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  1. (( All orders will be handled soon, I've had to take anti pain medication the past two days; due to extremely annoying pain from wisdom teeth removal. Thank you for those that have been patient. ))
  2. Model section will be updated within today; besides that, there's a new video coming out very, very soon!
  3. Videos section updated, you should now be able to order videos again! Be sure to check out Blake and Jessie's new video as well!
  4. Davko

    1/2, hiring one more male actor!
  5. Davko

    One of the male actors has been fired, now looking for 2 more male actors once again.
  6. Davko

    Due to received questions, we are now going to clarify that we only need a maximum of 2 male actors. And no, we do not need "one more" female actress.
  7. Davko

    No longer in need of female actors, only male adult actors will be needed.
  8. There will be an event coming soon where you can get autographs and pictures with all models; new models are going to be added to the "models" section soon as well.