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  1. How much is the monthly insurance?
  2. Looking to purchase multiple tow trucks. Got one or more? Send me your proposal. Kind Regards, Richard (77-88)
  3. Est. February 2020 Rogers Towing & Recovery is a licensed business under number 579-2020-02 at the State of San Andreas. Introduction Rogers Towing & Recovery (RT&R) is established in Los Santos, in February 2020 by its current managing partner Richard Rogers. Coming from the Rogers Towing & Recovery Franchise from Minnesota. RT&R is a corporation that's offering services as towing vehicles, warehousing vehicles, roadside assistance. RT&R is working alongside the local government to receive a permit in towing and warehousing vehicles on orders of the local law enforcement agencies. RT&R is here to improve the road safety of San Andreas and it's well-being. About the CEO Richard Rogers is a descendant from the Rogers Family in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Rogers family offers the same services through Minnesota, South and North Dakota and Wisconsin. Richard didn't want to continue with the family business at an early age so he went to the San Andreas State University where he became a medical doctor, specialization Intern Medicine. After working abroad and completing his research Richard moved back to Los Santos where he invested his earnings in multiple businesses through the state. Richard Rogers is a valued member of the Republican Party and shareholder of Bluewater Holding. He's not pursuing his medical career but you may find him working part-time as an internist at the Hope Medical Facility to provide the ones in need with medical assistance for zero costs. Services Roadside Assistance RT&R assists motorists, or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the driver stranded on the public roads. With our modern fleet of tow trucks, we're more than happy to try to solve the issue on the spot. If it's not possible to solve the problem at the location we'll tow the vehicle to a nearby garage as requested. Towing Services RT&R offers its towing service for our clientele that requires a specific vehicle to be towed from A to B. Whenever our client requires a newly purchased vehicle to be towed from the dealership to its garage or porch we'll more than happy to fix it. In the future, we'll be towing vehicles on request for the Law Enforcement Services, Governmental Agencies, and property owners. Vehicle Warehousing We're currently working with a project developer on acquiring a modern centered location in Los Santos to warehouse vehicles on request by clientele or governmental agencies. More information will be placed once the location is ready. Location We're currently acquiring a property for our day-to-day operations. Contact Information RT&R (Rogers Towing & Recovery) Call or Text 7788 [email protected] (( @Cryptography ))
  4. "Good luck selling this one for 1 million, buddy"
  5. Got one, fully upgraded and higher security package. Approx 500 miles.
  6. Cryptography


    What’s the monthly insurance cost? -RR.
  7. 10-1-2020 Chumash, San Andreas I'm interested in renting this apartment in Playa Vista. Please send me an e-mail or call me on 77-88 Kind regards, Richard Rogers.
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