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  1. Maca

    There were multiple active and pretty decent gangs in Strawberry. You barely seen or heard of them due to how selective they were about their actual member base. Not talking about people from the neighborhood trying to kick it with them, but genuine members of the gang were hard to come by because of how terrible the selection of players were in that area to recruit from. Quantity does not always equal quality. Just because now the area is populated doesn't mean that it's any better than it was in 2018.
  2. Maca

    Isn’t that the point of social media? Name one social media model that looks remotely the same in real life. The same height, breast size, gluteus maximus size and the same jawline that they boast. I’ll shall await your return.
  3. yea haha let’s add OOC rules for IC actions because it doesn’t benefit our super edgy concept woohoooo Faction Management Public? Jesus Christ, we really are becoming an LSRP copycat server here aren’t we? You guys sound like crybabies because you’re not getting what you want. It’s quite pathetic to see and it reminds me of LSRP when they had an OOC trade agreement. 😂
  4. You don’t have to buy their drugs. Find another supplier, unless you’ve got a gun against your head which I highly doubt. On the topic of the economy - every roleplay server uses the same boring excuse that 1 dollar can’t be 1 dollar. Yes, yes it can be. The excuse of “you’d have to work for X amount of time to buy a house” makes me want to roll my eyes into the back of my skull. Mortgages exist for a reason. Nobody gives a fuck about having a realistic economy because everyone wants shit handed to them on a plate rather than working for it. Finance exists for people that can’t afford things outright and I’m sure there’s capability somewhere to script in a finance system rather than other monotonous additions that provide very little Roleplay-based pleasure other than aesthetics. Hoping for a realistic economy when that ship has sailed is useless. The chance was there from day 1, but day 1 is nearly 2 years behind us and now you have to deal with what you have. Illegal roleplay won’t change until what Thread said happens. There has to be somebody setting the bar high and without intending to offend anyone, very little of the community can set the bar high from my own experience with dealing with their problems as a staff member. You might as well stop worrying and just roleplay within your faction and leave the outside world, on the outside. Hoping for change is like hoping for Clinton to be held responsible for Epstein’s murder - not gonna happen.
  5. Maca

    This is exceptional work and I was glad to be a member of the previous Faction Management Team that made this project come to light. I'm sure I can say on behalf of the entire previous team, we've left this faction with the best and most professional leadership that anyone could ask for in a roleplay server. I trust that you will be enforcing standards seen like no other in this community and it's awesome to see the progress that those past and present have put in to make this work. Good luck gentlemen, but regardless you won't need it.
  6. That's what it reads like but I can assure those panicking that it wasn't the case lmao. We were forced as per staff processes to 'collect evidence' before coming to a decision otherwise factions could've appealed our decision and had it overturned. Leaders were informed when things were going wrong. However, many of those leaders ran straight to Management to complain that the big bad guys in FM were upsetting them. It is what it is though.
  7. Yes to your question about "do we give people chances to improve." A leader of a legal faction was given an entire year to improve before we removed them. If that isn't fairness then I don't know what the fuck is. "Sometimes it feels like people think that the leader/s of factions have divine knowledge of what every member does in the faction" - That's your job as a faction leader to monitor your members. Failing to do so shows poor leadership and not something we want to see. Our job is to oversee and mentor where needed, not babysit you on every step you take just in case you make an oopsie. We did not micromanage until you needed to be micromanaged and that's when concerns were raised about your ability to lead a faction if we then had to dedicate our resources to assisting you in what is alleged as a "serious roleplay server." You should be hitting them standards way before we have to force you to. "Fm should not be there to just approve threads and then sit in the shadows and collect evidence to shut down a faction, that's just an unhealthy envrioment to the server." You're right and I have no idea why you're suggesting we did otherwise. Clearly you're assuming or a bad worm has gotten into your ear.
  8. Yes, those factions were given regular contact and warned on multiple occasions and I have yet to see improvement being made. It is a last resort to close a faction. However, those on that list were ready to pop from the sheer audacity they had to continue to break server rules and somehow think it was OK to function as normal. What do you expect when you're awaiting approval by the way? For us to continue to message you to say: "Hey, we still haven't made a decision yet - but we're thinking on making a decision." That seems silly and a waste of overstretched resource, doesn't it? If it was radio silence until you got accepted, it's probably silent for a reason. You heard from FM when you needed to, not because you wanted or demanded to when we weren't really at liberty to tell you something we quite frankly haven't made a decision on yet. That would not only be false information from us, but it would also be a waste of our time. There was nothing you needed to know after you got your thread accepted - we were not responsible for babysitting you. You are responsible for your own faction and only problem factions were given a handler to effectively babysit them so they don't fuck up. The reason being for that is that we were far too overstretched to be telling people how to roleplay unless they actually needed our help. In regards to your question about DRD - it was one of the first unique factions we had on this server. I was the handler for @AceS| and never did he give me trouble as his handler. He was clear in communication, effective and professional and really cared for his faction and his members. In addition to that, the quality around the gun trade his faction provides is outstanding and well researched when myself and @AceS| spoke on many occasions. If that doesn't make a good faction in a nutshell then clearly I've wasted 12 years of my life.
  9. Yes, you are not wrong when you are saying this. However, if you saw the deeper politics within it - disapproving somebody with little to no evidence to do so, other than knowing quite well they're a bad roleplayer and you know deep down they're going to fuck up does not qualify for us to deny them. In fact, if we did, we'd spend hours arguing with those above to justify why we did it only to be told we need to be fairer. Believe me, the politics are a lot tougher than just saying "no". In an ideal world, we'd have had the power to reject most of those people. I won't name and shame factions but a good portion of those you just named were being investigated by FM and we were collecting evidence (yes, a lot of it is needed before you even lift a finger which takes months and is impractical to ask of a team like FM that do it voluntarily) 3 out of those list were ready to be shut down but we resigned before delivering that final blow due to a massive disagreement at the top. That is incorrect and they were not approved, as far as my knowledge goes, by my peers. These also weren't approved by us.
  10. Since you requested: Seaside ABZ Dirt Road Dollars The rest are not my cup of tea or they’re too fresh to be relevant. If you’re looking for serious inspiration, those two are something you should really be taking standards from.
  11. Bro are you even looking at the same faction boards as me? I spot about 3 role model-like faction threads. The rest, I wouldn’t even feed to my dog if it was canned meat.
  12. Maca

    I'm glad that things that were previously raised as concerns over several months have finally been implemented. Good stuff. 🙂
  13. Anybody starting a Los Santos Crime Syndicate will only end up doing it like Cici. No thanks. Criminal organizations like that don't answer to one person like you see in the movies anyway, the large majority are cells within cells etc etc. I'd like to see more realistic gang culture. Not more for the sake of it, but more in terms of quality. The reason people lack the drive to create black gangs is because the majority of people that roleplay in Davis completely kill the fun for you and your immersion drops from 100 to 0 once you step outside of your own circle to interact with other individuals. What would I like to see in terms of a faction? Less factions and more communities. I'm not talking about creating a community thread and hiding behind it to create a faction, I'm talking about a community overall with a faction embedded within. None of this bullshit where people know what rank you are based on your OOC position within the faction, but general communities such as African American communities where people hear of drama via word of mouth and not metagaming from screenshots / faction group chats. I'd also like to see Sureno culture that adapts the Alpha male approach. Most Sureno groups in real life don't play happy families, they follow an Alpha male in the majority of situations. Once that Alpha becomes a weak link, things change and sometimes people die. In fact that happens in most criminal organizations nowadays. People also forget that in real life, things aren't ran like a 'faction'. People are associated with gangs, for example, just by being from that neighborhood or going to school with a specific group of people. You may not be a sworn member of the gang, but in some form you are a member and your associates are usually gang members and those in your neighborhood alike.
  14. Maca

    @Big_Smokes Thank you for your reply and transparency like that is welcomed. However, I do have a bone to pick (only one) with part of your response. The rehabilitation concept is great on paper, but in practice this is GTA World we’re talking about where most players treat their opinions as fact. As aforementioned, I will refrain from mentioning names but it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together to come out with four when I explain the following scenario: A member with a track record for poor and otherwise subpar roleplay, bigger than Katie Price’s body count with men, has been given yet another chance upon chance despite their roleplay quality being a detrimental factor to the faction. This individual has been welcomed back into the faction (forgive me if I’m wrong) based on their reputation as being a nice person and “willing to change” despite not changing for over a year when multiple staff members and PD members wasted their time trying to help this individual. I do not see this as fairness or rehabilitation, I see this as a weakness in decision making (without intending to offend) and some sort of anti-tolerance for this behaviour needs to be employed in order to rebuild your faction and it’s members’ reputation and eventually eradicating the insults people spew out against them for their experiences based on the past (and sometimes present) Whilst I do not have exposure to knowing whether or not Player Management gave the green light to let this person back in the faction, it is ultimately YOUR responsibility (and your Command team’s) to make the correct decision in regards to your member base. I’m being hyperbolic when I say the following comparison, however if Player Management told me I could have 500 chimps acting as Mercenaries wreaking havoc in the city does not mean that I should accept that as the standards I’m trying to set in the server - for example. I hope you know what I’m getting at by saying this. It is ultimately down to you as a faction leader to filter out these bad apples and protect your reputation. Not only are you making a poor choice by choosing to give out multiple chances, you are also doing a major injustice to your faction members that wish to excel in standards and really show the server what your faction has to offer. Take it with a pinch of salt if you must, but there needs to be a clear and fine line between being a nice person and being a good role player fit for a massive faction in a server that has the ability to disrupt factions and individuals’ roleplay - sometimes permanently. To close off my wall of text, I respect that the LSPD as a faction has had a reputation to build from the ground up from what I considered a cringeworthy previous leadership and a fucking Godsend when they were finally booted, but in order to keep those standards you’re trying to set at the highest bar, you need to be an asshole in the kindest way possible. It may sound controversial, but you need to be the bad guy sometimes in order to protect the good guys. Put your faction, it’s members and the roleplay quality first and you can’t go wrong. If you put friendships, memes and social points in the server first then you are only failing those that believe in you to be the faction’s mender from an otherwise shambolic leadership prior to yourselves.