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  1. First guy to contact me on 64739024, gets the business.
  2. Banner of Peace is an establishment that primarily focuses on gambling. Such as lottery tickets, Poker, Black Jack. Banner of Peace was founded in late 2019. Banner of Peace is located in the heart of Mission Row, right beside our lovely police station. Any questions can be forwarded to my email. (MP AND FP = 151870) BANNER OF PEACE GALLERY Buyout Price: 455.000$ Starting bid: 250.000$ Current Bid: 250.000$
  3. James "Jimmy" Lanagan James "Jimmy" Lanagan is an Irish LS based mobster is his mid-forties. Lanagan was born in East Los Santos, La Mesa, into a broken background. His mother, Maureen Lanagan, a drug abuser and his father, Ronald Lanagan, a dirty cop in the LSPD. Ronald was arrested in his family home when Lanagan was nineteen. Arrest records show Ronald was on the payroll for local loansharks in the Cypress Flats area. Little did Lanagan know he would later be working for the same organized crime group that had his father arrested. Fascinated by the Vinewood crime genre, Lanagan studied all criminal aspects. A classic mob fairy-tale story: Lanagan loved the suits, the fancy cars and jewellery. He dabbed in petty crime, small time drug dealing, grand theft auto and burglary. On the eve of Independence Day, Lanagan was requested by Robert “Bobby Black” Bell and Peter “Blondie” McLain to pick up a drug shipment. In the proceeding years of his father’s arrest, Lanagan had slowly affiliated himself with the MacArthur Organized Crime Group, otherwise known as the East Side Cavalry. Unfortunately for Lanagan he was walking into a setup. Although not under the knowledge of McLain nor Bell, Greek criminals were angered by McLain’s beating of an associate over a gambling issue. The money Lanagan presented the Greek criminals was swiftly confiscated and Lanagan received a beating for his association with McLain. Upon his return to Casey’s Diner, Lanagan was summoned by the tyrannical mob leader, Francis “Mickey” MacArthur. Lanagan was ordered to pay off the debt of the lost drugs by working directly for McLain and Bell. Years past and Lanagan proved himself a worthy associate. His petty crimes became more sophisticated and he quickly rose through the ranks of MacArthur’s gang where he became a close confidante of the second-in-command, Eugene Kilhaney. Unfortunately for Lanagan, the East Side Cavalry abruptly disperse after the arrests of Kilhaney and MacArthur. With nothing left in Los Santos, Lanagan relocated to Thailand where he worked with criminal connections to import heroin into Los Santos. Now rich enough to retire, Lanagan purchased a Thai-bride and relocated to Nevada. The following ten years saw Lanagan gamble away his small fortune. However, with the return of MacArthur and Kilhaney has seen a resurgence of the East Side Cavalry and the return of Lanagan to Los Santos.
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