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  1. SULLI

    I just drooled a little on myself. Worth.
  2. SULLI

    There is a whole Detective Bureau in PD, yep! Three divisions actually. Robbery and Homicide, Gangs and Narcotics and Major Crimes. All of which include positions in Detective Support under each which is your uniformed personnel. They are all continuously investigating crime on the server, one of which was concluded recently. Have a read here! Any other questions regarding Detectives, feel free to ask!
  3. SULLI

    I think the PK system we have currently is fine, though it DOES need tweaking some. People should not be walking about like they just did two days for murder and acting all proud. Either they need to be CK'd or the Prison needs to get done and they can go in there with access to that character still and continue RP there. 1 murder sure, they'd come back out. 2 murders is fine line stuff.. three? That's straight up LIFE in a cell fam. There is WAY too much killing currently to even consider CK's as default a thing. I'm not against it at all but jeez Louise, being a COP with that right now would be a nightmare when Mr Kipling decides to shoot you on a traffic stop, drive off and /vpark alt f4.
  4. SULLI

  5. SULLI

    World of Warcraft Vanilla, Defias Brotherhood ?
  6. SULLI

    Server is great, I put a lot of time into it. Best thing I like about it I think is the Admin team, (No.. I'm not brown nosing) as they are pretty on point with what they do. Generally situations are handled relatively quickly and without fuss. Bunch o' nice people too. Only thing I have HUGE issues with right now is the jail system. Locking people up for multiple murders grinds my gears as they are out in a couple of days to do it again. Thankfully the prison system is in the works and with a hope and a prayer it'll be out soon enough!
  7. You are not the only one with this problem. I have a couple of friends with the same issue. Can't say I've experienced it myself though. I believe they've spoken to Nervous about it and a fix might be in the next update. Can't confirm that though!
  8. SULLI

    Fancy yourself a bit of a comedian, do ya fella'?
  9. SULLI

    @Westen Oi. Jodie ain't from Line o' Duty, fella. She just nicked a bent coppah' though... oh GOD DAMN IT! @Misuraca Can't help making my /me's more detailed in an attempt to impress you. Is it working?!
  10. SULLI

    Oh no.. Not Miia! ?
  11. SULLI

    Meet PD's Big Meeks.
  12. SULLI

    Excuse me? Can you stop looking so good right now FD, okay thank you. Lot'sa love, PD. xoxoxoxo
  13. SULLI

    LSFD training hard as per usual, thought I'd get some shots for you ❤️
  14. SULLI

    @Ribsey because he save me lots when I do stupid things. Yeeeey!