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  1. Law

    I'd like to see this, it'll be difficult to enforce in terms of catching people in the act, but it'll prevent out of the blue advertisements for places that players wouldn't normally own or have permission to use.
  2. Law

    Name: Cultural Marxist Jew Comment: Well your point doesn't incite that whatsoever, it just says that you know where she hangs out and demanding the article to be taken down with a subtle threat that you won't be asking twice. Open a dictionary, thesaurus, anything, please.
  3. Law

    Name: Cultural Marxist Jew Comment: What has that got to do with anything? What are you going to do? Go kill her for publishing an article on a fake terrorist attack? Honestly shut up before I dox your dog.
  4. Law

    Name: Cultural Marxist Jew Comment: Shut up you donut, online threats to a publisher is about as effective as your mom's abortion attempt.
  5. Law

    Name: Anon Comment: Moral of the story, it takes a psychopath to come up with a fake, psychopathic story to boost her online influence. Not today.
  6. Law

    That’s quite a bold reply when you’re relying on staff to answer your questions seriously. You’ve pointed out the obvious but I think you’re misguided at the fact that police officers and security don’t go hand in hand. Their job is to enforce the law, your job is to observe and prevent. Personally I feel like panic buttons should be allowed if they are roleplayed, managed and moderated well. I don’t see many people having a need for this other than EMS and Security.
  7. Law

    Does the UCP values not update if you switch to an outfit with the face you want?
  8. Law

    Rules are a deterrent but it won’t stop people from doing what they want. Only way to resolve stuff at the moment is through a player report, where an admin has to tell them they’ve done something wrong, otherwise they’ll stick with their defence if you approach them privately.
  9. Law

    Nice, let's get this out on a tray
  10. Name: Anon Comment: Good questions, poor answers... even poorer choice to interview a girl who is "...shit at explaining stuff."
  11. Law

    I think a factor that needs to be considered for this discussion is that GTAW has its own economy compared to real life or gta online. On that note, I think the vehicle prices are fine but I find it odd that some of the older cars are expensive.
  12. Name: Anonymous Comment: I’ve never heard of these accusations so I don’t know if your energy was put to good use. Seemed a little edgy towards the end for a reputable news source.
  13. Law

    I don’t remember GTAW’s lore replacing real life locations or so forth. If that was the case, iPhone wouldn’t exist because iFruit does.
  14. Law

    10/10 pupper