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  1. Maca

  2. Maca

    I really like the Muslim Team idea.
  3. Maca

    https://www.ajc.com/news/man-shot-death-over-xbox-sale-gone-wrong-wife-says/1M5jjWPdP6olXOrmoQqVUL/ This is a common thing in the States. People die over trivial shit and it's a part of every day life. Not going to bother fleshing out a massive post because it'll be ignored anyway. Accept the fact that life (the thing you are roleplaying) has consequences, many of them unfair. There are no protective bubbles around you in real life, they shouldn't be around you here neither. As for the below quote, this isn't even a problem. Most of us would happily enforce this.
  4. Please whatever you do, look into this thoroughly before roleplaying it. It's highly irritating to veterans when people inaccurately portray things that they experience in life.
  5. Congratulations kids.
  6. Maca

    Rather than posting that here, there's a staff report procedure for a very obvious cause!
  7. Maca

    That is a fair suggestion, however, creating further processes for the staff (who have a heavy and stressful workload atm) to be drafting and then later on enforcing would only create more of a backlog in other departments which later on down the line causes frustration from both staff members and the players. This is all preventable by players just simply not going inactive with properties in their possession and selflessly selling them to other players pre-departure or even back to the market if they can't shift it. It'll create a fluid economy around housing if it's kept as IC as possible rather than the staff having to intervene to take the properties back from players. That's why systems are here like this, to assist staff in revoking these dormant properties from players that have just fell off the activity map. It's a dog eat dog world and unfortunately inactive dogs get eaten.
  8. Maca

    That doesn't take money out of the economy, though. To give a player their money back is just pumping money back into the already over-saturated economy. What if I couldn't sell my property and decided to go 'inactive' to get the full MP back without risking losing half when selling it back to the server? What do you suggest to prevent that almost inevitable abuse?
  9. Maca

    Completely disagree with this. If a player goes inactive and keeps a property, it's a completely selfish motive for them to hold onto an asset that they won't be using for an unforeseeable amount of time. Being greedy and selfish has consequences. If there are things genuinely out of the player's controls, pretty sure you can give Property Management a heads up about it via some form. We're in a digital age, you can get access to the forums on almost anything these days.
  10. Maca

    Definitely not. Follow the process please via Faction Information.
  11. Maca

    congrats kids
  12. ((PM myself with the below format as if you've filled it in online via the website))
  13. Maca

    It would for quality of life, sure, but not for realism. Not every taxi firm uses the same hotline. I've roleplayed a taxi driver on two characters and I've never had an issue with fares! Must be the time you're playing at.
  14. Maca

    Yes and most of those other taxis work for private firms that have people handling their own calls. Perhaps make your presence more known as a company by promoting it so people remember your number versus the taxi hotline?