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  1. Mikee

    DamianC <.<
  2. Mikee

    Here's the link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459146290677415946/459147645144006656/ You have to download and put it into RageMP's folder.
  3. Mikee

    You should download the package and manually put it into the cache folder. I remember there was a link where to download it but actually I can't find it.
  4. Mikee

    I love Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. You can add me: PC: MikeeJr PS4: Cohaerentia
  5. Mikee

  6. Mikee

    with a gun
  7. Your idea is cool, but you have to think carefully about prices. I know that numbers you said are just an example.. but 20% of the original price for a registration is too much: imagine if you buy a $550000 car .. You'll have to have 110k more to registrate it and if you have only 24 hours it is too much. Plus I am gonna say that another negative aspect of this suggestion is that it certainly will increase farming.. People is not going to buy a low-end car just cause later he has to register it.. He will just farm more and roleplay less to have enough money to buy and register the vehicle he wants.
  8. Mikee

    Well.. to be honest when there are 30 players online Los Santos seems to be a DayZ location.
  9. Mikee

    Thanks Taunky: I made it via Keynote but I am sure it is possible to do something similar cause I already saw something like that on RageMP. Thanks ;)
  10. Mikee

    If you make it have less storage or increase its price I guess it's the same. It'll always be a way to nerf it.. use but actually it won't solve the problem cause right now its price is too low and who already bought it will obviously continue using it... so problem won't be solved.
  11. Mikee

    Well actually as Solenopis stated above currently it is not possible to use Rockstar Editor cause it will cause a crash. A fix is obviously needed and I guess developers (I am talking about RageMP developers) are working on that feature.
  12. What a cool idea! Let's see how it will end up!
  13. Mikee

    was a mobster
  14. Mikee

    Aight now??? I was not lying.