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  1. Franelli

    (( Archived. ))
  2. Forwarded for the time being.
  3. Franelli

    Thank you for suggesting this though.
  4. Franelli

  5. Franelli

    You are more than welcome to conduct your own research by checking out the linked guide which contains all the necessary information!
  6. Franelli

    You have purchased a vehicle a few weeks back and realized you don't like it due to one reason or another just now? I'm sorry but we cannot accept this request since you've been actively using this vehicle for a while. Moreover, not being able to customize a specific (minor) option in the vehicle's design does not justifies a refund, sadly. You're free to sell it in-game and purchase a different vehicle from either a player or a dealership.
  7. Franelli

    Question has been answered. Archived.
  8. Franelli

  9. Franelli

  10. Franelli

    After rewatching the video several times I am going to give the reported party the benefit of the doubt that there were no intentions to drive unrealistically, considering the cliff height and jump made during the pursuit were not major to begin with. With that being said, the reported party is to watch their driving in the future and take into account that relying on luck each time is not going to cut it when it comes to damages caused to the vehicle after committing such actions. All players are expected to drive reasonably and roleplay any sort of damages that would realistically be caused to the vehicle they are operating if the same scenario happens to take place in real life. GTA 5 physics are a bit tricky and should not always be relied on when making a judgement regarding whether or not the action we're about to pull is realistic. Thank you all for your time.
  11. Franelli


    (( Archived. ))
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