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  1. Username : southwillriseagain986515485 Comment :
  2. Tr1bal

    THE country! Plz stay.
  3. I don't say it often but this very decent quality.
  4. Username : PatrickSwayze1980 Comment : "Disclaimer: This article is protected by Article 1, Section 2 of the San Andreas constitution on free speech and press. " - When you're fake news and you know it clap your hands!
  5. Tr1bal

    70's- to early 90's movies are the best. They really capture the essence of things.
  6. Tr1bal

    Took me 12 years and around 4-5 tries to watch the whole series. I can honestly say it was nothing special, I kind of tried to fool myself into liking it because I like the topic but at the end I just could not. Let's be honest, it was a highschool drama-fest wrapped in a Italian accent.
  7. Username : southwillriseagain986515485 Comment : hey alphabet boys nice false flag op lmao
  8. I'm very sympathetic to the idea but it would take a lot of other reforms in various fields to balance the whole thing out. And in the end it would still just diminish the player base.
  9. Tr1bal

    It's the "Soccer" mentality that makes people believe they can achieve more by cheating and lying. With a quick look into Klementz v. Santoro it was clear that Mr.Santoro intentionally used ill mannered tactics to gain more money out of the deal and just ignored Ms.Klementz. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that, but I agree with everything you wrote ; People should not be cleaned out 90% of their funds because of such IC mistakes, the main goal should be to keep the OOC motivation to play ones character intact, so the IC judges should be more lenient with their final decisions. With the case in hand - 50 grand fine sounds fair enough. Same goes for bikers demanding 300 grand from the Police department. Isn't there a rule in place already that forbids people from CK/PK'ing out of the court cases? Maybe it was in LSRP. If not then there should be. Combined with what I said above it would be a perfect match for all parties.
  10. Reactions should be removed completely. They hold no real value as mostly friends 'like' each others posts, no matter the actual quality of it.
  11. Tr1bal

    It is important to start from the roots. What lack of fear can we even talking about when we don't address 90% people skipping mayor intersection with their cars in high speeds as it was the most normal thing to do. The fact is that people come here to portray their avatars and probably don't have a slightest idea what getting into a ROLE actually means. We can not talk about fear.
  12. Tr1bal