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  1. Due to recent events; female and male employees are now being looked for.
  2. The orders that we received the past 2 days had to be stalled a bit, due to a problem with the video files; but, they've all been fixed and everyone who submitted their orders will be dealt with right now.
  3. Halloween discounts are now over, those that just submitted their orders still have their 50% discount. Any new orders received will no longer have any discounts. Our next rain of discounts are going to come around December, before our event takes place.
  4. BOO! For this week all of our videos are 50% off! Have a steamy and spooky week!
  5. Davko

    " The use of a third-party modification for single player that allows users to replicate their in-game characters is allowed, yet the same rules apply. Users should take realistic photos. E.G. Showing items or vehicles that cannot be purchased in-game, or that your character would not have access to is prohibited. (This does not include clothing mods, these are absolutely acceptable.) Taking a picture from an unrealistic angle that would not be achievable by any realistic means. " @Memozzy
  6. Davko

    ( Don't judge me, if I'm wrong. I'm shit w/ cars ;-; ) That ... Lambo? ... shouldn't be allowed at all. I am pretty sure using cars that aren't available on GTAW is against the rules. There's a set of rules about FB somewhere on forum.gta.world too! But, the clothing mods are pretty chill, I'd like to think so at least.
  7. The promised event is right around the corner! And because of all the received support, we're doing a VIP ticket giveaway! VIP ticket holders will have access to the VIP lounge, after party and much more! Complete the following challenge for a chance at winning: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYp4TTK1kUkRQRemJuvu1j34P91c0-OTatOV6qHf8lR8iElA/viewform
  8. Davko

    I completely agree w/ this /\ ; people that spawn in vehicles, just to 'flex' with something they cannot afford / don't have IC should be punished. Actually, there's a rule about that already, but FB mods ( from my perspective ) barely focus on moderating the website at all... About the 'custom clothes' is the only thing that I do not agree with; it doesn't cause any harm when someone posts a picture w/ a custom shirt or something, as long as the picture itself is "realistic" and such.
  9. 'Events' section to be added soon, once Blake Holland comes back from her trip - we will begin planning out our first event, which will include autographs, photographs and much more; even an after party!
  10. Model section, soon to be updated with two new models; thus said, two new videos are to be expected very, very soon.
  11. Blake's casting couch video has been removed; but, that does not mean that our terms of service can be disregarded, you still cannot trade / sell the video yourselves. There's a new website change coming this week, which will change up the video orders page and much more!