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  1. Skip

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  4. Skip

    I am intrigued...
  5. Skip

    Fuck it, alright. Just make sure the tank is full.
  6. Skip

    Considering I'll have to modify the suspension, wheels and tint, I would be willing to purchase it immediately at $100,000.
  7. Skip

    Are you interested in trades at all.
  8. Skip

    Are you kidding me? This is great. The only time an NPC becomes an issue is when it's used as an accessory to metagame or powergame--as long as everyone involved is aware. You going in to a convenience store and aggravating a clerk, or me ordering a meal from a stoned minimum-wage teenager at the Horny's drive thru, doesn't directly affect anyone, or at least in a bad way. You and a friend, or even a group, doing something similar is all well and good until it infringes on information and/or actions that are beyond your reach as a narrator, or play things out in a way that could be interpreted as unfair. It's one thing to get a package from a pretend delivery driver, or to tell off the manager at a bank for a loan you didn't qualify for, but to say an NPC knows where someone is when no one else would know, or to have an NPC apprehend, injure or kill someone because you said they would? That's where the line is drawn.
  9. Skip

    I usually pay about $100 to $150 for a beer in NYC, so I'm not sure I see what the issue is.
  10. Skip

    Anytime I see someone order a Corona instead of a Cerveza Barracho, I weep for them. I light a small candle on my roleplay dais and pray for their immersion.