mask ($5000), Switchblade Exact time and date: Approximately 21:10hrs GMT on the 20/Nov/18 Reason: I was riding my Dinka TT at about 20mph round a corner, before I had driven into a pole and passed out (strange, seeming as this usually shouldn't be enough and hasn't in the past). However, before passing out, I had 50 health then died due to another 50 health reduction, presumably to ping. I had lost all in my inventory except a taxi license and an equipped bat. I was powerless, unable to use anything but the chat hotkey (no menus, etc.). After about 15-20 minutes of waiting, I was assisted by an admin. I believe this may have been Keane, but cannot remember off the top of my head. Evidence: http://prntscr.com/ll7xak