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  1. Maca

    UK version is by far the best. Never seen the US version beyond EP1.
  2. Heavily moderating a channel will do nothing but cause people to become reclusive and refuse to speak altogether, to which another thread will pop up by somebody saying that the community Discord is dead because nobody speaks in it due to them being fearful of being punished. Whilst I do not disagree with you that there are toxic people out there, others treat the channel as a place to be more relaxed. You have been asking questions in #general which is the wrong place to ask (if you've done this), as #support is the correct channel to go to for that type of stuff. People will not take questions as serious in #general because #support is usually handled by our Community Support team who will assist you there. If somebody has genuinely done something wrong, report them and they can be muted.
  3. Please stop derailing the thread with off topic comments. Those that have went off topic have had their posts hidden and will face infractions if continued.
  4. Congratulations all! Despite speculations that admins/support staff may place a bias view upon certain groups, I can personally reiterate that this has never been the case in the current cohort of the staff team. I encourage people to report any behavior that you may deem as inappropriate from a staff member if you genuinely believe they have breached their duties as a member of the staff team. All reports are taken seriously but as mentioned in the OP, not everything should warrant a report and when an administrator makes a decision that you may dislike - stop and think for a moment: "Is this really against this staff member's/this server's values, or are they just doing their job?"
  5. Maca

    I expect you to make a new character and wear a backpack at all times with shortbread letters spelling out "roleplay at all times" wrapped in seran wrap. Deal? Jokes aside, you're unbanned. Don't shoot yourself in the foot!
  6. Maca

    The way you departed from this community, as you now recognize, has put you in this situation to an unfortunate outcome of you ending up in my ban appeal section. I don't lightly hand out punishments and if you do something serious enough to be banned from all of our platforms then you are actually lucky to be granted the permission to appeal at this current state. If your ban is lifted, you will be placed on a final warning and the slightest hint of your previous behavior will result in a ban being re-issued and you will not be given the chance to appeal again. Sound fair?
  7. Maca

    While I cannot deny that you may have dyslexia, your roleplay standards were not up to the standards that we expect here. If you were to be unbanned, how can I be assured that your quality will improve?
  8. Maca

    Appeal in 3 months, you have not had enough time out to realize how toxic you were upon departure.
  9. Maca

    Attempting (and failing) to exploit our server for financial gain with your pathetic Discord group was a mistake you won't be making again. Find a new server.
  10. Maca

    Malik Bradford fucking sucks man.
  11. Maca

    ___ _jgN########Ngg_ _N##[email protected]@"" ""9NN##Np_ d###P N####p "^^" T#### d###P _g###@F _gN##@P gN###F" d###F 0###F 0###F 0###F "[email protected]' ___ q###r
  12. Maca

    Welcome to those that made it through the stages of applying to be a staff member and thank you to those that applied but didn't make the cut! Also, congratulations and welcome back @Ikechukwu.