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  1. Want a jet ski without the registration fees after purchase? Well, grab this one for $18,000. It's black, relatively easy to dock and has enough room for a pillion on the back. Already registered and insured for you. Contact Information: Private Message *Comments Disabled*
  2. Shoutout to the Property Management staff, they have a lot on their plate and handle everything the best they can.
  3. I hope they finally finish the construction, that’s all.
  4. Law

    Vespucci Tattoos

    Online Purchase Full Name: Payment Details: Delivery Details: Contact Number: Black Collection NOW AVAILABLE! DELIVERY FEE INCLUDED! Vespucci Tattoos Ink Aftercare Kit - $250 Vespucci Tattoos Magazine Issue #1 - $150 Vespucci Tattoos Black Unisex Sweatshirt - $300 Vespucci Tattoos Black Unisex Hoodie - $300 Vespucci Tattoos Black Unisex T-Shirt - $250 Vespucci Tattoos Black Flex Fit Cap - $150
  5. I think this is already the general rule of thumb because why wouldn’t you roleplay when you have the ability to? Having read the situation that played out, what I understand from it is that the guy scrolled his weapon back in as police were arriving, could argue that they weren’t going to wait for him to roleplay sliding it back into his waistband. I’d say leave it as it is because I’ve only been a witness to people that roleplay the gun in one way or another to make everyone alert that it’s present.
  6. If it were to exist, which could be the case, it should remain undetected rather than observable, otherwise it’ll attract the wrong people and it’ll be a wrap.
  7. Law

    Davis Mega Mall

    K-Town Mall next? 😳
  8. Los Santos, Alta District Property Type: Apartment Address: 205 Alta Street Description: Modest apartment on the third floor of an apartment complex, renovated with an exposed brick style to bring out the city dwelling environment. It's located directly in the heart of Alta, surrounded by close-by districts Hawick and Vinewood. Whether you're working nearby or finding a discrete place to settle in the city, this location makes it easy for residents to visit the essential hot spots on foot, such being a salon/barber, tattoo parlor, clothes store, liquor store, various night life venues, firearm store, adult store, vehicle dealership and bank. The property is secured with the best security alarm on the market, giving you peace of mind. Please note, any other features are to be visually inspected through the album or arranged viewing, i.e. Fish Aquarium. Location/Exterior Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/PRdEMIT Interior Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/iYezeuR Market Price: $115,000 Furniture Value: $44,737 Listing Price: $205,000 Contact Information: Private Message *Listing Price is not negotiable, any inquiries regarding a drop in price of the property will be ignored* *Comments Disabled*
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