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  1. By my standards is > If headshot (50 damage+ AND the character isn't moving and states [IS DEAD] then they're dead). If in doubt, always ask an admin for advise though.
  2. This is sadly the case (though my opinion doesnt reflect the full departments), most of my scenes are people becoming 50 cent, and or surviving a headshot and saying their pulse is fine. I've reflected my /do pulse to just high (100+) medium (60-10) or low (>60) but alas, they just prefer to rush to the hospital and get treated and they can go back to the hood instantly.
  3. OP updated with credits and big thanks. A log is added into the handbook Busy few days, had a day in court, met my bitch ex-wife, who frankly still tries to pull money from me, that I don't even have, she petitioned for even more assets to be collected from me, she can get fucked. I got no idea how I can string together 7 grand in a week, I can't do any more overtime at work, or people will start asking questions. All I got now is a shitty lease in Rancho, guess its better than nothing, its shit hole but I really can't complain. The house must of been raided or some shit, it stinks of weed. All I got now is like, a bunch of booze, me and a TV. Internal Affairs has had a 'chat' with me, about Love's IA, I think I'm fine, hope she gets hit by a fuckin' train, I simply can't keep doing this to myself though, all this overtime, done back to back to back 10-hour night shifts, it's going to kill me, all this death. but it's what comes first, a home invasion, alcohol, or whatever. Meh, here's to the next log, or whatever the fuck this really is. --
  4. Events leading up to this will be revealed... soon. A tragic turn of events has brought Chris to his limits,
  5. A small log is added into the handbook So it happened, got an email from Internal Affairs, informing me of an investigation against me, and I knew it was coming, that loud bitch said it was coming all along. But it's whatever, I'm ready to fight it, I reached out to a good lawyer, we're sorting out a meeting. Speaking of meetings, I had my 'ex' wife's attorneys reach out to me, they finally wanna meet up, after long last. I can't wait to see what they got to offer. Probably more money from my pocket. Court date scheduled for tomorrow, see you soon, bitch. *A copy of the IA email is enclosed in the handbook* Sticks & Bones Chris continues to battle an uphill challenge of fighting his demons, even if it means losing more & more patients. Something must break, the mind, or the man.
  6. Mitch

    80 here.
  7. Brush Patrol Cris and Tom responded to a 911 about a brush fire, they formed BRUSH-71 (BR71) and drove out to the area, on arrival they found no fire, only another hoax call
  8. Username: CL Comment: What the hell
  9. A log is added into the small handbook This week has been rough for me, I think I've seen more deaths in this city than any "normal" human should see in a lifetime, my wife has sent forward divorce papers and I'm about to lose almost everything I've ever owned, I can't afford any lawyers nor even a proper roof over my head, this whole situation is fucked, beyond fucked and isn't right. I hope that bitch burns in hell and is happy she squeezed the last dollar out of me. "EMS isn't the right life, go join the military" she dares say and sees more death? I've taken a positive step today and requested a councilor meeting in the department, god knows if I'll be seen any time soon. I need to vent to someone before I explode.
  10. Mitch

    taking bets on how long this thread will remain civil
  11. Username: LSNNOfficial Comment: Two officers resigned before any disciplinary action(I think), the rest was given suspensions.
  12. Trucker job is a glorified mining job, change my mind, 2% of them actually care to RP it, the rest are just mindless, brainless zombies that race around the server like it's a F1 track in hopes of getting a few bucks. The job needs to either be application only, or RP standards needs to be enforced.
  13. throwbacks > I'll post here semi-regularly, whenever I'm in the mood to write or do a screenshot or two.
  14. This thread is more like a diary, a series of ramblings from Chris's point of view, they're written down in a small book in his car, unless otherwise stated. Service Record Name: Chris Lawrence Nicknames: 'Cris' Place of Birth: Croatia Rank: Firefighter II | EMT Date of Birth: 1st of November 1980. ´╗┐Enlistment: 18 Apr 2020 (REINSTATED) ´╗┐Certifications: EMT-B | Fire & Rescue Divisions: Air Operations - Trainee Pilot Being an EMT isn't the easiest job in the world, hell, it's one of the hardest and the toughest jobs you can do. While you don't shoot people, you tend to those wounds that others inflict, I hope to show the life of an EMT whos struggling financially, homeless, and most importantly, suffering from early signs of Post Traumatic Stress from his job, let's go on an adventure. Credits: Thanks to @HaveADream, @Violence & the FD command team who's been incredibly helpful in advising and recommending.