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  1. The winner's picture is very sexual, as told not to do in the rules, but it was simply amazing. Just to give everyone a hint, it was like a wet T-Shirt contest, but with Sexplore's branded T-Shirt, which the girly ordered on our merch store! The events section has been updated and will be changed even sooner with a new cash prize event - ranging up to $10,000 for the first place winner and $5,000 for the second place! Edit: Sorry for the delay that went to this announcement, it was a very hard choice between the previously mentioned girly and Los Santos' favorite LoL player, Zachary!
  2. The photo event with a prize of $10,000 is ending in ten minutes, last chance to submit your pictures!
  3. It has come to my attention that some people are having troubles ordering merch. With that said, the merch order page has been clarified. Also, there's a new video coming out this evening; Stay tuned!
  4. Blake's video, that was no longer for sale, has been removed from the order page. Those that have ordered it already, will receive it.
  5. We are finalizing the details for the announced event. Previously we wanted to notify our frequent visitors of it, so they'd get pumped up and visit our website more and more! -Sexplore
  6. Amira's video has been added to the order list. We apologize for not adding it sooner.
  7. Amira has been added to 'Models'. With that said, you'll start to get notifications on your emails, seeing that there are "BIO" 's being added, which won't be displayed for the public eye, just yet - ignore the notifications for now!