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  1. HappyToker

    Looking great lads, didn't think I'd see myself on this thread tho... Damn he looks good 😜 Jokes, keep it up Burim & Co.
  2. As a person known on the internet as "HappyToker", I kinda miss the option to pass around joints/blunts to other people so they could also have the effect without me giving them a whole gram... I roll 3 to 4 joints per gram, and I'm satisfied for a whole day, but using 1 gram for 1 joint is just a waste of money imo... You might as well smoke blunts RPly. If there was a way to work with 0,xx grams, I'd think it would be better, perhaps even break open a cigarette to roll the spliff with tobacco for a shorter effect. When I'm RP making a spliff, I always make sure I got a pack of Redwoods on me to make it realistic imo, I'm from the Netherlands and all we do is smoke spliffs most of the time, in regards of users.
  3. HappyToker

    Yo this shit mad funny, keep it up
  4. HappyToker

    Hello, my name is Raúl, I am a father of one and I am looking to buy a house in Grapeseed! Post here, or e-mail me at [email protected] ((PMs)).
  5. HappyToker

    Oh no, what have y'all done to my boy Lucas? 😢 GG great thread
  6. One example that happened a few days ago was Jordan Crowell, a whole swat team was out on finding him and once they did, they tried to apprehend him. He shot back tho and a whole squad fired on him, causing him to die. Admin basically said "Yeah, you'll have to CK" and well, JC doesn't play GTA:W anymore...
  7. HappyToker

    from the bottom of my heart, this is great! Love my boy Mahmut, y'all doing awesome!
  8. HappyToker

    RIP Kee ;( cutest lil' nigga on the blocC ;(((
  9. HappyToker

  10. HappyToker

    " Lo Spietato, movie about the mafia in Milan, 1980's. Fictional, yet inspired.
  11. HappyToker

  12. HappyToker

    good luck with it boys, @Chucky's a lil slow but provides good content x) jokes, one love
  13. HappyToker

    Oh it's that Userjuan copy
  14. HappyToker

    Couldn't be more proud boys, lets get it
  15. HappyToker

    Looking good gangsters