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  1. Spartan

    Transfer complete, you can lock and archive now. Much appreciated!
  2. Spartan

    Do I have to wait till this is accepted to transfer the vehicle over? Been waiting awhile, lol. What it says in the format is a bit confusing.
  3. Spartan

    A way to be able to see transactions would be brilliant! It would be really helpful for factions/businesses also.
  4. UCP name: Spartan Source character name: Chris Forest Destination character name: Mabel Woods Amount of money: N/A Assets to transfer (vehicles, houses): Vapid Sadler What is the current roleplay of your source character? Chris has been trying to sell his old Sadler for a while and to no avail, he wondered if he could donate it to the LSEVG for them to make use of, as they're a relatively new entity. Chris now wants to donate this vehicle to the LSEVG for them to use as a vehicle to train with or as part of their operations. It would need some upgrading and work on it as it's quite an old vehicle, but Chris feel like this would be a better option rather than to scrap it. What is the current roleplay of your destination character? Mabel is the Manager of the LSEVG and is on the receiving end of the vehicle in question. She was looking for a vehicle to use as a utility vehicle to transport new or damaged vehicle parts, and the Sadler that Chris wants to donate would be very ideal for this. Why do you need these assets on your destination character? [200 words minimum] As the LSEVG is a new entity, I've spent a lot of money in order to setup the faction IC and I don't have enough money left to buy a new vehicle nor is their enough money in the budget to buy one. I bought a management vehicle for the faction that uses up money for road tax, which the amount of money spent on road tax could be used elsewhere. The Sadler donated from Chris would allow us to use the management vehicle as a static training vehicle instead or even to just scrap. The Sadler would serve as the new management vehicle as well as a utility vehicle that we would use to transport extra pieces of damaged vehicles back to the garage from scenes, for example excess pieces of vehicle such as bumpers, wheels, glass, debris etc. It could also be used to transport new vehicle parts specially sourced for emergency vehicles (This would be RP'd by driving to the docks picking up the new parts and driving back). We found that having something extra to do like pickup new vehicle parts from the docks would be a great and interesting thing for us to RP during down-times when we have no work to do. Why do you think It would be realistic for you to receive these assets on your destination character? It would be realistic because as explained, Chris tried to sell the Sadler but couldn't find a suitable person for it as it's quite old, so he's decided to do a goodwill gesture in welcoming the LSEVG by donating his vehicle to them.
  5. Spartan

    I'm most interested about the new weekly paycheck system. As I've been preparing for this change as a faction leader, I've based my calculations on an hourly cost for a 9AM - 5PM job, so 8 hours a day, and multiplied that by 5 days a week to get a weekly figure that will be paid. This makes the most sense to me. My concern is this however; We can't have a faction's paycheck COSTS remaining the same, as this would decrease the amount of money received by players by around 80-90%. And we can't keep the current hourly paycheck the same and just multiply that by 8 and then 5, because that would increase the COST and amount of money received by players by around 80-90%. So maybe a fair way to balance this is to calculate the total average playtime hours for the position with the most amount of employees, multiply the current hourly paycheck by that number which will give the daily cost. Multiply that by 5 and you'll get the weekly cost for that position. This new weekly cost can be used to determine the new paychecks for the other roles in the faction. In my faction's case it would be around a 15% COST increase each month. Other factions may vary based on different factors. Is this how we should be calculating and preparing for this change?
  6. LSEVG Management Team (( lsevg.azurewebsites.net ))
  7. Spartan

    I found Tunnel Bear to be the best. You only have a 500mb limit for the free version, but as long as you don't download anything whilst using it you should be fine. I think you might be able to double this by following their social media channels. Their paid version isn't so bad either, it's only $59.99 USD for a year's worth of unlimited data usage. And if you have multiple devices, you can use it on up to 5 of them which is pretty neat.
  8. Spartan

    First of all, I think this is a fantastic suggestion! I really admire and appreciate the thought and detail put into this. I can see how this would appeal to normal Mechanics and Mechanic Businesses. From my perspective however, I'm thinking of how this would affect emergency vehicles. Because obviously this suggestion would to apply to all land vehicles if implemented. As someone who is starting a faction that maintains and repairs emergency vehicles, I think this would bring about a more interesting and detailed RP experience for our faction, which is great! It would give us more definitive information about a vehicle's current condition and what to RP repairing or replacing specifically. Currently the way we've designed maintaining emergency vehicles in our faction is through the standard FLOWER checks. Which would still work when RPing maintenance with the functionality of your suggestion, so RPing vehicle maintenance wouldn't change that much for us. However we would be able to determine which checks fail based on the mileage feature in your suggestion, which would be pretty neat. As for repairing damage, maybe a combination of the parts and percentage systems could be an option? So the percentage determines what parts of the vehicle are damaged. Also, whatever the percentage is could inherit any damages above it. For example if the vehicle is 75-40% damaged, it would have damaged tires as well as axle/suspension. Damage a) 99-91% damaged = Fully Operational: Vehicle is in full working order with no technical damage. (Minor cosmetic damages could count in this tier.) b) 90-75% damaged = Tires: The vehicle's tires would deteriorate overtime naturally with use. Reduced speed and acceleration. c) 75-40% damaged = Axle/Suspension: If the vehicle goes over a bump too hard or gets in a mild accident, the axle/suspension would be damaged. This would cause the vehicle to pull left or right every so often. d) 39-8% damaged = Engine/Transmission: If the car gets in a huge accident or anything hits the engine block area, it could potentially reflect major damage and the vehicle could either stall, keep turning off, or not turn on at all. The vehicle would shut down more frequently and take longer to start back up. e) 7-0% damaged = Destroyed: The vehicle would be damaged beyond repair and not operational. It would have to be towed by a mechanic and would have to be replaced. (This could be why insurance is majorly important.) In terms of the pricing, I agree with @Conway. The prices should be based on a percentage of the vehicle's value as every vehicle is different. It's logical to assume that more expensive vehicles would cost more to maintain/repair due to expensive parts, resources, etc. For maintenance, each mileage tier multiplies by 2 and adds 1 in this example. Maintenance a) 3000 Miles = 0.5% of the vehicle's value. b) 5000 Miles = 0.11% of the vehicle's value. c) 6500 Miles = 0.23% of the vehicle's value. d) 7500 Miles = 0.47% of the vehicle's value. e) 8000 Miles = 0.94% of the vehicle's value. For repairs, each damage tier also multiplies by 2 and adds 1 in this example. Repairs a) 99-91% damaged = 1% of the vehicle's value. b) 90-75% damaged = 3% of the vehicle's value. c) 75-40% damaged = 7% of the vehicle's value. d) 39-8% damaged = 15% of the vehicle's value. e) 7-0% damaged = 31% of the vehicle's value. Overall, I think it's a fantastic idea! And if it comes to fruition, I would happily implement it into how our own faction would RP repairs and maintenance on emergency vehicles.
  9. Short description: I'm suggesting that a cool-down be implemented to prevent people spam robbing houses/businesses. Detailed description: So this would essentially be a cool-down for the /breakin command when used on houses or businesses. An announcement by @Nervous on the Discord stated "and I shall remind everyone that your robbery request will not be accepted If you try to spam rob houses, all requests are reviewed by an admin". If there were a cool-down in place preventing people from using the command again for a period of, let's say 1-2 hours, admins won't get swamped with spam requests. The cool-down will take care of that itself. If someone were to try the /breakin command within a certain period of time from when they last did a robbery, the following message would be displayed: /breakin *You've already committed a robbery recently, please wait a while before attempting another one. Also, now we have more vehicles spawned in the world, maybe the same concept should be considered for stealing vehicles too? So if you attempt to use the /breakin command on a vehicle within a time period of stealing a previous vehicle, the following message could be displayed: /breakin *You've already committed vehicle theft recently, please wait a while before attempting another one. The cool-down times suggested are just examples. Admins can set the cool-down times to whatever is considered appropriate. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It would eliminate the attempt for people to spam rob properties or businesses, which would significantly reduce the amount of spam robbery requests that admins would have to deal with. Admins would then be able to focus on normal robbery requests as well as requests submitted by different people, but include someone in their party who did another robbery recently. Additional information: As mentioned above briefly, a possible way to get around this cool-down is having someone else from your 'robbery party' initiate the /breakin command instead. I'm not sure if this has been thought about when concepting the new robbery feature, but I just wanted to point it out so admins can watch out for this possible exploit.
  10. Spartan

    I used to get this all the time. Best way around it for me was to use a VPN, but this didn't always work. I eventually solved this issue by realising that it was my anti-virus preventing the connection to the game server. Turning off my anti-virus software when playing seemed to fix it for me. I live in the UK which is where I believe the game server is hosted from, so I found it strange as to why it was happening to me. But yeah, try turning off your anti-virus if you haven't done so already. If that doesn't work, try and use a VPN.
  11. Spartan

    I think this needs to be updated, because No 6 isn't European Hit Radio anymore, it comes up saying Vanilla Radio instead.
  12. The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage (LSEVG) is a mechanical repair and maintenance entity for emergency service vehicles throughout Los Santos and the surrounding areas. We have fully trained and certified mechanics and emergency vehicle technicians (EVTs) that can maintain and repair a range of damaged emergency service vehicles, from police cruisers to fire engines. The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage has a great ambition of serving the emergency services in Los Santos by repairing and maintaining their vehicles when they need it. We are dedicated with passion and drive to keep our emergency services up and running by providing top notch vehicle maintenance, repairs, livery applications and equipment installations. If a department needs a vehicle fitting with emergency lights and sirens, we can use our stocked parts or order them overnight if necessary and fit them to get the vehicle fully operational for the required department or emergency service. As a situation is first given via radio or pager, one of our mechanics or technicians can be sent out for recovery or await the arrival of the damaged vehicle(s). If recovery is required, a mechanic or technician can be quickly appointed to recover the damaged vehicle(s). Once recovered, we will assess the vehicle, log the required repairs in our system and contact the department that the vehicle belongs to and let them know how long repairs will take. It's incredibly important to have vehicles used by our emergency services running at peak efficiency. That's why we recommend regular maintenance of a department's vehicles every month. We do this by sending out one of our skilled EVTs to each department every month to give vehicles an on site check-up and service. We then log this on our system which tells us which vehicles have been checked, serviced or referred for repairs. If an emergency service vehicle is severely damaged or incapacitated and cannot be transported by driving it, we can recover it and determine if it can be repaired or replaced. The Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage currently sticks to a strict hierarchy system for it's employees that effectively allows us to handle situations that may occur in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. That's why we have and maintain the following employee structure that is simple and manageable. Management Staff Manager Assistant Manager Senior Staff Senior EVT Senior Mechanic Normal Staff EVT Mechanic Trainee Mechanic Before being an employee of the Los Santos Emergency Vehicle Garage, our applicants must go through thorough training to become a mechanic. In order, the training consists of a verbal interview, an online motor vehicle knowledge assessment ((via forum)), motor vehicle maintenance & repair skills demonstration session and a practical examination. We also conduct a criminal background check for each employee due to the nature of the job of handling emergency vehicles. If they refuse this we reserve the right to deny their application. The applicant may also find themselves rejected from training if they fail to meet these standards set. Our recruitment and training process ensures that only the most skilled applicants are employed. After the employee has been hired as a mechanic, they can choose move on to do an optional EVT certification which allows them to fit, maintain and repair the emergency systems of vehicles. Examples include lights, sirens or Mobile Data Computers (MDCs). We adhere to a strict 'Work Outfit Policy', which all employees must follow. Employees must wear the correct outfits and Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) to protect themselves and others whilst working. The normal work outfit consists of a jumpsuit coloured and worn appropriately for the employee's role, steel toe capped boots, and rubber-coated work gloves. The P.P.E. consists of a protective helmet and thicker gloves and is only to be used when doing dangerous activities such as welding and handling hazardous or sharp vehicle parts that have been damaged.
  13. Spartan

    I believe in FD we do acknowledge all if not most hospitals on the map, as we must take patients to the closest hospital for treatment. I think having the idea to have multiple hospitals to be able to respawn at would be handy if you die in a far to reach area. What would also be handy is to have the hospitals appear on the map. I remember starting out in FD trying my best to remember the exact location of each hospital as only Central LS MC is on the map. I have them memorised now, but it's a difficult thing to get used to for new members of FD.
  14. I appreciate everyone's feedback and support for this! Hopefully this can get approved and forwarded soon 🙂
  15. Spartan

    I think revamping the map icons is a must have! There's some that confuse me and some that I think work brilliantly. I'm all for business icons to be grey and become green when active, I think this is a fantastic idea. Something that has always confused me is icons that are the same but different colours, like the green police station icon in Paleto Bay. I think these icons should be the same colour at the very least to avoid such confusion. Another thing I think the map icons would benefit from is relevancy. Like @Cobra said, the flame icon for the brewery doesn't make much sense and the factory deserves a factory icon. A bottle icon for the brewery would be better and more relevant and a square building with a tower would make for a better factory icon. The flame icon however could be used to identify locations of fires that have been reported by the fire script, which would avoid confusion when multiple fires happen.