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  1. zaXer.

    You guys should focus on having normal wealthed charters.From personal experience the poorer you roleplay, the more fun and intense your encounters are. Everyone RPs rich, go away from the mainstream and make your own thing. This is why high end houses will not get available any time soon, because then 90% of the server would live in mansions.
  2. zaXer.

    Updated main thread!
  3. zaXer.

    I've got a Frogger for sale, can let it go for a good enough offer. @friendlyman
  4. zaXer.

    Still looking!
  5. zaXer.

    Looking to buy 2 canis Seminoles!
  6. My bothering started when Pipeline turned into a club. Pipeline is an iconic GTA V location, and all signs outside literally state that the place is a roadside diner/inn/bar place, not a nightclub. This really kills the immersion and just adds more fuel on top of the already huge issue with clubs popping everywhere. You see a "Jack's FIsh Restaurant" sign, enter and it's suddenly a nightclub?
  7. I'm not saying that you shouldnt be able to have yoru own named shops, but I'm saying that some iconic GTA V places should not be changed too much (ex. Train Dinner turning into a rave shack; Cool Beans cafe turning into a club, etc). Obviously with blank non branded places you can do whatever yo uwant
  8. What do you think about that? For example, someone buys the Last Train dinner and makes it a club, whereas obviously the lore idea is to be a restaurant. Or if someone buys a business that has signs outside of it stating a name, but the owner advertises the place as something else (ex. Cool Beans get marketed as Jack's Bar, where obviously the exterior states Cool Beans)
  9. zaXer.

    Still looking. Karin Everon too.
  10. Looking to buy a Gresley in any condition, contact me on 1922 or send me an e-mail! ((reply here))
  11. zaXer.

    Bought! Can be locked