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  1. Maybe take the "Work Contracts" part from the inventory menu and put it on the phone. Make it an app like GTAW's version of Gumtree or something.
  2. SULLI

    Dear lord.
  3. SULLI

    I'd like to ask where this evidence is regarding LSPD fielding AIR units 24/7 too and for EVERY chase because I know, for a fact, we find it hard to even get an AIR unit to respond in most cases due to it being one of the least popular divisions right now. Evasion flying is a skill you need to actually learn, while updating the units below. It's not easy so therefore not many people have confidence to do it. One helicopter, doing a patrol for two hours or being deployed for a pursuit, is NOT breaking the bank.
  4. SULLI

    I'm all for this! Or, how about we auction off the cars after pursuits? Even better.
  5. SULLI

    We cannot trace phones that are turned off.
  6. SULLI

    There is a bug but like I mentioned it's very rare to come across. If you take someones phone and delete or drop it, for some reason in RARE circumstances it continues to track the suspect. In this occasion, we continue RP till we pat them down and find evidence that the phone was thrown, broken or stored. If that is the case, we VOID the situation as it cannot have occurred. There are only a few Detectives in PD and I speak with them daily. We ALL know about this bug and we ALL void these situations so as to not screw over the opposing party. It's Powergame, so we do not continue. EDIT: We also notify Admins who will check the logs to help us resolve this situation. Other than that, tracing is fine.
  7. SULLI

    I'd like to also mention that not /every/ Officer can trace. Only very select few have this ability. It's HIGHLY moderated within PD. EDIT: Y'all beat me to it god daaamn!
  8. SULLI

    Yeah. My personal RP.. report me if you think that's true, this is about PD realism not my characters. Thanks!
  9. SULLI

    Not sure what that last bit means. Are you saying that my character gets drunk and drives home drunk after clubbing? Where did this come from? Are we still talking about PD realism here? I'm so lost.
  10. SULLI

    Yeah. Now I just can't take you seriously. You're source is living in fantasy land and you are believing his fairy tales. I'll leave you to it. Dear lord..
  11. SULLI

    Evasion suspects are not traced. That is protocol within PD. Not sure where you got that idea from? We trace when a situation requires us to do so. Such as threat to life or investagative reasons which I'll obviously not go into detail about here. People who outrun PD who pose no threat to life, do not get traced. Don't just assume things. Edit. However. If you evade and a warrant goes out for you. THEN we trace you. You are now a wanted Felon.
  12. SULLI

    Utilized for the sake of flying. You mean?.... Patrolling? Yes. We do in fact patrol in AIR. LAPD Air support has two choppers up on a two hour rotation almost 24/7. They respond to whatever they want to. They are also used as a deterrent to crime. You've probably seen us above and gone.. "Gosh darn. A helicopter. I can't do crime while it's watching me!" That is exactly why it's there. Feel free to go watch LAPD Air Support videos on YouTube. Lots of great information on there regarding their usage. In regards to tracing. If you get traced and it's bugged and that is confirmed, call an admin because while you might speculate that we just carry on with a bugged trace I can tell you from someone who uses it almost everyday, we do not. I've personally busted people with a bugged trace and voided it as soon as we know it's bugged. This isn't our issue it's a script issue. Anyone in PD who uses a bugged trace to get a one up would be severely punished if caught. There are ways to counter the trace to. It's really easy. The bug is a very rare occurance and it frustrates us just as much as it does you.
  13. Such good work on this, well done all involved. Been waiting so long and it's finally here! 😄
  14. I'd love to see a decent hospital or small clinic running in the server. I agree that FD shouldn't be the ones dealing with it as that's not what they do.
  15. SULLI

    @Keane Because his lawyer character got me out of an IA case that one time.