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  1. Vespucci Beach: From Glamour to Squalor? By Emilia Russo Residents of Vespucci were again reminded of the unrest escalating in the area. Usually a safe commodity for the LS Tourism Board and far from a reason for the State Department to lose sleep in their bureaucratic halls; Vespucci’s stands, skate park and famous outdoor gym stand with the Del Perro Pier as iconic beachfront landmarks of Los Santos. Property prices in the Vespucci Canals continue to climb as more and more opportunists snap up their own piece of the city’s recessed castle, complete with a patch of its own shallow moat. Yet despite its picturesque features on travel websites and tourist trapping promotions of the city, the glitz has been stifled by its share of trouble. Western perimeter of the burning clubhouse on Melanoma Avenue. From Sandcastle Way to the tapered end of Bay City Avenue, beleaguered residents of lower Vespucci have endured transgression after transgression. Typically taking place on or near the central nerve of crime in the area; Magellan Avenue. Last year on the 19th of October The Rockpool Bar was torched on Palomino Avenue, then the ICE bar only 5 days later on the 24th in a series of arson that speared fear into entrepreneurs visited by a criminal organization seeking to dominate an underworld protection racket. Later once the apparent mob issue in neighboring Del Perro had dissipated from internal conflict the area’s image was jaded with the arrival of white supremacists and their racially charged antics, complicated further by a short-lived group of disadvantaged nomads calling the alleys of Melanoma Street their home in July this year. Just last night on the 16th of August, Saints News was present to witness the latest chapter in Vespucci. Correlating accounts from representatives of their respective department's public relations explain how an emergency call was placed at 9:25 PM of a two-story building fire on Melanoma Street. The LSPD locked the area down within a 2-block radius to secure the LSFD’s efforts on their arrival at 9:28 PM. Additional fire units were called for to aid the battle with the flames. Police on-scene tightened their perimeter when explosions exacerbated the blaze, prompted an evacuation and injured an officer. Despite being at a distance the officer was treated by rescue personnel, likely from debris or the physical shock of the explosion. Meanwhile the LSFD had adopted a defensive strategy to prevent the wild flames from spreading to adjacent properties with their fire truck deck guns. Once the flames had diminished, firefighters tackled the fire with attack hoses fed by their trucks. Soon a successful “knock down” (wherein the main body of the fire is successfully suppressed), however an injured fighter was recovered following a mayday signal. They were later in a stable condition in hospital. Additional concern arose for an unnamed employee of Cross Munitions who also runs the clubhouse. They were reported to be safe and had turned up for a late shift at the La Mesa based store as usual. Members of the GDMC attend the scene and speak to a LSPD officer. Vice President Vincent Meadows is seen second from right. The building is the Los Santos location of the Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club (GDMC) Clubhouse. Members of the club were seen at approximately 10:20 PM at the nearest blockade to the scene. Among the many spectators drawn in by the spike of attention the fire had garnered online were locals believed to be tied with the infamous white supremacist groups often seen between Conquistador Street and Vitus Street. The LSPD and LSFD public representatives were unable to provide any information on the cause or name any suspects, although speculation circles a potential attack motivated by local gangs. Consequent investigations by the Detective Bureau and the Fire Marshal's Office is likely to reveal more regarding the cause and nature of the fire. Could this be a portent of what's to come for Vespucci? Is the ideal vision of a beachfront home or bankable business a temptation for fierce competitive or territorial conflict between those who see nothing else?
  2. Ribsey

    The reasoning is about 9 hours long, I kid you not.
  3. Adore this concept.
  4. Ribsey

    This is where more imagination can be encouraged among players with vehicles. If you were to buy a Schafter that was upgraded you could say it's the V6/turbocharged V8 model with a nice trim level and optional extras, whereas a 'stock/dealership' version is a 2.5L inline-4. This IMO gives the RP more flavor while also justifying the game modification features and price. I agree with your other points. That's what Player Management is intended for and they do a solid job but they are swamped by bigger issues in the server.
  5. Ribsey

    Cars and their portrayal have been an ongoing issue for a while. People clearly have no knowledge of what they're talking about and get caught up using game terms such as "maxed out" and vague "upgraded transmission, brakes and engine" when speaking of their cars to others. These aren't phrases anybody in the real world would usually say, regardless of their knowledge of cars. Real life experience of even owning a car will make anybody realize the massive gap in dissonance the average person has in portraying their vehicle ownership in-game. And this is where the pricing comes in. I believe the prices were influenced too much by their IG performance as opposed to their actual relative value (as people had to be discouraged to avoid buying high speed vehicles to start off a chain of cop baiters). Current trends slap the Elegy Retro Custom, Schafter V12 and the Pariah as the vehicles that are abused the most. When people say they can fish for a Comet SR or mine for a Bestia GTS, you know that's where it gets messy. People don't consider that payments don't work that way, that their characters have bills to pay, then you add vehicle ownership and maintenance on top of that and you're looking at the reason why some bank accounts IRL are a sad sight at the end of the month. How many working class people have had to scrape by in the last week before their payday because of expenses? Cropped because I don't intend to shame the poster, only use their listing as an example: The Schafter V12 is popular because its price-to-performance ratio is frankly amazing, like it always has been since it was added into GTA Online. Just like its real life influence it was pitched as a counterpart to the W212 E-Class Mercedes (specifically the AMG and/or the Brabus V12). The Pariah has the highest top speed of any car in-game (and beats out MANY supercars in the GTA V meta) and the Elegy has both the handling and acceleration to put it above most others despite a lower top speed. Changing or adding vehicles won't be an easy task or welcomed easily by the staff because of how many people already improperly portray wealth and assets, with cars being the #1 notorious asset poorly represented by certain players. Any changes proposed will need solid backing behind them while also considering where compromises HAVE to be made between reality and the game world. Insurance and registration doesn't carry over either, which highlights the people that believe it does based solely on the script. It's like many things that don't need a script change, just a different approach to the RP. It comes down to the people more in the know to help shape a better car scene by leading by example to break this gamey-culture around the car scene. They could give pointers to people they frequently interact with and share their knowledge or experience, and it's worth it as these people find immense satisfaction in the RP. They also stand out as genuine as you can see with any vehicle-orientated RP done by @Conway, the people at Octane Automotive, and the people at Autohaven. I worked together with Conway and @JustAnM43; both of whom are more knowledgeable about cars than I am to try and make a proper start on this issue. Together we took a look at every single vehicle available in-game to suggest prices, along with our reasoning for each where applicable. We also looked at vehicles that should be added, vehicles that could be added (such as the lower end super cars that match many of the current sports cars in terms of value and performance) and what values could apply to vehicles if a player were to request them from staff. I've also had the idea of collaborating with other people versed in vehicles to create a proper guide on portraying vehicles. Here are the raw numbers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hQCs6_R21qH86Dy3BQs_jJqYP2ZHXnkj2h3rsTxTGhU/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Ribsey

    Well done everyone! Big up @Atiku @Keane @Björk & @Thirteen
  7. DJ ONO Convicted of Aurora Siciliano's Murder Published: 4th of June, 2019 Author: Emilia Russo Reputed nightlife music mixer Ruriko Onohara, best known as DJ ONO has been arrested and convicted of murdering his lover, Aurora Siciliano. On the afternoon of Saturday, the 1st of June, LSPD detectives were following a missing person report on Aurora at 1310 Palomino Avenue. A bystander directed the LSPD towards ONO’s apartment, then a K9 cadaver dog specialized in detecting decomposition marked the entrance of 1310 Palomino. This led to an emergency warrant for the apartment justified due to exigent circumstances. Forensic analysis of blood and tissue in the surrounding area confirmed traces of matching DNA, eventually leading to her remains being discovered in a dumpster between 1310 Palomino and Little Seoul Tower. DJ ONO in police custody on the 18th of May. ONO soon surrendered himself to police custody and confessed. ONO had stabbed her at his first floor apartment in 1310, left her on the floor and then returned with the shotgun. ONO then reportedly tortured Aurora prior to executing her with a point blank shotgun blast, finally disposing of her body in the center dumpster. According to the official coroner's report her body was discovered in the early stages of bloat decay, having spent at least three days in the dumpster prior to discovery by police. The official causes of death correlated to her reported injuries; stab wounds and severe ballistic trauma. ONO has been charged with First Degree Murder. It is likely he faces a charge for Tampering with Evidence for his attempted disposal of the body following the murder. An earlier arrest in mid-May saw ONO detained in the rear of a LSPD cruiser allegedly charged with assault and carrying an unlicensed firearm following a heated dispute at Little Kabukicho where a patron expressed his distaste for ONO’s music selection. (Top) DJ ONO’s residence at 1310 Palomino Avenue, Little Seoul. (Bottom) The disposal site in the alleyway beside 1310. Aurora's Sicilian roots stemmed from Palermo, yet she had a fluent grasp on traditional Italian and English. She had travelled to Los Santos approximately a month before her death. In her brief time in our bulimic state she threw herself into a wild, joyful life and despite breaking her leg and witnessing ONO being stabbed in the stomach in a more innocent stage of their relationship. She once said "I'm used to stress and crazy, I thrive in both". Aurora will be fondly remembered as a warm, hospitable host whose bar was always surrounded by people she knew on a first name basis, no matter where in the city she happened to be. R&R is an independent news source operating from Los Santos, with coverage across the city and its associated counties. R&R operates freely under Article I, Section 2 of the San Andreas Constitution.
  8. Malt Salt: The Alamo Alehouse Published: 2nd of June, 2019 Author: Emilia Russo Nestled comfortably outside the doldrums of the city's numerous clubs, yet inside the overlooked Sandy Shores between Marina Drive and Algonquin Boulevard is the Alamo Alehouse. Touting itself as the state's "place for anyone", the Alehouse is the latest business by hospitality entrepreneur Stefano "Stef" Baldasarra and his step sister Carina B; united as step siblings by the marriage of Stefan's father with Carina's mother. Either can usually be found behind the bar with their own unique approaches to hospitality. Stefano hailed from Napoli (Naples) over a decade ago when he was just 23. Wasting no time, Stefano flew through the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with Francesco Senarighi. Together they leapt into bartending jobs, built up their capital and leased their first bar in their late twenties; plucking the ownership of established venues The Vault and the Muscle Peach bar for their portfolios. His fellow European Carina traversed from the Netherlands to San Andreas to join Stefano in becoming "all-American Followers of the American Dream". As Stefano's straight-man foil, Carina humorously considered herself a "family asset, and as you can tell, he needs a lot of help" by tending her own openings as a pseudo-co-owner whenever Stefano isn't around due to gallivanting on his business obligations elsewhere, sometimes even at Sneaky Pete's (the West Vinewood equivalent). Nearly 2 months into the venture is no mean feat in a business scene flitting through a revolving door of owners staking their own superfluous GRAND OPENINGS. Stefano Baldasarra & Carina B The Alehouse is a whip of fresh air in an arid town; as both Stefano and Carina effortlessly explain: Stef: Well, that's the whole point. Our place? We want it to be like family. The best friend you can always turn to. The bartender that you know will take care of you, give you a ride home if you're too drunk, or call a cab. We have pretty high standards for ourselves, and for the people we would employ. So we end up picking up most of the slack ourselves. Yeah, that's why it's hard for us to employ other people. I don't see this as a job, it's not something I clock out of. Around Sandy Shores, we're the people folks can turn to if they have a genuine issue, or just want an ear to talk to. Carina: Taken two stumbling lasses home now myself. With such a focus on keeping things focused on a friendly environment, what are their views on employing people in the near future? Stef: We haven't even tried, truth be told. Like Carina said, the two of us take care of openings like clockwork, and Frankie's always brewing enough to keep our cooler full. Carina: Haven't done it. Hands-on approach to our business. While now is comfortable, what is the future for the Alehouse and their second similar venue calling the city its home? Stef: I think in the long-term, we're going to repeat our current business model. We're building a very strong collective of people that regularly come. And our regulars, once strangers to each other, are becoming friends too. That's the most fulfilling part to me. Is knowing people are making friends because of my business, friendships that last beyond the walls of my bar. Maybe even the state. Most places I go, everyone's on their phones. Sitting in corners of the bar, all anti-social like. Carina: Just need to be engaged. Stef: It's the bar's fault, for not making you feel comfortable enough to speak to strangers. I strike up conversation with every person that comes through my doors, and I try and spur them into making conversations with my other patrons. This way I help break the ice for folks to get to know each other. Carina: It ain't hard. How's it been, where you from, been here long? Whaddya do. Stef: It really isn't... But it takes a little effort. Effort not many other bars are willing to give. I think Carina would agree... Since we're so far outta' Los Santos, we feel like we have to bring more to the table to encourage people to make the drive. That's why we offer a very different environment than nearly all the bars in the city. All of this without mentioning the house special Alamo Ale: Stef: So we've drank a near infinite amount of beer. We bring that experience to our brewery. Alamo Ale is an old-school beer, something that's reflective of how old-school Sandy Shores is. It's a brownish ale too, got a little more flavour to it than a cheap lager; a lot more love too So, in need of a real bar with real people? Venture outside your comfort zone today to the Alamo Alehouse! R&R is an independent news source operating from Los Santos, with coverage across the city and its associated counties. R&R operates freely under Article I, Section 2 of the San Andreas Constitution.
  9. View our photos of the protest here: LINK
  10. This is the only way right now, although a lack of a registration and insurance on a helicopter is likely given exceptions to given how silly the concept applies to aircraft.
  11. Ribsey

    You should have no issue running the game with high quality settings. Be wary of the grass setting (keep it to high as opposed to very high or ulta) as this combined with shadows tanks the frame rate of even RTX powered machines.