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  1. I suggested this a while ago but Nervous ultimately said no, I'm wondering if he's willing to change his mind. My suggestion is that a monthly radio perk, like the dog / cat perks. 5 euros / dollars a month for a radio slot seems viable?
  2. I doubt this will ever be 'truly' fixed, since people value ERP / nude screenshots so highly for whatever reason, and it brings nervous money for the FB premium.
  3. Welcome to our biweekly news updates and more from the Courts of Los Santos and Government News. We'll cover cases between the 1st to the 12th of November. Government News The Government has introduced two new legislative Acts and which go into affect immediately (This doesn't affect any ongoing cases at the time of creation). The two main Acts are the GAMING Act and the SASI Act. The General Actions for Monetary and Intrastate Necessity of Gambling Act (GAMING ACT) introduces a new code to all types of gambling which range from Charitable to Online gambling and sport betting. The act also confirms that a few penalties may apply either civilly (For Public Safety/Health Code violations, Fraud, etc ) to even criminal liability, such as organized crimes. We expect to see additional laws drafted in the penal code in the coming weeks to address this. San Andreas Sovereign Immunity Act (SASI ACT) introduces some requirements when handling State issued lawsuits, such as LS Government, LSPD, LSFD, etc. There has been a total of 4 (Four) changes which range from The State can't be sued for more than $150'000 in a singular instance and Wrongful Death suits can't be more than $250'000. Legal Fees have been formally capped at $25'000 per suit and finally, should the Court rule that a Case is frivolous, the Plaintiff may be fined $20'000 For additional details, feel free to check out the Acts on the Courts website. General Actions for Monetary and Intrastate Necessity of Gambling Act San Andreas Sovereign Immunity Act (SASI ACT) Civil Courts Plaintiff: Vibe Incorporated Defendant: Prescott Entertainment Judge: Garrett Fox Details: Plantiff accused Prescott Entertainment of defaming them in a series of social media posts. The Defendant went on a slanderous rampage against Vibe Inc and accused it's CEO of holding a monopoly and driving out smaller businesses. The Defendant never turned up to court and the judge ruled accordingly. Judgement: Default Judgement in favor of Plaintiff. ((Admin intervention)) --- Plaintiff: Fast Loans Company Defendant: Junho Park Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Details: Plaintiff accused the Defendant of not repaying the loan he had out on a Contract, Defendant did not turn up to Court and the Judge ruled in Fast Loans Company's favor Judgement: Ruled in the Plaintiffs favor. Awarding them the full $72'100. -- Plaintiff: GWC and Golfing Society Defendant: Sten de Vissor Judge: Juilet Pierce & Oswald Fredrickson Details: Plaintiff accused the Defendant of trespassing on private property. The Defendant uploaded a picture of himself at the Golf Course and they used that against him, later in the proceedings, the Defendant tried to argue the picture was old, but the Plaintiff's argued they owned the property for well over two months. The Judge ruled with the Plaintiff. Judgement: Ruled in the Plaintiff's favor, awarding them $90'000. -- Plaintiff: The City of Los Santos Defendant: Jaxon Edevane Judge: Noah Breckenridge Details: Plaintiff accused the Defendant of not repaying the loan, the Defendant arrived into court without an attorney and worked behind closed doors to handle a out of court settlement. Judgement: Out of court settlement approved, case dismissed. Criminal Courts Plaintiff: District Attorney Defendant: Troy Tranh Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Details: The DA's office filed charges against the Defendant (Robbery, Battery & Tampering with evidence) and brought it to court. The Defendant was backed up by the Kerrigan and Associates Corp. The case dragged on several days with many delays, in which led to the Defense requesting a Motion for Summery Judgement, the DA apologized to the court for the delays, the Judge ruled shortly after, expressing disappointment in the failures of the DA of effectively presenting a case. Judgement: Not Guilty, lack of evidence -- Laws No new laws have been introduced in the past two weeks. Thanks for reading! Feedback and comments is welcome Disclaimer: None of us are BAR approved lawyers.
  4. While 2FA is a great option for security, I feel like there should be additional security measures in place for the UCP My proposals are as follows - If a unknown / suspicious IP login to the account successfully, it flags the account and ask the owner via email to verify that the login is legitimate. So if I connect on a unknown IP that I've never used before, it'll lock me out my account until I verify it through my emails. - Give a list of IPs that's connected / disconnected on the UCP, at the moment, it doesn't show it. - If someone attempts to change the password with a suspicious IP, flag it for admin review and or make the registered email address aware of the change.
  5. gimme houses you fucking slut 2
  6. So you do get a lot of media attention lately, but what do you want to see more of from the media?
  7. He couldn't afford it, he was flat broke
  8. Overall, what was the hardest thing to implement into GTAW, in terms of Laws / Acts? And what are you most excited for, upcoming laws / features wise?
  9. Mitch

    It was. https://face.gta.world/post/84957_the-drum-and-bass-stays-on-during-sex-sfhchur.html
  10. Mitch

    nice rp, im sure that happens at construction sites all the time.
  11. Mitch

    It does when NPCs are brought into the action, since the rules are very specific in that you're not allowed to RP NPCs, what if someone asks you about the pictures and the NPCs? It never happened on the server so how can you RP it? That's powergaming, regardless.
  12. Mitch

    thats powergaming, if it didnt happen on the server, it never happened. i reported people before to fb moderation yet nothing got done, i gave up because they dont give a shit
  13. it's a video game, unless you live in a really weird state, China, Taiwan or something like that, it's not illegal.