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  1. SULLI

    @Keane Because his lawyer character got me out of an IA case that one time.
  2. SULLI

    You cannot expect faction LEADERSHIP to magically know about everything, every member of the faction does. Even in regards to RP quality. It's not possible. They need to be informed. It's really, that simple. If I see a criminal, or civilian being a silly person, breaking rules or being unrealistic, I report it. You ALL have the same ability yet choose to come on here, take your little scenario and air it out to make the WHOLE of PD look bad. Because, most of the complaints aren't, "This certain person is doing this certain thing", it's mostly PD are robots and are bad role players. Take your dispute to server management, report those who are worthy of being reported. It IS a player's job to maintain their own levels or RP quality but come on.. you trust everyone on this server to do that? Have you seen some of the recent goings on? So, again, did you report it? I'm going to go ahead and take a guess that no one did. Every single faction I've dealt with has had people who's been below average in their RP. We witness bad RP and absolutely ridiculous situations every day we play the game. We also /report every, single, one. Most of which, get kicked or banned. I'm not here to disagree with you however, oh no. Myself personally, I judge RP standards in PD and even write about it in reports made for Officers, internally. There are checks in place, HOWEVER not everyone can be checked, constantly, at all times. Make an effort, bring it up to someone who can actually change it.
  3. SULLI

    Again, as stated before.. Did you speak to PD command or report for the role play quality? I don't see why it's being posted here. Obviously something like this would not be taken lightly within our faction but we don't watch every single members off duty role play. It's not possible. If you have a complaint regarding the role play realism and quality of an Officer, report it. As Smokey has said, his DM's are always open. I can tell you from experience, if this situation was found out ICly by command, that Officer would be severely punished unless they were a Detective performing their duties. You've got to remember, we are part of the biggest faction on this server with way too many members to keep tabs on at all times. So if you witness things like this, send it up the chain. Help them, help you. Icly or OOcly. We strive to keep role play quality levels high.
  4. SULLI

  5. SULLI

  6. SULLI

    Recent events make it interesting haha. Eye in the sky!
  7. SULLI

    I'm a home girl now! ❤️
  8. SULLI

    Loving it! Keep this up for sure. We need more of it honestly! 🙂
  9. SULLI

    Some good stuff coming out of Chamberlain area lately. Keep it up! Your pal, POLICE Air One. 😉
  10. SULLI

    Damn K9.. So annoying! 😐 Good looks boys! Keep at it.
  11. SULLI

    Selling a Banshee if you are interested. I'll take 280K minimum. She's got full performance and security package, insured and registered. Bargain! 212 miles on the clock and a custom plate. My number is #15911 If you are interested!
  12. SULLI

    I see no issues with just taking photos of your own character or friends, as long as you just stick to the GTAW assets obtainable in the server. Easy. 🙂
  13. SULLI

    Vehicle SOLD!
  14. SULLI

    Hey there! Looking to sell up my Z190. I'm looking for no less than 180K. Feel free to shoot me an email ((Forum PM)) or contact me on my cell at 15911. Thanks! Details below. ((Vehicle stats above are OOC. Only there to show IC documentation to show work done on the car))
  15. SULLI