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  1. jessica

    This looks amazing! Amazing work from everyone who contributed, can't wait to see it in game.
  2. jessica

    Right so basically here, this all done through OpenIV. Your best bet is to search up some videos on how to mod singleplayer GTA5 with OpenIV to find what you're looking for. There is a general basic theme to follow and it doesn't take long once you get the hang of it. If you aren't able to find any videos that help, give me another poke and I'll write out a full explanation!
  3. jessica

    Congratulations all!
  4. jessica

    Character name: Erza Petrova UCP name: Jxssabella Discord name: jessica#0131 Property ID: 4554 Location of property: Main entrance: X:-509.0567, Y:-22.42998, Z:45.60899 Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type: Backdoor to a business
  5. jessica

    We discussed this over discord but here is the solution for other people tuning in! After you're finished setting up the two peds, you want to go in to Rockstar Editor. DON'T. You must remember to go to the object spooner manager menu and delete the peds you spawned. Once you have deleted the peds you have spawned, you may go in to Rockstar Editor without seeing duplicates. This is an issue that will always happen! It is just a bug with how it is made but as long as you are deleting the objects you spawned before, you can solve it. You can also save your scenes if you don't want to lose them yet, then you can load them back up whenever you want with your characters still within the places you left them and the animation.
  6. Incredible work! Really nice to see all these custom interiors popping up places, love it! ^^
  7. jessica

    Congratulations all!
  8. jessica

    Vehicle has been purchased. Can be archived.
  9. jessica

    [BUYING] Karin Kuruma Vehicle: Karin Kuruma Registered: Ideally, yes. Upgraded: Ideally, yes. Description: Looking for a Karin Kuruma. The vehicle can have a few scratches on as long as it continues to work and steer appropriately. When sending offers it'd be appreciated if there was the paperwork attached that verifies such upgrades (( screenshot of /vstats )). Price will vary depending on the upgrades that the vehicle has and the condition that the vehicle is in. Send all offers via email (( Forum PM to @jessica ))
  10. jessica

  11. jessica

    Asking price adjusted to: $100,000
  12. [SOLD] 2313 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard Property: One story house with dual entrance and stand alone garage. Address: 2313 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard Area: Rancho Description: This home, located just off of the Jamestown Projects, has a spacious backyard with a garage attached with an ideal cozy interior to compliment it. The home is perfect for persons of any type as the inside space can be modified to an impressive degree depending on personal preference. ASKING PRICE: $100,000 (Subject to change) EXTERIOR INTERIOR
  13. jessica

    Okay those are hella CLEAN hello??? Stunning?? Where do I get my subscription?
  14. jessica

    welcome to the cult (Bless you! Make sure to share the masterpieces you make 💓)
  15. jessica

    Absolutely gorgeous individual; good luck with this babe ❤️❤️❤️