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  1. Tr1bal

  2. Tr1bal

    Not all heroes wear capes. I say it from my heart : Thank you Nervous.
  3. Tr1bal

    Give it to those pesky Europeans.
  4. Tr1bal

    Franelli said it all. All I wanna add is that there actually is an hospital in Paleto, the same one on your picture. FD is even acknowledging it(Was treated there once). But the thing is that you probably own a dirt bike and because of that die a lot. It can be frustrating while living in Paleto. I know that feel. What I did was mastering the bike riding so I just don't fall and die almost at all.
  5. Tr1bal

    Only through a legit forum based court trial and maybe have the possibility to parole at some point? But with a minimum [Insert amount] to be served no matter what.
  6. You should actually read the thread my good sir.
  7. Tr1bal

    I think all, more popular commercial establishments should automatically have CCTV - with a certain view radius(With a special map for a quick reference when a RP situation requires it). Player owned businesses and houses should have CCTV too when it is installed properly and a proof screenshot with a timestamp exist for later use.
  8. Tr1bal

    But can you confirm that when the proper jail comes out then the offline tick is removed?
  9. Tr1bal

    I don't know if the jail time counts time when you are offline because the real jail is not ready yet or it is meant to be like this FOREVER. Well I don't like it. Was handed a 6 hour jail yesterday and today when I logged in, BAM, jail over. Don't feel like I my char was ever in there. Can't even draw any mood's from the memory of jail - nothing. Jail should be a punishment. Well I still hope after the 0.4 comes out and the real jail is implemented , then the jail time stops ticking down while people are offline.
  10. Tr1bal

    To every problem, everybody is pointing out The Update - Rage 0.4 I believe? But at the same time there has been so many updates directed only towards the PD and FD. Maybe the solution with jobs like mining would be to make it a lot less profitable but at the same time place in all kinds of visual eye candy(visual ores, boxes, crates, machinery) and more complex interactions. I think I have been mentioning this from the day one as Ethanol just mentioned too that all of those jobs related to mining should be separated plus only proper industrial vehicles should be allowed to carry ores and such. Miners having visual ores and firemen having visual fires is fair right?
  11. Tr1bal

    Technically you are bashing me right now. You assume my simple trucker RP is trash and can't be compared to anything. You should not cast judgement towards a entire entity based on some bad apples on that said group but rather concentrate your effort to sort out those apples. And if the entity itself is flawed on its technical construct then the "bad apples" can't be blamed as they are just the followers of that system. Nah im just fucking with ya, I know what you mean. I address most of my points to the second quote. Long story short - we need a job reform. I kind of agree. Its because of the greed people have. They do wanna get rich. I personally think the scripted jobs generate so much wealth that I just bet my money on football games to get rid of it. Im bit different. I loose my RP feeling if I have too much money or one of my cars starts to feel too fancy. And as you said the mining job as a script don't make any sense - that's why I am RP'ing as a trucker. The mining part is made by so called NPC's. But I manage them so that they won't get involved or influence a RP situation if it coms to that(For example NPC drilling operator calling 911 when I get robbed.) But I think the RPG's elements should be re-evaluated and put into better use. RPG elements and the true heavy RP should be combined. Its like the incredible graphics of GTAV that just give people motivation to RP and do interact with the visible items. Its the same with RPG'sh elements - they spawn will. If the quality of people playing on the server is good and RP level high then the RPG elements are not the weakness but rather a strength that crates more random interactions here and there and also crates more industrial traffic to the roads. But yes, all the scripted jobs should be redone so people could not use them to quickly get rich.
  12. I don’t understand on why it is looked down on and ridiculed when someone likes to “grind”. I personally enjoy “grinding” aka mining , I do not do it mainly for the money but rather because I RP it as a job of my redneck character. I find it relaxing. I do not RP the mining part itself but just being a simple truck driver. Waiting out while the heavy machines fill my HVY Biff truck. Sometimes I come to the server to just RP working and avoid the big crowds and socialising as I get enough of the latter irl. That does not mean I can’t handle the situation if it all goes to /do’s and /me’s at some point. With the same logic everybody have towards grinding – putting out fires and chasing bad guys like FD and PD do as their everyday job is actually grinding too. Not to mention the criminal organizations, oh lawdy! Let’s not even go there. My point is that we all should be able to do what ever makes us happy. We all got into this server through the same application system that validated our level of RP.
  13. Tr1bal

    Name: Rayburn Ford Number: 788788 Match1: Fullham vs Westham Team you're betting on: Westham Bet (in USD): 10000 dollars Match2: Crystal Palace vs Leicester Team you're betting on: DRAW Bet (in USD): 10000 dollars Match3: Wolverhamnton vs Bournemouth Team you're betting on: Wolverhamnton Bet (in USD): 10000 dollars
  14. You guys are arguing like any of this matters. The taxes are nothing and nothing is currently regulating the market at ALL. As a redneck truck driver I could make 100k a day. Im at the point where I just place 5000$ to 30000$ bets to random football teams to get rid of the cash. I RP them as 50$ and 300$.
  15. Tr1bal

    All of those mentioned are fair, wise and capable. I wish good luck and many achievements to them and us.