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Yung Bango

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    Bango Banks :D

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  1. Yung Bango

    ((flyers can be seen around the city))
  2. -- ((refresh the page if you can't hear the music))
  3. Yung Bango

    June 9th, 2019 Kaylee Keeton, the prodigy of photography, captured some moments from yesterday's party. Check 'em out!
  4. Yung Bango

    There's no stopping - this Saturday at 10PM!
  5. Yung Bango

    You know the drill - Saturday at 10 PM! Let's create another memory to remember.
  6. Yung Bango

    5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 what do we get now?
  7. Yung Bango

    "People who do nothing but run ad after ad." You are talking out of your rear. Saying that about us shows how ignorant and disconnected you are. I don’t see a problem with using timestamp to track the timer and then place ads accordingly. Everyone has a forced cooldown, therefore anyone implying spam just proves their nonexistent intellect. We didn’t make the system, we are simply using means that staff has provided for the playerbase. You’re barking at the wrong tree and just showing your personal angst towards us for some reason. You can’t fix the alleged issue by tarnishing our name - that is nonsensical. Nobody made you rely on /bad. Furthermore, /bad shouldn't be the sole source of exposure in the first place. It's just a tool to make things go smoother. Nobody forced you to roleplay at a remote location. You are not entitled to better treatment because you chose a place in the middle of Narnia. It was your choice and you are responsible for your actions. Adapt, stop acting as a victim and quit blaming others for your problems. Also, it's pretty obnoxious that some of the people got their knickers in a twist when we did 4 (I think) ads in a row last Saturday. Get a grip, you unbearable oaves. You're moaning like we were the first to do it.
  8. Yung Bango

    Summer is almost here - let's welcome its arrival together on Saturday! Doors open at 10PM. See you at GALAXY!
  9. Yung Bango

    We got a good one for you - we are bringing it back! Get those tracksuits ready and let's switch it up a little.
  10. Yung Bango

    May 5th, 2019 Your presence is the blessing we are looking for! Crazy night with the best of people. Another one to remember. Let's throw an even better one on next Saturday!
  11. Yung Bango

    Make sure you visit us on Saturday! Come explore the Galaxy and meet the brightest stars of Los Santos! Doors open at 10 PM!
  12. Yung Bango

    Ocelot Jackal for sale. Registered, sport engine, sport transmission with turbo. Has black plates as well. Leave your offers below, contact me on my phone 8833566 or send an e-mail to [email protected] [PM]. Asking price is $75000.
  13. Yung Bango

    April 21th, 2019 We are grateful for everyone who were part of our first opening - a night to remember!
  14. Yung Bango

    Galaxy with its complete new design is waiting you on Saturday!
  15. Yung Bango

    April 14th, 2019 With club being all set, we will be opening two times during the week. Wednesdays are going to be Lounge Hour days which take things in a more mellow manner, a good opportunity to enjoy calm music, have a nightcap, catch up with friends and prepare yourself for the weekend. Saturday will hold the main party, perfect occasion to unleash remainder of your energy and throw yourself into the abyss of prime indulgences. First opening will take place on the 20th of April. Looking forward to seeing you!