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  1. Cool update. But if I got it right, we are to disregard realism because of lack of female prisoners so we house men and women together? That is in my opinion completely the wrong approach to take. Immersion is thrown out the window and realism will be very low and prison/jail RP will be "meh" if people share cells between the genders etc. Shouldn't lower our standards imo.
  2. DanneBRE

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    At least he died at the presence of Andrei, rest in peace Vinny Wiener.
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    Smoked for 8 years on and off, daily smoker when i was 17-21. Now im using ”snus” instead. It's not cool it's a waste of money and fucks ur health.
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    LOYALTY Thank you for the roleplay, Valeriya, sadly it had to go this way. Approved by Valeriya herself to be posted.
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    LOYALTY. 2y5cp.mp4
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    Username: ApplesNBeans Comment: Finally a serious and great review, thank you for standing up against these criminals, LSN -Reporters.
  10. DanneBRE

    Username: Apples Comment: The place has toilets, just being renovated. Anyone whom asked the staff was told that during the last opening.
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    Farewell good friend.
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    Looks good.
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    Business as always.
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    Thread updated along with title.