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  1. Semy-Automatic

    Looking around in the market if there are any available and whats the price they go for. HMU plz if there are any 4 sale.
  2. Semy-Automatic

    NVR alone doesnt have clouds, stars and whatever else things in the sky.
  3. Semy-Automatic

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realistic-reflection-for-naturalvision-s-enb That worked the best for me.
  4. Semy-Automatic

    Is there a way to adjust the car reflections? It's like too over the top for me. VisualV + MVGA only.
  5. Semy-Automatic

    I'll withdraw my bid then.
  6. Semy-Automatic

    My offer of 450k still stands.
  7. Semy-Automatic

    I'll start with 450k then.
  8. Semy-Automatic

    I can offer you $400,000.
  9. Semy-Automatic

    Market price? How much is the average weekly income? If it "earns a lot of cash if opened at good hours."
  10. Semy-Automatic

  11. Semy-Automatic

  12. Semy-Automatic

    Edited. Starting bid is at $70,000.
  13. Semy-Automatic

    I can take 70k.