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  1. jessica

    wes and lucky don't need no melee supplier to be cut edge ...
  2. jessica

    Username: pinkputa Comment: lol, park ur bike in vespucci and ur coming back to a frame without wheels lol delete this
  3. jessica

    professional kite men. (love you all keep it up!! xxx)
  4. jessica

    King among kings. Stellar character, keep it rolling!
  5. jessica

    You can send a text to 622-01500 and inform of your availability. I will call at the earliest convenience.
  6. jessica

  7. [SOLD] 1314 Palomino Blvd Address: 1314 Palomino Blvd Description: The apartment is located just around the corner of the buzzing life of K-Town with the active community in Little Seoul is easily accessible from this home. A place fit for one or two persons, with one bedroom and another spare room fit for interpretation. The nearest gas station and 24/7 is a 1-minute walk away. Market Price: SOLD Starting Bid: SOLD I reserve the right to end this auction at any point without choosing a bidder, no current buyout price.
  8. Username: thickthighssavelives Comment: binco didn't do shit wrong, represent textile city binco, affordable for those who aren't living on a trust fund. value for money
  9. jessica

    it is what it is