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  1. Sold. ((thread can be L/A'd))
  2. Ends on Thursday to the highest bidder.
  3. FOR SALE Selling my one bedroom at Meteor street. Pictures below. EXTERIOR INTERIOR Market Price: $75,000 Furniture Worth: $64,617 Starting Price: $140,000 Buyout: $160,000
  4. Not supporting this, makes it easier for people who shouldn't have guns to have them. We are already having issues with people transfering their PF weapons from alts to mains to get guns.
  5. DanneBRE

    K-Town 깡패

    I still miss Tim. NICE SCREENS
  6. Regarding the sexual content, I hope the sexualized / naked pictures on Facebrowser is forbidden as well? I hope so.
  7. Agreed, I don't get it. You walk into/around someones house and he has cameras? Well shit, I shouldn't have to ask you for consent to use MY footage of you doing something you shouldn't. The rule should be removed completely and as the thread holder stated, it's powergaming and metagaming/Play to win attitude and serves no benefit. I really don't understand why you would need consent OOCLY from someone for something like that.
  8. Looks cool, I like the concept. I haven't seen a faction like this in a while. Keep it up.
  9. No thanks, don't wanna throw out 18 months of development.
  10. I don't see the issue, I myself was extorted as a "mobster" for having a business in a certain area, the money was later paid back and A LOT of roleplay came with me being extorted. Everything isn't about money. Just report people if they come and say " Hi, give me 5k or you get killed". Extortion provides you with a lot of opportunities and roleplay. Not going to out anyone but the police is actually doing a lot behind the scenes, you business-owners just don't see it and criminals react to whatever PD does as well.
  11. Still for sale.
  12. Selling my Obey Argento. Email me with offers at, [email protected] ((Forum PM or reply below)) GPS, Locks & alarm has been installed. Worked on Engine, brakes, transmission, suspension & turbo. Pictures below.
  13. Grats, @Cara @Brox & @Sharvit cuz of PRRP.
  14. A mouse and keyboard will always beat someone using a controller. If you are not seriously bad at shooting/aiming that is.
  15. Aadå, vi som styr servern. Lägger lite salt om någon translatar ?
  16. Support, people will always metagame. Any changes we can do to avoid that will always have my support.
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