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  1. zaXer.

    The Last Train in LS Bar
  2. zaXer.

    Contact number? We can discuss more in person.
  3. zaXer.

    Beautiful Exemplar for sale - registered, maxed out except brakes, everything in good condition. Selling low, post your offers below.
  4. zaXer.

    I've been trying to call you but you arent answering. PLease call me back, 1922.
  5. Well, you kinda have to.
  6. zaXer.

  7. zaXer.

    Removed - violating topic guidelines by targeting individuals.
  8. zaXer.

    The amount of high ranked police officers (even supervisors) that have unrealistic character portrayal. The high ranks and supervisors should be people who need to give the community an example of proper character development. Once I open a few facebrowser pages of high ranked LSPD personnel I instantly cringe, and this has been brought multiple times already. The second thing is, again, a very talked over topic, robocops. I've been in PD for over 2 years on LSRP and it was the same issue there. The amount of police officers who portray their situations properly is too low, the inner personal feelings, the feel of being worried about someone, upset, etc, is way too low. I know there are police officers IRL who are gonna ticket you for the smallest things as well, but the percentage here is a bit too high. Combined with above, officers who do not portray their character realistically for then next rank shouldnt be promoted (23 year old sergeants, etc, combined with proper character skin features, not a 30 year old chief looking 17). Another thing that irritates me, black cruisers? Why? The game gives you an option of having a livery, and with mods, countless of options, but why have marked cruisers, with lightbars, marked black? Judging by LAPD IRL, I dont see them having any blacked out cruisers with lightbars. It kind of turns like FD, where 70% of the cars driven are Grangers instead of fire trucks and ambulances, in PD now you see half the staff driving black cruisers rather than white and black. The portrayal is just generally wrong, in my opinion.
  9. zaXer.

    It's not realistic for the LSPD female high ranks to look like 17 year old teenagers but that's what it is & they are easily more qualified than Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-O at the age of 34. Instead of focusing on developing what they were assigned to to they flood Facebrowser with pictures on the beach in bikini and driving bikes and stuff. FYI: FD paycheck is in the form of 20-25k for 20 playing hours every week, I doubt PD is much higher, its nothing impressive.
  10. zaXer.

    This has been suggested 20 times already and it is going to happen, do not post suggestions that are the same every week, use the search bar to check if someone else suggested what you want.
  11. zaXer.

    That's how the economy is right now. Dealerships will buy out your car for a price a little over scrap so you prefer to sell to them rather than scrap it. Then they go ahead and sell it for a little profit, still staying under DS price. At the end of the day they handle advertising, have a lot to pay rent for, and they generally bother with selling the cars, whereas all you do is drive the car to them. If you wanna get a good price, take your time and sell the car yourself. Modifications don't hold any high value either IRL and there aren't much people that are gonna pay more just because your car is modified (talking about street cars). It's how it is IRL as well, business people try to buy your car as cheap as they can.