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  1. Mitch

    Noted, 24 hours and 7 minutes until closing.
  2. Mitch

    Lots of tattoo places IRL have done this.
  3. 4SALE Market Price: $125'000 Starting Price: $120'000 Buyout: $250'000 Bidding Rules: Each bid MUST be above $2'500. Exterior Interior Credits to Octavian Estates for the pictures
  4. Got a place in MP for around 200'000 if you're interested, hasn't got a pool but its a roof over your head
  5. If owners refuse to actively staff their business, report them?
  6. Yes!!!!!!! Please, for the love of god.
  7. Mitch

    *a slow chant emerges*
  8. Short description: Make it a possibility to work in multiple businesses Detailed description: Part time jobs are what serve the server, people work in different other stores / businesses alike, some security and bars have a blank business script, and because of this, you can only be in one or the other. Expanding this to multiple stores would be amazing, as people can work for a security job or bar and in a normal store. Commands to add: None I don't think? Items to add: Working in other businesses How would your suggestion improve the server? It'd help small businesses, as they allow their employees to work in other jobs, such as garages, stores, etc.
  9. Mitch

    From a business owner perspective, it's a mixed bag but I'll drop my opinions in here from a gun store owner view At the start, we heavily invested in building a website to attract people to our store, making it all from scratch, despite the multiple server failures that led us to rebuilding it once again, we do try and actively recruit in store now, which led to a few new recruits to keep the store active and to actively promote RP, but it seems that the majority of the community just isnt interested in RP in a RP store or a shooting range. Overall I'm happy with the business openings, but its the lack of interest from people in the store which can drive people away. I've heard that some people can get bored in the store, and thats a growing problem I simply can't fix, it's up to the playerbase to work together and make this a fun experience for all, personally. What can be done to fix it or help? I simply don't know what can be done, I'm simply at a loss, unless theres ways of making it more enjoyable for the person working, I don't know.
  10. Mitch

    It's very hard to test features on a test server which gets about what, 30 testers at most, compared to the main server. So its kind of to be expected I guess
  11. Mitch

    This isn't all that helpful, a laptop from 3 years ago can be defined as a gaming laptop, whats the specs?
  12. Mitch

    I'll be in touch soon, I'm interested.
  13. Mitch

    Starting bid.