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  1. Post previewing already works, it's the top left icon on this bar
  2. We don't allow terrorist factions and this isn't a realistic idea for this server as Somali Pirates don't operate on the West Coast of America.
  3. Rybyn

    Ok so basically you don't want people to get into crime. Cool. Making everybody have to sit out for several days cause Street_Racer drives like an idiot is stupid and just the antithesis of how the server should treat players. People who commit crimes and get into shootouts already get a form of time out. It's called jail.
  4. Rybyn

    It's really not the answer at all. It's just going to make people hate medical RP even more and want to accept death.
  5. Rybyn

    Hospital stays in real life are boring, hospital stays in a game where nursing staff would be even more limited would be even worse. Comparing it to the prison just makes it sound like a punishment which jail is meant to be since you know, you're getting thrown in jail.
  6. Rybyn

    That's not what I said and you know it.
  7. Rybyn

    Forcing people into sitting in an interior with nothing to do because they got shot is just one of those things that won't work. It's a nice idea in theory but just doesn't work on the side that nobody would want to sit in an interior doing nothing for several days because that's how you lose players. Nobody is forced to roleplay recoveries but it's heavily expected to do it to a degree but because of how time works on roleplay servers people'd never be forced to wait out the whole time because otherwise you'd be out of commission for several weeks to months for the smallest things. If people get shot and then within an hour or two go around getting into chases and gunfights then you either report them to an admin or to PLM. It's just one of those things that are not feasible on roleplay servers due to the disconnect between what is possible and realistic and what is actually enjoyable for players.
  8. Rybyn

    It's monthly, the tag for it just need supdating on the UCP
  9. Rybyn

    Been discussed several times and been turned down each time.
  10. Rybyn

    Requests go on the UCP
  11. Either myself, @Atiku or @Pascal will reply to this tomorrow and clear it all up.
  12. Rybyn

    Currently this only syncs on the clientside and not serverside so it's not feasible.
  13. Rybyn

  14. Interior changes can be done through the UCP now. Even if they were done through the forums, you did the wrong format.
  15. Rybyn

    Let me know if you're selling a house up in Paleto along with the price, location and pictures of it.