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  1. Lewwwy

    This appears to be the point you seemed to "lose connection", may I ask what you were doing typing the "T" in chat for when you're in the middle of a pursuit? I fail to see any reason you would want to bring up your chat box during a pursuit. Also, I think with this recording we can once put to bed the allegation of him loosing me during the pursuit, that clearly wasn't the case.
  2. Lewwwy

    Correct, as the officer leading the pursuit it was not by plates we eventually managed to track him down for the arrest. I had waited around for 20-25 minutes in the same spot as to where I had believed him disconnecting which appears to be a roll-back on his part as to why he didn't spawn as to where I was sitting (which is fine, we're not disputing that). I headed off-duty and went to go and get my Neon's removed at Auto-Exotic. Lone and behold he turned up in the same vehicle he evaded me from. I over-heard he wanted to get something done to his turbo, so knowing that he would be sticking around for a while I drove off and now because I was off-duty I called 911 to alert other units of the BOLO on him. His plates were never checked by myself, so I can see why the cause for concern is there. However, the plates were not a mitigating factor here. Furthermore, I can't check plates when off-duty soooo... Once they secured the scene I was told to come back on-duty by a Sergeant at the time to process the arrest as the leading unit. Moving back onto the comment of you loosing me during the pursuit, that's also incorrect. I can provide the full Shadowplay footage of the pursuit if needed @Franelli but I feel like he THINKS he lost me due to the lost connection on his part.
  3. Lewwwy

    I've been quite civil with you during this report so I'm unsure as to why you're calling me ignorant and then claiming the frequent excuse of "Every time you cops don't win". I'd like to point a few things out. I'm not as experienced when it comes to the GTA V scene when it comes to clients and desync knowledge as you or some others may be. I had no idea that constant tire spinning is a sign of a disconnection/crash as it normally occurs also when I'm meeting other vehicles out of my render distance when they're parked up. It's nothing to do with my ignorance especially when I'm willing for the report to be dropped if the evidence from the admin backs up the claims you've made. Moving onto this topic of the "Every time you cops don't win" line. You were arrested as stated above, it's not about winning or losing it's about following to the rules. I reported you because I thought you had logged to avoid the PD, if it's a clear mistake on my part and you disconnected due to storms within your area I fail to see the problem and where your attitude has come from? I'm being nothing more than civil with you, I'd like the same back instead of that poor and quite frankly childish attitude.
  4. Lewwwy

    If the above is true and can be checked by the admin I see this report not needing to continue. We did stick around the exact location of the disconnection (myself for 20 minutes) but if he logged in minutes afterwards then all checks out. I did ID check you multiple times at the start, although at the beginning of the timeout to see if you reconnected but could of been sheer coincidence that you wasn't online at that point. In turn you could of PM'ed us to continue the RP but let's be realistic, no person avoiding the PD or evading them is going to want to come back and be caught, but if the above is correct from what the admin can find. I'm happy for the report to be concluded here @TheUnknown54
  5. Lewwwy

    I'd like to point out for the admin that Demon Tempest was arrested at approx 22:25pm after being caught when he logged back in, but not at the same scene as to where he logged from.
  6. Date of incident: 11/01/2019 Rules broken: 1.0 Common Courtesy Your ingame name: Amber Reed Names of witnesses (if applicable): Noah Davidson Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): The evidence speaks for itself, involved in a vehicle pursuit. Managed to get himself stuck and then boxed in by myself and approaching units headed our way. He then logged to avoid the consequences. At the time of this report, I've been sitting at the scene awaiting his return for 20 minutes. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/499d16fe595bb9dd6f32f9e92d6967ee
  7. Lewwwy

    Content: UCP / Login Name: Lewwwy Character Name: Carlos Hernandez Items & Amount Lost: $6000 Exact time and date: 03:55 - 01/07/2018 Reason: Whilst attempting to make a skin earlier on within the day I had made, purchased two default "Advanced male skins" which I then managed to reverse and gain my custom character back again through a clothing slot. Fast forward to now, I noticed that I had changed the hair of my character only on one slot, managing to correct it to all slots instead but as I tried to fix the "Advanced male" faces that were taking up slots 1 & 3 I failed to realise it's costing $1000 a time, leading up to my $6000 debt. Now, I completely understand that this is of fault of my own stupidity and negligence at the time but $6000 is a sure lot of money, I did manage to get rid of the "Advanced male" slots that were taking up areas of my custom character so I am happy in that respect but I would like to see if I could be refunded my losses. Thanks! Evidence:
  8. Also having this same issue.
  9. Lewwwy

    Fantastic stuff.