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  1. Franelli

    Yes. AFAIK they have not changed since I joined in december 2017. '' Chaining robberies on your character unless perfectly roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way'.'' I'm aware of this. If you're familiar with the rule then you should be able to understand why your actions were wrong in these particular events throughout that night. Have you ever received a permission from a game administrator to rob the Nithercott Cosmetics establishment? @A_Acko
  2. Franelli

    Hello, Although you were originally banned by @Ikechukwu I will be the one handling this appeal. After receiving multiple reports about your ridiculous driving during your pursuit with PD, I began spectating you along with several other administrators. I'd like to start off by saying you were driving in a complete unrealistic manner. You have flipped your vehicle several times during the pursuit, drove on rail-tracks, jumped off high mountains and crashed into numerous obstacles without stopping once to roleplay any single one of these accidents of yours. Your driving was beyond unreasonable and it was in no way related to desync as you tried to claim in your earlier PMs to me. The fact you have only recently been punished for doing exactly that led us to the decision to ban you on spot.
  3. Franelli

    BANNED 20-JUL-2018 10:15:30 Indefinitely itsali666 Ethanol Grammar/spelling are no where near acceptable level at the moment. I don't see a reason for you to keep applying considering future applications will be denied for the same reason. Please take some time to improve your English before applying for the server. Moved to @Ethanol's section.
  4. Franelli

    (( Archived due to inactivity. ))
  5. Franelli

    (( Archived due to inactivity. ))
  6. Franelli

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  7. Franelli

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  8. Franelli

  9. Franelli

    Due to lack of response from the reported party, I am going to wrap this up and summarize the chain of events that have taken place. JAMES LAWON signs a contract with JASMINE TURNER in which a freshly purchased JACKAL vehicle (with the market price of $88,000) is handed out as a loan to JAMES LAWON. JAMES LAWON forwards the initial payment of $26,000 to JASMINE TURNER. JAMES LAWON then disappears and goes inactive on all community channels. Now, since the reported party has gone inactive prior to the submission of this report, I am going to conclude this with the following guidelines: The JACKAL vehicle (#17647) is to be removed from JAMES LAWON's character. An account warning will be issued on @Sully's UCP profile for going inactive without giving notice whilst having an active loan contract on their character. Although the reason for disappearing might be fully justified - it is also extremely unfair towards the reporting party. JASMINE TURNER is obliged to a refund request of the remaining $62,000. If you happen to have any questions regarding my verdict, do not hesitate to drop me a private message. Report is now concluded, thank you for your time @XanX.
  10. Franelli

    Moved to Archive.
  11. Franelli

    Forwarded for the time being!
  12. Franelli

    Moved yet again to @Nervous's section.
  13. Franelli

    Please refrain from bringing up the AFKing during the first robbery, as it's completely irrelevant to this report. The two of you (Shkodran Racaj & Adi Begovic) robbed Carolina Martin at 21:05:58, then robbed Krystal Verbeek at 21:24:34 (with less than twenty minutes between the robberies). Shortly after you have decided to approach Willard Reeves & Oscar Echevarria at Rancho for your third robbery at 22:02:09. To sum it all up, you have carried out three different robberies in less than sixty minutes. Are you aware of the chaining robberies rule? Please explain to me how exactly you consider these actions to be realistic for your characters, what preparations have the two of you made in order to successfully carry out the robberies and what were the effects of these events on your characters. @A_Acko @Lamar