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  1. Ribsey

    It's in your admin record, your previous appeal, ask the people you used to interact with (not your friends) and they'll probably explain it to you. Need I remind you of this situation between us: Later the same day you were banned, why would this justify the attitude you later gave me? You didn't speak up when I logged back on later that same day at 4PM. You say you have learned from what happened but don't explain it. So for the third time I'm locking your appeal and urging you to go away and think it over properly and come back once you feel you can move on. I also advise improving on your English to help you in future.
  2. Ribsey

    Poor attitude towards other players, something I've covered in your first appeal shortly after the ban. This was towards anyone who so much as asked about your RP, nevermind an admin who came to help you. Like I said in your first appeal players have since approached me to warn me about your behaviour. Is that a sign of a player who plays well with others? Immaturity when handling conflict with other players. Conflict is just a part of the server because of the many types of RP that cross over, so OOC maturity is essential in separating IC/OOC, handling accusations properly and explaining yourself. An apparent poor grasp on roleplay, character portrayal and development. In a previous situation with Pascal you said you would be able to climb a ladder while handcuffed, which I feel speaks for itself. Your character has 13 vehicles including 5 luxury vehicles, a helicopter and a van you have used to mine for what I would assume is most of your character's wealth, if that itself wasn't a self insert.
  3. Ribsey

    To be frank if I have to explain what it is then that makes me worry that you won't learn from the past, including your alleged history in a previous community, makes it tough to consider unbanning you.
  4. Ribsey

    You're yet to show or understand what the problem is.
  5. Ribsey

    This appeal is no different to your last, nor is it different to the private conversation we had over your ban. My concern is if I unbanned you how long would it be before the players have to deal with the reasons you were banned, and then the admin team.
  6. Ribsey

    The advertisement system is implied to be loosely moderated IC to prevent a culture where players post up ads for criminal activities under whatever false legitimate trend that circulates at the time. While lockpicks are only regarded as illegal if possessed with proven intent for malicious activity as laid out in the penal code: However nobody on the server uses them for legitimate purposes. This was why the decision has been made to disallow ads for lockpicks to stop a criminal culture existing on a publicly available system that passes through everybody's chat (unlike questionable sites like craiglist where you can ignore it). Knives also have the same issue where players tend to powergame the knives on their person to fit the situation; a kitchen knife with the police one moment will be a switchblade the next when selling said knives. The penal code states: This would mean most, if not all knives that players would RP are technically illegal. Again people tend to OOC decide what knives they have and use excuses in advertisements to create an unrealistic culture where criminal activity is publicised, it would be like if we allowed ads for guns. Players would keep using such reasons as "loud tools for my trade" "eagles from the desert" and so on. Your character spends their time supplying knives in private meeting spots, so they are definitely an illegal distributor. This is why lockpicks themselves aren't illegal and one of the reasons why police wouldn't camp out a metallurgist factory (that in itself an unrealistic concept), the other being the factory is a private business and not government owned. For transparency this isn't public knowledge yet as it is one of those grey areas in the rules, until a public rule update is released. Because of this, you were not banned for the nature of your ads. Moving on to your in-game behaviour; in the last month alone you have racked up multiple kicks for misusing /ad. A kick for stating an OOC game update IC in /ad, then 2 kicks in a single day for the same issue. What would make you place a second ad for the same issue after already being warned by the same admin? Had your record been clean you may have been given the benefit of the doubt, however: Your record is far from clean with a recent jail for vehicle DM. For the day in question I heard of the issues Bjork was having, so I logged on and witnessed you dismissing Bjork with the following: To me this implies a lack of understanding of the difference between IC and OOC. Given that I saw you speak to Bjork, I had hoped you would have taken something from it to improve. Yet: A re-phrasing doesn't change anything. You may appeal for a ban in a month's time on the 15th of May. In the meantime I suggest you research the basics of RP such as IC/OOC, common courtesy and reflecting on the mistakes so you may learn from them going forward.
  7. Ribsey

    Approved and handled.
  8. Ribsey

    Approved and handled.
  9. Ribsey

    I mentioned this to @SpawnMatrix the other night. After looking through Facebrowser membership options I believe people should have to earn the verified status, instead of it being included as a paid bonus. The only established criteria for verified are organisations such as PD, FD and Weazel. An idea I've had is those with proven contributions to site in some way, this would encourage business on the site instead of every random John/Jane Doe having verified for simply registering.
  10. Netsrac and Yumi were kind enough to answer, thank you both! Some pictures for you aldo:
  11. Ribsey

    Well done everyone and congratulations.
  12. Ribsey

  13. FRANK RUSSO FOUND DEAD IN SANDY SHORES Published: 2nd of April, 2019. The site of the discovery at the abandoned motel, marked in red. Mob associate Frank Russo’s decomposing corpse was discovered in a dingy room inside the derelict Blaine County Motel in Sandy Shores. LSPD Major Crimes detectives discovered the body last week in the motel; notorious for its reputation of harboring drug addicts due to a real estate limbo where it seems neither public or private investors are interested in refurbishing the land. Police cordoned the room off while forensics were conducted on the crime scene. Russo is believed to have been dragged into the room, sustained blunt trauma to the head followed by three fatal shots to the chest. Russo's death is suspected to have caused friction within the Italian mob, leading to them disposing of a loose end. Acknowledging the loss of their CEO; Russo Waste Management (RWM) posted the following statement on the 24th of March: “We here at Russo Waste Management are sorry to announce, but CEO Frank Russo has gone missing, and it's feared he is dead. All operations at Russo Waste Management will now be ceasing, and all employees are layed off until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience, but with our CEO missing. We will be forced to liquidate all our assets.” RWM Chief Operations Officer Frank Swift may be the only senior corporate officer able to represent the company through its liquidation. The LSPD investigation continues into Italian organized crime in Los Santos and Blaine County. Russo’s body laid in a warm room for days prior to the discovery. R&R is an independent news source operating from Los Santos, with coverage across the city and its associated counties. R&R operates freely under Article I, Section 2 of the San Andreas Constitution. R&R has advertising space available for a fair price. Inquires may be directed via email.
  14. Ribsey

    Please re-appeal using the correct format: