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    The Vinewood OCG (Russian: Вайнвуд OПГ) is an organized crime group consisting of Russian-speaking individuals primarily based in West Vinewood. According to recent allegations, the OCG is involved in criminal activities ranging from white-collar crime such as fraud, money laundering and forgery to actual extortion, loan sharking, racketeering, car thefts and house invasions. The group has gained prominence in the area after the involvement of Andrei Bazarov, notorious drug trafficker and arms dealer, who's the perceived leader of the gang. The West Vinewood neighborhood has a historically prominent Russian-speaking community since the late 70s, with most refugees arriving from ex-Soviet countries under the Jackson-Vanik Amendment. The area has since been gentrified with an increase in local Eastern European related businesses such as diners, liquor stores and even legal firms where residents began referring to the area as Little Odessa. Most locals today are of second or third generation offspring and are generally Americanized. The OCG operates from a classic demand to earn profit and gain prominence within criminal circles for protection. Most involved members have ex-Soviet roots and originate from the West Vinewood area where they operate within a cryptic hierarchy where orders are passed through from the leader. It is believed the OCG has citywide ties to other organizations, both legal and illegal, amounting to an obscure network of cash flows where money is gained through various criminal activities, laundered through paper companies and legal fronts and sent out to registered offshore bank accounts of involved associates. ((OOC: This group aims to portray a realistic modern Russian criminal organization based in Vinewood with most characters being bilingual locals of second or third generation offspring. If you expect to see the stereotypical AK47 vodka drinking criminals speaking with heavy Russian accents, you're at the wrong place. The faction itself is not a classic vory v zakone organization. It's a group of people with Eastern European roots working together to gain money, power and respect. It’s important to note that we also aim to realistically portray the consolidation of such wealth via money laundering schemes and usage of legal fronts as covers. Upon wanting to join, you automatically agree that this faction reserves the right to CK your character if deemed necessary IC with no exceptions.))