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  1. Maca

    https://www.ajc.com/news/man-shot-death-over-xbox-sale-gone-wrong-wife-says/1M5jjWPdP6olXOrmoQqVUL/ This is a common thing in the States. People die over trivial shit and it's a part of every day life. Not going to bother fleshing out a massive post because it'll be ignored anyway. Accept the fact that life (the thing you are roleplaying) has consequences, many of them unfair. There are no protective bubbles around you in real life, they shouldn't be around you here neither. As for the below quote, this isn't even a problem. Most of us would happily enforce this.
  2. Please whatever you do, look into this thoroughly before roleplaying it. It's highly irritating to veterans when people inaccurately portray things that they experience in life.
  3. Congratulations kids.
  4. Rather than posting that here, there's a staff report procedure for a very obvious cause!
  5. Maca

    Definitely not. Follow the process please via Faction Information.
  6. Maca

    congrats kids
  7. ((PM myself with the below format as if you've filled it in online via the website))
  8. Maca

    Form: IG Name: Anthony Bird Game/Bet type (if roulette): Blackjack Screenshot: N/A as it contains staff info. Twitch Name: RonaldMacadonald
  9. Maca

    Having a protective bubble around the city and wrapping people in cotton wool does nothing but promote the "you can't touch me IC I'm protected by a magical barrier called the rules." We already have enough reports of people thinking getting killed over being silly in crime-infested areas is DM, the last the team needs right now is more reason to stress. I don't see this suggestion as feasible for a heavy roleplay server.
  10. Maca

    UK version is by far the best. Never seen the US version beyond EP1.
  11. Heavily moderating a channel will do nothing but cause people to become reclusive and refuse to speak altogether, to which another thread will pop up by somebody saying that the community Discord is dead because nobody speaks in it due to them being fearful of being punished. Whilst I do not disagree with you that there are toxic people out there, others treat the channel as a place to be more relaxed. You have been asking questions in #general which is the wrong place to ask (if you've done this), as #support is the correct channel to go to for that type of stuff. People will not take questions as serious in #general because #support is usually handled by our Community Support team who will assist you there. If somebody has genuinely done something wrong, report them and they can be muted.
  12. Please stop derailing the thread with off topic comments. Those that have went off topic have had their posts hidden and will face infractions if continued.