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  1. You're not 1 to make the rules
  2. Law

    I feel like this suggestion links in with this one considering description = attributes and they were suggested to be mandatory.
  3. Law

    Name: Anon Comment:
  4. Name: Anon Comment: Better to have a change than to let it die, am I right Weazel News? Best of luck.
  5. Law

    I don’t think it needs its own rule, it comes under powergaming and if you see someone swimming like a demigod without the penalties of extra weight from wet gear and cold water, it’s best to report them. Resorting to jumping in the water is either poor character decision making or they’re just playing to win.
  6. Name: Anon Comment: I too want to get paid for milking the same topic.
  7. Law

    Seems like people are treating the value of 'reactions' like a currency. So what if you're going to get friend-to-friend support? It won't exactly make them popular. I think it should be either increased or removed, makes no sense especially when the forums is and has been more active.
  8. Name: Anon Comment: Businesses better start befriending Saint News or they'll be liable for a take-down piece too haha.
  9. Law

    The tool itself is amazing, the misuse of it isn't. It wouldn't be much of an issue if it wasn't used to get a dopamine rush from likes, like a playing a virtual social media game more than roleplaying. Fabrication of events and possessions is also an issue; people posing with cars that aren't in the server or have any valid reason to own. Same with places their character hasn't been, activities they haven't taken part in, you get the drift. I can see myself using Rockstar Editor in the future if it comes to RageMP. At the moment, I see Menyoo more of an exclusive thing even though it's widely available, probably a judgement created by existing Menyoo friend circles. Good topic to discuss though, considering there's no moderation of this, or rather enforcement.
  10. Name: Anon Comment: This is actually gold, thank you for updating me on something I didn't already know, unlike Saint News.
  11. Would be a pretty nice feature for reference keep.
  12. A functioning Los Santos Bank faction with account managing (suspicious deposits) and financial help for players who are excessive spenders. Perhaps even dipping toes in stocks of different companies. Or something like a sport organisation with multiple teams to compete over scripted/role played games. (Just an idea)