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  1. B!shop

    Sayuri "Sayu" Ishida, born on the 20th of March 2002 in Hamamatsu, Japan. Sayu's early years involves her parents being divorced and spending most of her life living with her mother and her grandparents. Occasionally takes visits to meet her dad on the weekends, who lives thirty-minute cycle ride away at what should've been her home. Sayu's father works as an agriculturer, supporting well for himself of what he could harvest. Whenever she visits her father, all she wants is to help him with what he does best, basically having her own small section in her dad's fields to grow her own food crops and take care of them as a hobby and generally spend time with her father. Sayu's source of income evolves from working as a part-time waitress, whenever she's free to work at her grandparent's small family restaurant, working with her mother who is the Chef at the restaurant. Completing her high school years, she has been awarded a scholarship to continue her higher education at the University of San Andreas, Los Santos.
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    This LOL