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  1. S O L D Selling small house in Mirror Park. 200.000$ Exterior : Interior : Contact me via e-mail : [email protected] ((PM))
  2. Tr1bal

    New faction yeah baby!
  3. Tr1bal

    Had the same thing. Still not sure what exactly the reason was but I back traced it to the new Rockstar launcher. It kicks in heavy when I alt tab too much too. What made it go away or not be as bad , was these three things I did : Turned off the windows indexer(Search) Unplugged my SSD drive while playing. Removed all the unnecessary files and shortcuts from desktop Extra : Trying not to have too many internet tabs open while alt tabbing.
  4. Tr1bal

    ((OOC POST))
  5. Agreed. And same goes for the booze as well.
  6. Yes, this is an actual issue with the alcohol script, it still don't make you drunk for enough time. I'd say the prices could stay for stronger alcohol but if you can actually be drunk longer then you can RP that one alcohol item as an actual bottle. With beer and such the prices could be just a little lower but the duration of drunkness raised as well.
  7. Strongly against. It's like saying don't expect to get an actual car when buying one from the dealership. All the scripted items that are in game should be RP'd too. With an exception of the items some businesses can create - because we don't know all kinds of items that are actually in there. It's literally what makes up the economy - the demand for items, for businesses.
  8. Tr1bal

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  9. Username : SwayzeExpress Comment : People act like it's the first time they picked up an magazine. Nothing wrong with this section. Women browse it to get ideas on how to impress their men and men browse it on various different reasons.
  10. I see all kinds of threads about how to portray an realistic this and that but at times people are treating San Andreas and Los Santos city like it consists of the actual character count the players have - technically a small town. I just wanna know, what kind of a city Los Santos actually is. We RP NPC's here and there at times and I know the city is empty most of the time but still , would be weird to have all those gangs and LSPD special units for a small town, or having all these buildings standing empty. This thing needs to be figured out and put in concrete ASAP.