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  1. if gtaw switched to the 1.1 alpha branch, people will be up in arms over server instability. it takes time to fix bugs found, yeah the 1.1 meme still lives on.
  2. Details from our internal announcement on our forums after hitting a new LSNN record. Announcement I'd like to first start this off with a huge thank you to all of our talented staff who are working around the clock to provide top quality content for all, the creation of roleplay and the unique scenes we've attended this month has been outstanding and I'm really proud of our team and everyone's hard work. This month we have brought on 6 new staff members, which has expanded our team to 10 members. 10 full time members that are actively contributing to the faction and the server as a whole. Within our core policies, we aim for quality over quantity and we thoroughly screen players throughout their employments. This month has also been a record breaker for us, at Los Santos News. We hit a great 30 articles in 1 month, a huge thanks goes out to all of our staff who have worked hard to contribute to us all. Closing thoughts Myself and the management team are happy with the way things are going, we're happy with our numbers and we're happy to work alongside our Legal FM handler(s) Chey and Dios, without them we wouldn't be getting this far. We have some exciting projects that's in the works with Legal FM, and we'll happily keep everyone informed.
  3. I suggest a faction audit log for all factions, what's an audit log? It's a log that tracks changes, invites and more. Audit log should include Who invited the user to the faction (EG. USER invited USER to FACTION_NAME) User rank modifications (USER changed USERS rank to RANK_NAME) Any modifications made to the faction, edits, changes to the name, etc. (USER has edited faction name to {NEW_FACTIONNAME) it was (OLD_NAME) Faction kicks (User has removed USER) Rank permission changes (User has edited RANK_NUMBER permissions (THINGS CHANGED) thanks.
  4. Credits: Los Santos News Network / Callie Palencia
  5. Ucp Devs don't touch in game code
  6. Username: Callie Palencia Comment: I rebranded, thank you.
  7. Username: CALLIE PALENCIA {VERIFIED} Comment: Hey be nice, meanie
  8. Want any other evidence? FB was moved over to the new 1200 server (1200 is for a yearly billing, so 120 p/m) and it has seen drastic improvements.
  9. Wages have been overhauled to $7'500 per article and higher.
  10. What people seem to be forgetting that web servers for this kind of workload (Heavy MySQL usage, storage, you name it) are really damn expensive, something has to give here, I'm fine with it in its current state. Is it ideal? No, but what other options is there?
  11. Username: An American Idle Comment: This is clearly fake news spiraled by the radical left who want nothing but to DESTROY our LSPD that are doing an AMAZING job at fighting crime in this city. #fakenews This is what happens when a DEMOCRAT runs this state. Good Job LSPD taking the criminals off our streets! Shameful fake news! Hoes are so mad!
  12. Username: The Holy Almighty Comment: The Fake News Media is sickening, #fakenews, you liberals will do anything to harm our beloved Law Enforcement, first defunding now this? Disgraceful!
  13. Absolutely not, the privacy concerns would be through the roof, I'm here to relax and play a game, I'm not giving an ID to gain access to that. I'll just play something else.
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