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    Had Photoshop problems.
  3. Ribsey

    Presumptions are not beneficial to the conversation.
  4. Ribsey

    I'm sure bestiality wasn't in Rule 9 at the time of that incident. I was an admin at the time and saw the chat before it became a leak, nothing happened. I am not defending the RP relevant to this thread either. The thought alone makes me uncomfortable, yet you must remember many criminal acts portrayed here are uncomfortable to others OOC. This is why Rule 9 exists in the first place to give that OOC safety net for those unwilling to participate.
  5. Ribsey

    It's not a comfortable reality to accept, but it is reality. You fail to notice I agree on the OOC part in full. It's wrong. Go ahead and explain how will the staff team consistently monitor and account for the possibilities incurred through this RP, and how will they ensure it is minimised given their other priorities? Are you saying those involved in the Rocky RP should be banned or punished for portraying bestiality?
  6. Ribsey

    The misuse of pedophilia here is troubling. For clarity: This doesn't mean a 21 year old in love with a 17 year old is a pedophile, nor a 17 year old dating a 16 year old. There are many healthy relationships IRL with significant age gaps (some being under the legal age in their respective country) who enjoy their lives, as uncomfortable as the moral implications may be. The lack of distinguishing IC from OOC is also an issue. OOC sexual abuse has and never will be tolerated. People also have a choice; if a player happens to be 15 OOC but RPs an adult in a sexual relationship with another adult, that is their choice. IC should remain IC. If anybody has an issue they are entitled under Rule 9 to refuse the graphic sexual RP at any time. The Rocky incident was mentioned but what people fail to realise is that these encounters were done in private, with adults playing those characters and with mutual permission. If we adopt this attitude we should ban rapists, drug dealers and eventually murderers from interacting with underage characters next.
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    Reserved post.
  11. Ribsey

    This thread chronicles the life of American-born Jennifer Lyang, estranged 4th child of a raucous Korean family. | Thrust into the arms of an overburdened and overbearing pair of parents life in the cramped Lyang apartment turned privacy into a valuable commodity. As a living fulfilment mother's dream of a daughter Jennifer saw love lavished upon herself at birth; splintering household relations with jealousy from her three competitive brothers. To compensate for a lack of academic prowess the adolescent descended into a marijuana smoker happy to contend with teachers and parental figures alike. driven away from typical aspirations into a self-fulfilling pocket of hedonism. Igniting concern in her parents Jennifer saw out her high school years in constant domestic trouble, finally seeking that elusive solace when she began to swipe her brother's CDs for her Walkman. | While her siblings landed themselves respectable white and blue collar jobs alike, Jennifer took to humdrum work in a dive bar where she was also encouraged to serve shifts at an associate's nearby strip club under the promise of extra pay. One accepted offer later she began her venture into the adult entertainment industry by serving drinks on the sullied floor of a disreputable establishment while wrapped in tight (and often) revealing clothing. Yet it wasn't the men hurling their money and bravado at the women's sinuous gyrating on stage that caught her attention, but the cash spilling out of their exotic underwear, the gold plates of their necklaces and their opulent tastes somehow catered for. The inevitable, uncoordinated stage debut was driven by a true purpose and reaped promise, as Jen discovered while counting her comparatively modest earnings in front of a smeared vanity mirror in the early hours of the next morning. | Pinned squirming under the sceptical fettering shadow of her family the youngest Lyang fled on a journey for true independence, until the financial reality brought a misguided knee-jerk reaction crashing down. Dragging herself back in the face of defeat Jennifer drained the well of her mother's goodwill by squeezing cash for a sleazy apartment in the Tahitian and eventually a used Penumbra sports coupe to replace the dilapidated compact. | Now reliant on the inconsistent hustle of stripping, Jennifer broadened into soliciting private sexual favors to make up for unregulated house fees and further independent living costs. Further indulgences in illegal narcotics such as cocaine and oxycodone buried any lasting intent to live straight. Tensions piled and with the consideration of her parent's wishes swirling together with long term doubts in mind Jennifer retreated from the adult scene, focused on a steady clerk job at the Pirate Music in Little Seoul and attempted to garner some credible favor in the family. Her life blurred into a routine of 9-5 shifts, disappointment and lack of sustained credibility in the eyes of her family. Embittered by attempts to ply to the unappealing whims of her loved ones Jennifer broke off most contact and dedicated to unashamedly embracing herself; completing a transformation that has since left a trail of unfulfilled emotion in its wake. | Winter of 2019 brought two impulsive loans for her to latch onto as a way to buy her way out of South Central. Endeared to her fellow Pirate Music staff and hyping up a full-time management position, she still solicits explicit images on Snapchat under an online alias for gain. (Introduction pictures were made with Menyoo for storytelling purposes. The scenes shown hereafter were captured organically on the server.)
  12. Ribsey

    Read again.
  13. Ribsey

    For its relative location on the West Coast, Los Santos has a Mediterranean climate that doesn't allow for any snow outside a freak weather event. Shout out to the staff who have to deal with the inevitable powergaming of this year, and the argument resurfacing next year (without an IRL storm to base itself from).
  14. Ribsey

    What it's now done is allow a few cliques to churn out pictures for Facebrowser without much IG interaction, and no matter how many new characters of theirs spring up they all eventually know each other and 'take' each other's pictures. This is the detrimental effect of menyoo on RP.
  15. Ribsey

    That's a troubling claim to make.