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  1. Or how about we spend more time role-playing what we want, instead of going through an application for everything? How about an application for buying a car from a dealership? Or an application to enter the 24/7? Application to deposit money at the bank? There already too much applications. Stop.
  2. You stand a valid point with a small mistake - MP House - 150k market price. Apartment - 225k. See the problem? Property Management said that they will edit the prices, however its been months since that had to happen.
  3. Because those cars are not available as normal cars, their dealership priceis 0$. On 0$ dealership price, teh insurance cost is $500. This is ridiculous, because a Schlagen's monthly fee is less than the insurance some people pay for their bought cars.
  4. Name: Gruppe6 Comment: The person who was arrested was let in through the main gate after being metal detected by us, and checked further after by the police. The reason for their arrest was their attempt to run over a security guard after not being let to leave through the emergency exit.
  5. Name: Gruppe6 Comment: We dont control the speed of people entering nor do we decide when people enter - that's the organisers decision. We also worked alongside PD, so it was never us who decide who enters. LSNN never attended the entrance gate to see what's going on, which is backed by their idea of us 'not letting people enter'.
  6. zaXer.

    Fix languages.

    I'd love a WoW style system where the messages from languages you don't understand get shown as random gibberish rather than the real words.
  7. New day, new hires Preparing for a first introduction patrol Learning how to check out a secured property First urgent distress call First apprehended suspect Cooperating with the local law enforcement
  8. Still in service! Accepting orders!
  9. Yeah, they're seperate thigns though! You can buy alarms without locks, or locks without alarms ? I'm curious to know how exactly the alarms work, because the feature documentation seems outdated.
  10. Good guide, but what about alarms?
  11. I actually love ped skins, they add a very nice uniqueness to your character
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