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  1. Can vouch for the activity, all tho I rarely play now - it makes my claims stronger because when I log in at random times it feels more busier and crowed then it used to be. I remember walking around Sandy Shores for hours and hours back in the day without seeing anyone. There is actually one there. The one that existed way before the trucking script came out.
  2. Username: PatrickSwayze1980 Comment: But then, please, no whining when a feral jogger goes through your stash next to your burned and half eaten body while the doomsday sirens are squealing outside.
  3. Username: PatricSwayze1980 Comment: They might resemble a human.. maybe, but felons are not allowed to vote.
  4. Username: PatricSwayze1980 Comments: Anonymous web commenting is the only way those felons can cast their vote and have a say. It pick a slightly corrupt/anti-PC PD over a gang of thugs who sell drugs to kindergardeners and murder each other like rats any day of the week.
  5. Username : PatrickSwayze1980 Comment : It's a basic Adam and Eve vs. Evolutionism vs. Ancient Aliens skirmish masked into a drugged out street "art" trip.
  6. Username: PatricSwayze1980Comment: But then why are you showing an extreme nationalism towards your mother nation? VIVA LA WORLD, maybe? No?
  7. Username: PatricSwayze1980 Comment: Actually, there is no mention of any Arab's on the article - you are the one being racist here for identifying these people as Arabs from the picture taken, just because their skin colour is different from your usual "whitey" and furthermore connecting the word 'Extremist' with said 'Arabs' - it is you who subconsciously thinks that all Arabs are terrorists and tries to convince the whole world to do the same. The article just loosly points out and actual failed terrorist attack by non-American citizens. You NAZI!!
  8. been actually trying to watch walking dead too for MANY MANY times, I wanna like it because of the theme but everything else is horrible
  9. Username: PatrickSwayze1980 Comment : Boo-Whoo! The entire history is one big genocide of various peoples, the Armenian one is just one of the first modern ones where people were like "Hold up Hold up, you can't do this!". And in any case, how do we even know what is real and what is not? We can't even shuffle through the propaganda in current year to get a objective understanding on wars that are happening(Or not happening) RIGHT NOW! Just relax, have a beer and enjoy the paid vacation by the j-.. reptilians.
  10. S O L D (With 180.000 $) Nice family home located in El Burro , Los Santos. Has two garages ((One scripted)) , several bedrooms, bathroom, storage locker and with a big living room and modern kitchen as well. Also has a backdoor that leads straight into the nice big back yard. Price : 200.000 $ Exterior : Interior :
  11. Let's agree on a time via e-mail , [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  12. S O L D Going off cheap, for 100.000 $ only! Inside : Contact via e-mail : [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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