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  1. Been here for a while. It's always been this way. Only now, the change is that, there's more players hence more traffic, hence more stupid IC accidents caused by racers driving 115 miles in their Sultan Classic. Most of those are skipped anyway because it's claimed to be "lag". The only way I see around is that administrators spectate players who drive in an unrealistic manner but other than that, NPC's is a very-very bad idea. Speed cameras are great, I hope they're taken into consideration.
  2. Shang_Takashi

    @Crocker The real OG. Former, but he’s truly a good guy, and was an asset to the administration team. @Cara Extremely helpful in her department. @Selena Very cute, and an amazing admin. @kilerbite ily123456 - another legendary former.
  3. Shang_Takashi

    wass poppin
  4. Delivered! Thank you for choosing us!
  5. Shang_Takashi

    Found. Can be L&A’d
  6. Shang_Takashi

    Title says it all. I want to run a used car dealership, hence if you could let me rent your lot for a contract, I'm sure we could work things out. Let me know if anything is up.
  7. username: ThatJapanesewannabe comment: YOOO bois
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  9. Shang_Takashi

    straight fire keep it up!
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    just a bunch of menyoo? yes
  12. Shang_Takashi