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  1. Looking for a place in the ghetto. Lmk if you got any offers.
  2. The Buffalo S is only missing the Suspension and Security. Registered MP is 210k and unregistered is 180k. I'm looking for 180k with all the upgrades in it currently. WILLING to negotiate if its reasonable.
  3. Serafina Catalano Ph: 4072 0016 Role: Bartender
  4. Example


    Steve leaves for 2 weeks and everyone is suicidal still. Smh
  5. Lowered my expecting price.
  6. Purchased both, can be removed
  7. Selling my house in Chamberlain Hills. The last house on the block. Has 2 garages, one in the front and a shed in the back. 2 Bedrooms and one bathroom I'm looking for at least 120k Current Bid: N/A Buyout: 160K Raise at about 5k a bid please. Exterior: https://imgur.com/a/1RedNYb Garage: https://imgur.com/uJgXicp Shed: https://imgur.com/23i19P8 Interior: https://imgur.com/a/15laEMT
  8. Example

    [SOLD] Deviant

    Fully modded, only missing the turbo cause it ruins the sound. Price: SOLD
  9. what does the interior look like?
  10. Still looking by the way.
  11. I did not get a notification for this.. My apologies. You think I can see some pictures of it or something?
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