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  1. Rin

    Your first RP server?

    Who didn't rp in runescape at varrock and used one of the empty houses as their own with a gf found just by standing at the fountain and even had kids?? Then moved onto Aion Private server when Aion was still subscription based Proper RP? GTRP on SAMP, french server
  2. Quality baitposting. Translates to "b*tch"
  3. User: nowoticemisenpoi Comment: While I find it a bit harsh to publicly degrade venues like this I do agree on some points in the article. Legion Lounge advertises itself as a high-end venue and as a Lounge, but the interior says otherwise (see the dj booth) This venue needs to rethink their public target and what kind of venue they aim for.
  4. I had the same issue before but that was due to my HDD dying, game runs fine when starting up and playing half and hour or so but after that I would get lots of stutters over time. I fixed that by getting a new HDD. Now I've been playing without issues until recently, I run my game at high settings so, first few ten minutes of playing no issue, but after awhile the stutters came back again. I lowered all my graphics settings to low and same thing, until a few days ago I "disabled fullscreen optimisations" in GTA5.exe This solved it for me. No clue if this would help your case but doesn't hurt to try. May also be completely irrelevant ?
  5. Bump Asking price down to $80.000
  6. Username: qm Comment: You thought you found them but they're all posers. They're all retired.
  7. 2000 1.9TDI Golf 4, big ass money pit but it's holding up well and also my first car
  8. Rin

    [Idea] Winter Roleplay

    I'm not entirely sure but it has snowed before on GTA:W during IRL winter season but staff kept changing it back to normal weather. Once of course they let the snow last. It's also possible i'm mixing things up and hasn't happened on GTA:W as it has been awhile already
  9. Name: Steven Keo Bid: $100,000 I placing a bid, I agree to said terms. Name of the bidder is private to other bidders.
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