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  1. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR HOMES! My dear brothers & sisters! Our streets have been plagued! Plagued with the troubled criminals who run what used to be our home! Chamberlain Hills is now a walking crime trap filled with disgusting and disgraceful scum! You can't set foot in Grove Street without running into a cockroach! We MUST stand up! We MUST get rid of the plague! We MUST take back our home! MARCH WITH ME! #1600 #BlackLivesMatter #BlacksAgainstHispanicCriminals #GoHomeSpics
  2. Ant

    NO WAY. Great minds think alike? Sorry if I mistook it as a insult.
  3. Ant

    Why the negativity? I'm aware this isn't SAMP Gang Warfare RP, if that's where you're inclining.
  4. Ant

    Tbh, the only ones that I see banging right now and doing it right are the South Side Rancheros. Shout out to @Asterix & his crew.
  5. Ant

    Chamberlain 59 Piru, are a set of the Piru Bloods street gang based out of Houston & Liberty City. HISTORY OF THE PIRU/BLOODS In 1969, two Compton residents who lived on Piru Street formed a street gang called the Piru Street Boys. The gang originally aligned with the Crips gang, but after falling out in 1972, the Pirus joined forces with the Brims and other local gangs to form what is known today as the Bloods. During the early 1970's, several African American gangs emerged to protect themselves from the Crip gangs forming in the areas. One of the most well known gangs is the Bloods, which came to be one of the other most violent and ruthless African-American gangs in Los Angeles. The Bloods integrated themselves around the West Piru Street area in Compton aka Bompton. Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens were the founders of the Bloods, and this certain gang actually started out as the Compton Pirus. SYMBOLOGY OOC INFORMATION We are trying to create an immerse environment with quality role-play contributing to the quality of the server, creating a unique experience in the hood life of Los Santos in GTA.World. Hence, we're trying to promote this type of role-play through this faction. Upon joining the faction through IC circumstances, everyone is expected to abide by the rules provided by GTA.World and the faction. There is a hierarchy and rank system, which it is expected to be followed as well. We do not CK. Although, we do follow the rules of warfare if war is imminent. Your role-playing skills will be tested upon contact and/or initiation. As said, this is an inclusion to the server & faction's rules. A discord server will be provided, though, I expect everyone not to meta-game through Discord. The Discord will serve as a point of communication for IC email/knowledge, faction galleries, forum posts, and anything related to the faction. That being said, I am looking forward to role-playing with many of you and I hope that together, we can create a whole new world within the server that will lead into something unique.
  6. Ant

    @eyebrows Awesome, thanks. I will get my notes together and send them to you later today. 😉 Also sent you a PM in regards to the topic if you can so kindly check. 🙂
  7. Ant

    @M52B28 Great, that seemed to do the trick! You're the greatest!
  8. Ant

    Gotcha. To avoid that, just resize the picture before posting?
  9. I'm having a tough time figuring out how to remove the border around images in the forums. I used to be able to post and then the image itself would be static with no border. Anybody can share their experience and/or know how to remove them? Example:
  10. Ant

    Can I PM you with some suggestions and ideas I have regarding criminal activities?
  11. Ant

    You obviously don't know how "Hood RP" works or the realism behind low income areas.
  12. I've noticed lately a lot less people roleplaying hoodlums and street gangs that aren't motorcycle clubs or mafias. I encourage to whom it may concern to please start role playing in the low income areas as you see fit to add diversity to the server. My Blood gang need some new recruits and we are also bored cuz there ain't shit to do. Lol.
  13. Ant

    I would understand the confusion, but it is indeed a Zion XS - better known as just the Zion. I respectfully decline your offer and counter at 88K - @Vato