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  1. I think you said everything I wanted to say, but better.
  2. Let's see if I can express something constructive here (obviously not directed at you @Henning). I think the sex perverts need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The big takeaway from my post in the "Ban ERP" thread is that—while I am now more aware than I was before of reprehensible behavior by admins and players alike on other servers much like this one—the pedophilia issue is being treated as systematic, like this place is a haven, that a witch hunt must commence. While people who do and do not bop their virtual bologna agree that people like that have no place on the server (or in any personal, human community), I think too much hate is being leveraged on those who choose to have consensual, adult pixel sex. This is not their cross to bear. This is on admins and the playerbase at large. It is an issue of vigilance and community outreach. We must all act as wards to stop this kind of behavior, but we also can't destroy avenues of storytelling simply because we're uncomfortable with the topics that come with it. Maybe I'm biased. My character's interaction with the outside world is a constant state of psychosis, drug abuse, violence. This is an uncomfortable topic for me, because I've experienced it personally... but it's not like exploring it as another person, weaker sometimes, stronger others, doesn't help me cope and grow from what I've been through. I am seeing multiple posts from people that cement the ghetto/barrio gang communities as genuine people who actually have experienced real hurt and real poverty. Why should they be limited by the senselessness of one or two CHUDS? Awful people exist and do awful things. The moral dilemma here is about expurgation. We permit, with consent, graphic depictions of harm to onesself and others. We allow adults to do some pretty disgusting things with one another, in and out of the bedroom, and sometimes it can make or break the development of a character. Adults, realistically, take advantage of children. Children are put in harms way constantly by the environments and people around them, their social and financial and religious and personal circumstances. If we're going to allow minors to participate as gangbangers, is that somehow incomparable to someone snatching them up in a van and "fading to black?" What if they fall in love with another minor? We cannot tolerate explicit, graphic pedophilia, even if it's a fantasy between two neckbeards, which is all I think this is, rather than Epstein-levels of coordinated grooming/diddling—but we also cannot simultaneously permit literal child soldiers on one hand and then completely eradicate getting anywhere near TRULY uncomfortable topics. And then, one has to ask—even if we do allow that, the fade to black, and the repercussions that follow—are the people who'd potentially create characters so disgusting to do something like that objective, consenting adults like we are, or are they creeps waiting to take it to DMs? This raises many uncomfortable questions that I don't think one forum post can solve. I certainly have few answers, if any, besides my most vocal position: I also don't think a blanket decree banning people from playing kids is the solution to this problem.
  3. What I can't tell is if this is a manifesto about the underlying identity politics behind our virtual affiliations, a conversation about the minimum age to participate in gang roleplay, or an attack on pretend internet lesbians.
  4. Skip

    Ban ERP

    Also admins should be forced to watch and write a detailed after-action report that will be masturbated to by a quality-control representative.
  5. Skip

    Ban ERP

    I will agree with you and go so far as to say from previous behavior and incidents on other ends of the spectrum that this sort of thing goes unchecked deliberately.
  6. Skip

    Ban ERP

    So are we outraged about mutual masturbation, or "predatory behavior?" Are we serious right now? Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children? Here's a better question. Why are children here in the first place? Not only from a safety point of view, but a quality point of view? Everything BESIDES the sex is inappropriate for a child under 16 anyway. Drugs, latent sexual promiscuity, trauma, death, violence, reckless behavior. If you want to SINCERELY fix this problem, you'd start asking for an ID before people can finish an application. But that would be a gross overstep of boundaries. It's much simpler than that—there are creeps here: remove them. There are children here: remove them. I'm a furry. Do you know how much of an issue this is in every community I've been a part of? But to think it's gotten that out of hand here is insane. Let people do what they want, and don't let kids on the server. Monitor behavior and when people are crossing a line, kick them out. The REAL problem is that we've seen a few instances of extended, arguably consensual and unfortunately detailed expression of pedophilia between characters. It's one thing to create a character with undesirable and morally reprehensible traits, it's another to extend it to excruciating and obviously paraphiliac detail. How about this rule: if it could go to court, don't make us watch. Don't make other people relive your goddamn trauma. Meanwhile, John and Jane Roleplayer who wanna mash uglies get told that's unacceptable in their own house? And actual adults can't play younger characters with no intent to bang? There's no heroism in preventing a regular human who wants to play a regular kid in a regular neighborhood from doing that because a few people are fucked up.
  7. Unfortunately, due to my own incompetence, this chapter is missing a few pieces. I will attempt to recreate them when I have the opportunity.
  8. Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today.
  9. Check out the Conti angle on their faction page.
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