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  1. Rybyn

  2. Rybyn

    Property management are planning to expand housing eventually but unlikely with the high end style of houses you are asking for. Multiple requests for expansion in suggestions have been put up so I'll drop Pascal's last reply below. Locked and archived
  3. Rybyn

    Hi @Fenrir We're glad to inform you that your request has been approved. The property is located on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, a rather run-down area within the Davis/Rancho area of South Los Santos. The building is located near a couple of businesses and a hot spot of activity. As for the building itself, the condition is rather plain with it being on the lower end of maintenance. There isn't much to the building, it has a small parking area behind it but not significant enough for actual parking. The cost price has been determined to be $100,000 (taxes and fees) plus a fee of $50,000 for the tattoo script. Please pay the cost directly to BPD using the command "/transfer BPD 150000" and post a screenshot below.
  4. Rybyn

    All set up!
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      There's quite a few

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      Awesome, Sure hit me up on discord if you wanna chat some more, Always down for catching up with people!

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  6. Rybyn

    Requesting houses is far from feasible right now due to the amount of requests that would come in immediately. We have plans to expand housing in the future and systems to allow more housing in more suitable areas are coming. Locked and archived.
  7. Rybyn

  8. Rybyn

  9. Rybyn

    Archived after speaking
  10. Rybyn

    Please post a screenshot of where you wish the interior teleport to be placed @alma also these threads should be titled [Teleport Request - (name)] rather than General Request. However I've fixed that for you.
  11. Rybyn

    A gambling business would require a little more than that. It'd be something that'd require some communication with me so I can help set up something in particular for it, if it was allowed.
  12. Rybyn

    There's already this thread within the player reports section that tells you exactly what you should do. Locked and archived