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  1. Lewwwy

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  2. Lewwwy

    I fail to see the problem here with the way the person reacted to your failed attempt at extorting them? The key word here is "she said". She could say she once held the fastest 100m sprint against Bolt himself, doesn't mean much. No matter what people say but it's what they actually DO is a different question all together. If you think people out in the real world don't start throwing the "I'm going to kill/have you killed comment" around. It's a common form of emotional defence. She clearly wouldn't react the way she did if she didn't fear you ICly. That is something you need to prey off of like a Lion to meat. If they're acting like that, it's normally a positive down the line than a negative you need to bring OOCly onto a thread. If you believe metagame was involved, make a forum report and allow the appropriate actions from staff to take effect.
  3. Also having this same issue.
  4. Lewwwy

    Fantastic stuff.