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  1. I would like to enter why not
  2. "It's better to be the supporting character in a world full of protagonists." - Sakura Watanabe.
  3. Treat your character like they are NOT a disposable object. I've seen it too much nowadays that people kill off their characters when the going gets tough. When difficult situations and hardship presents itself to your character, work with it. Grab the kite and fly it, don't be lazy.
  4. Writer's Note: This concludes Chapter Seven - Dust in the Wind. I'm not going to lie to any of the readers and the loyal fans of this series, at times I found it extremely difficult to roleplay the aftermath of the events in-game. Some may say that it's just a game, but there's certain aspects of roleplay that can hit home and make you emotional. It goes without saying that I'm extremely happy with the way this turned out. I didn't think it'd gain the immense support from the community. I must give the biggest thanks to the people in discord, in-game & on the thread that support the content and make all of this worth it. I have a fairly vague idea where I'm gonna take Sakura Watanabe in terms of her development and progression. Typically, I had the thought to kill her off just a few days after Samantha Falcone passed away, but that seemed cliche and in-line with a good majority of the grieving characters on the server - past or present. I aim to portray grieving in a normal, human way. Thank you again to everyone dropping reactions, letting me know how they feel about the thread and keeping this thread alive. Without you, I wouldn't have continued. Thank you.
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