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  1. Basically what somehow bothers me is the fact that whenever you purchase a new vehicle from any of the dealerships around the map, it is delivered to you unregistered. The next thing you'd need to do is drive to the DMV and handle the registration of your vehicle. Main issue with that course of actions is that often you will find yourself being pulled over by LSPD for driving an unregistered vehicle. If the police officer is reasonable and understanding of the situation, he/she will most likely let you go once you explain that you have just recently bought the vehicle and currently driving to the DMV to register it. With that being said, this can also be easily abused by players who actually have their vehicles unregistered on purpose and just wish to get away with being arrested; thus diverting to OOC lies and breaking the server rules. Long story short, all of this can be avoided if the script would automatically handle the registration of the vehicle upon purchasing it from a dealership. The current registration fee can be applied on top of the vehicle's cost if necessary. Following suggestion for /unregistering your vehicle:
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  3. Forwarded for the time being.
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    Thank you for suggesting this though.
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    You are more than welcome to conduct your own research by checking out the linked guide which contains all the necessary information!
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    Question answered.
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    Question answered.
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    We're not debating this again.
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