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  1. Camera has arrived. Content will be seen the following week, while we take a day or two to set up all the needed software and what not.
  2. With our merch store now being stepped up, We are now restocking (out of stock) both male and female t-shirts, along with any adult toys for the guys out there! In other news, 5 work days or less till our new camera becomes available! And we're also now hiring males. All females that have already applied will still be looked at - though, any new applications from the female gender will have a high chance at being denied!
  3. Davko

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  4. Quick update! The new camera equipment has now officially been ordered and will be here within 5 to 10 working days. It'll take us an extra day to set it up and get ready to film! Besides that amazing news, Sexplore will still produce one or two videos, before the new 4K cameras get used for video recording. And Sexplore Snaps will completely hold any production for now, since we want to ONLY provide 4K content for that part of Sexplore. Edit: Models section is outdated, don't pay attention to it for now! The new cameras will cover that as well.
  5. No longer looking for a COO. There is no longer a hold! Sexplore is back on the tracks and still #1!
  6. Hold up! We are now looking for a COO. Someone who can takeover the company for the 3 months of our CEO's little vacation! Please message Isabella Roberts on FaceBrowser for the application process.
  7. All video orders are now halted. Our CEO is changing their path. With that said, Sexplore will be resumed in 3 months.
  8. Sexplore Snaps in 'photos' section will temporary direct you to the order page, seeing as we're setting the FaceBrowser page back as it use to be, before the wipe.
  9. All deals and discounts are now closed. Next 40% discount will be available at the start of September!
  10. 30% discounts have ended. You can now only get one random video for free per order, which is also going to be unavailable in 8 hours.
  11. 30% discount ends in 2 hours. Keep in mind with each order, you'll receive one free and random video!
  12. Today is the last day when our %30 discounts are still in effect. The one random video for free per order will end by tomorrow, 5PM. ❤️ Thank you once again for all the support shown! ❤️
  13. Sexplore Snaps has been reopened and will be handled by the CEO again. All sent in orders for Sexplore Snaps will be handled within ten minutes of this announcement.
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