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  1. MChavera

    I don't think we have that many admins that want to babysit discord voice chats to make sure we don't metagame.
  2. MChavera

    ( /s tends to announce sarcasm in text.)
  3. MChavera

    They're using the Conflict phone app. A VoIP system used by videogame enthusiasts . /s
  4. MChavera

    I look at it this way, the voice comm perk is realistically the coordination and gear that a governmental faction would have over gangbangers and petty criminals. Anyone in a more organized criminal faction, would plan ahead as to not even need to type, or have a simple keyword. Let's have an example. Let's say a group of 5 people are planning to hold up a jewelry store like in the SP game. They're all highly skilled criminals, part of an veey organized group. They would have shift schedules, police response times, traffic activity, exit strategies, multiple alternative exit strategies in case of interference. And all that would need to be said is a single codeword to switch between objectives. If you take a hesit or a criminal activity seriously, you don't even need voice comms. That's just my opinion though.
  5. I'd also like this answered. Especially in regards to recording a criminal act, law enforcement for protection against brutality and coercion, and dash cams during vehicle accidents. I'm not sure concent should be a deciding factor, since all someone would have to do to remove evidence is say no OOCly
  6. MChavera

    We have most of these in our /anim list, though. I don't see why we would need a new script. I'm sure suggesting new animations would be alright instead.
  7. MChavera

    with five rabid
  8. MChavera

    Toggleable for sure
  9. MChavera

    while on fire.
  10. MChavera

  11. MChavera

  12. Fuck the rules. We're going Rogue. 10
  13. 7 Quick, before the staff see us
  14. MChavera

    It was already accepted.