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  1. Mitch

    I wanna scream this to the moon and back. If our safe runs out of money, don't refill until new budgets are done
  2. Mitch

    I don't control the radios chief, I just log them. That's Nervous job.
  3. Mitch

    Ooooh boy. I'll have a sniff and see if I can help, I'll drop you a DM on discord.
  4. Mitch

    If you require a hand with the radio I can possibly help! What provider are you using?
  5. Mitch

    Thread updated with the new stations.
  6. Mitch

    Thaaaaaanks! Updating shortly.
  7. UCP / Login Name: mitch_sgg Character Name: Hayley Cross Items & Amount Lost: 1x Combat Pistol, 50x Pistol Ammo Exact time and date: 14th of January Reason: Logged off with a weapon equipped, weapon was gone when I woke up the next day Evidence: https://puu.sh/CxmqD/f176e30d01.png
  8. Mitch

    I don't regularly check the radios uptime due to the time it takes, but thanks! I'll check this every 3 days.
  9. *Hayley is very amused by the article, showing it to Ashley Dawson* "Weazel News doesn't like you either?"
  10. Mitch

    Updated with some owners and typo stuffs.
  11. Mitch

    Since the old guide is completely inactive and became very inactive, here's the updated version, have fun. XM Radio Listings Commands: /setstation [station ID] | /fixr (Mutes radio) | /radioshow (Shows the radio UI) | /radiohide (Hides the radio UI) Station List Station Number - Station Name - Details - Status - Owner 1 - The Beatles - Rock Up - Up - TBA 2 - Duneos - Variety - Up - LSPD radio 3 - Weazel FM - IC - Up - Mecovy 4 - Urban FM - Urban - Up - TBA 5 - VanillaRadio - Mixture - Up - Mitch 6 - RadiOi! FM - Punk, Ska, Oi! - Up - Koko 7 - The Bada Zing - Disco - Up - TBA 8 - The Breeze - 60's to present - Up - Peter 9 - Highway 181 - Country - Up - TBA 10 - Kowloon FM - Cantonese Pop/Classics - Up - TBA (Very low quality audio) 11 - True Blues - Blues - Up - TBA 12 - Emperor FM - Hits - Up - Pacanaz 13 - 81.1FM Los Santos Jazz - Jazz - TBA 14 - Webb - Trance - Up - TBA 15 - 93.2 The WEST - Urban - Up - Maca 16 - Evropa 2 - Pop Music - Up - TBA 17 - KISS-LS - Kpop - Up - TBA 18 - Drama FM - Hits - Up - TBA 19 - Les Bianco FM - Dance - Up - Rumbunctious 20 - HEAT FM - Dubstep - DOWN - TBA 21 - Hardbass FM - Hardbass - UP - Kaasisbaas Total Stations: 20 Stations up: 19 Stations Down: 1 Radio Up time last updated: 19/JAN/2019 I'll try and find the owners of the radios but it'll take time, if you own one of these radios, contact me and I'll put you on the list. Any questions, post them here or hit me in the DMs.
  12. UCP / Login Name: mitch_sgg Character Name: Hayley Cross Items & Amount Lost: 1x Combat Pistol, 40x Pistol Ammo Exact time and date: Admin Mike confirmed at 06/JAN/2019 around 0:30. However, my chat log parser failed to log my chat log and thus, no evidence of it. Reason: I took a weapon out of my Granger along with it's ammo, a day later it was missing. Evidence: Admins confirmed it was taken out of the Granger by myself and I didn't store it anywhere. [20:50:03] (( PM from (27) Ashley Dawson: Nobody stole your gun from the Granger )) [20:50:08] (( PM to (27) Ashley Dawson: Oh? )) [20:50:29] (( PM from (27) Ashley Dawson: Logs say you took it out of your car at 0:30 yesterday ))
  13. User: not hayley Comment; i cant wait for jon campbell to gimme money for a new door
  14. Mitch

    Hayley Cross here. This will be my only post on this matter unless admins require further clarification. Hayley in this instance, didn't commit a citizen's arrest. If you read up the exact definition of a citizen's arrest, you'll find it much different. In this matter, Hayley committed Vigilantism (Taking the law into her own hands) which is a Misdemeanor. However, in this situation, since Hayley informed the LSPD beforehand of her 'citizens arrest' she was released without charge and was given a stern telling off to never do this again. I didn't play over Christmas, since I spent time with my family and friends. Also I wasn't in contact with Jessie as I assume she was relaxing and enjoying her holidays with her family and friends too. This is another incorrect point. Hayley was informed by a very good friend in the LSPD that Martin had raped again. Also spending two days in jail for such a huge crime is unacceptable in Hayleys eyes. Martin violently assaulted Hayley's best friend and committed the most despicable act a man can ever do. Both of these points are incorrect in a brief sense. Hayley isn't on the side of the LSPD nor is she close with the police. She only knows one cop and that's in a work related stance. Ashley is a friend from the Unicorn who's been kind to us all. Unicorn members are a family after all. Second part. That isn't Hayley's residence. That's a house all the Vanilla Unicorn staff stay at. This home is completely optional and Hayley stays at another place during the day. Incorrect. Hayley was informed by Ashley that Martin had raped again which only fuels anger which can only build up for so long. Martin being released from jail after 2 days after committing a felony, he was a risk to the general public. This is the reason why Hayley and Peta started to alert people on FaceBrowser of the crimes you did. Yet, Martin committed horrific acts against people and reoffended after he was released from prison. You stated in Discord that you didn't re-offend. So whomever is lying, that's on them. I go by what I'm told IC, not OOC. Again, isn't my residence. The killing was planned with two other parties, we arranged to meet up with you at Mirror Park, far enough away from the parking lot. I was on a high performance bike so I could of escaped the area in a hurry. And Hayley isn't a hardened criminal. She commited a single act which will affect her life, of course. But it was a required thing which Hayley felt the need to do, to protect her friends and her work colleagues from Murphy. I'm aware that this crime can be linked to Hayley, and it should! Hayley played it sloppy. But you need to take a few things into account. 1) Mirror Park was empty at around 2:45 AM. 2) The area I killed you at was completely empty, no-one was around. 3) Hayley did it out of fear of her own life and Jessies. 4) Hayley isn't a notorious criminal, she committed a petty crime, a crime of passion after what you did to her best friend. 5) Murphy ruined my best friends life which will have detrimental effects on her for a long time. Conclusion Hayley did this out of pure anger and hatred for rapists. Hayley has a dark history with rape. During her first few days in the city, she in fact got raped by a female in her own home. A female she trusted at first and it was all over alcohol. Hayley was informed by Ashley Dawson that Murphy committed another rape after being released from prison. Hayley went straight to Jessie and informed her of what happened, and in Jessie's own words. I quote Jessie wanted Murphy gone, Murphy destroyed her life with his careless actions and Hayley sought out a plan to lure Murphy out of his home and conduct the cold blooded murder. Murder was sloppy, yeah. It can be linked to Hayley fairly easy if the LSPD seem to investigate it. But that's fine, I welcome any new RP. And this is only a PK from myself and Jessie, just to clear things up. And uh, if you don't think this will affect Hayley's life, you're wrong. This will affect her. This will be my only reply on this matter.
  15. Mitch

    Acknowledged, will be posting my statement shortly.