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  1. Rybyn

    Please don't reserve posts here even as memes 😠
  2. Property management is working on the system for these new businesses so it'll be on hold for a while. I'd encourage people not to request so early for these new business types and wait for the announcement to when we're ready.
  3. Rybyn

    Spoken to via PMs regarding the unfeasibility of the request unfortunately, archived.
  4. First off, be aware what I say below isn't set in stone. This may change in some form or another which is why we have this thread up so we can get opinions before we launch. Just want to make a big clarification here. There's aren't going to be auctions like we've held before. Sure some people will go for the same houses and we'll have to pick the better one out of them. However, they aren't going to be timed exclusive. Rather instead they're going to be more similar to how general requests are in that you can request certain houses with backstory and reasoning why your character should own them rather than someone else. All of these houses will be priced depending on the area too. So say you go for a nice Chumash house it might cost you 400k but if you went for the less nice one down the road it'll be a more fitting price for that. We want to make sure the economy isn't broken by pricing these wrong and being too cheap or too expensive. Our biggest concern with having houses freely pitched for whenever is the volume that we'll get being a workload. General requests themselves can take some time to do and house pitches would likely take even longer so people would have to be prepared to be waiting for about a week for a reply. For the people asking for this, yes we are aware that this is a problem and we will be fixing this in the coming months when we both expand and revamp existing areas. We also plan to make sure the road naming conventions work so you don't get two houses with the same address. This is how it's going to be when it comes to requesting houses. It's never going to be free and if a house is free it's not going to be able to be sold. We also want to go back and revitalise certain area of the map. This is how we're going to do any pitch auctions for the houses. Have the unique ones be the auctions rather than have them all auctioned. The problem we've found with auctions is a lack of response due to how the community changes its mind on what they want to see. If anyone has questions feel free to message me or tag me here, I'll be replying where I can.
  5. Rybyn

    Property has been set up in-game
  6. On hold until 1.4 actually launches.
  7. Rybyn

    Set up and paid for
  8. Rybyn

    Set up and paid for
  9. Rybyn

    Teleport set up ingame
  10. Rybyn

    @Edwards garage is set up in game
  11. Rybyn

    Set up in-game
  12. Rybyn

  13. Rybyn

    You were pointed out by multiple admins for your awful behaviour within discord at a time we were having a big problem with multiple people being racist and anti-Semitic. It's not the first time you've been handed a ban for acting like this. Reappeal in a month.
  14. Rybyn

    @Spenser Interior has been changed please pay the fee to the BPD faction and reply here with a screenshot by Friday the 11th of January or the interior will be changed back.