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  1. That's why you not wearing it anymore ? !!!
  2. Playa haters ? Maybe there's the secret I'm holding on for a while! Sunday Vibes!
  3. Dominic Dominguez Brown is a sixteen years old, Mexican-American student of Davis High and wide receiver on the football team. Born and raised in a catholic-driven family, his parents divorced when he was 7, leaving Dominic with a scar which will go along with him his entire life, the absence of guidance of his mother which was filled with his father's tough luck. All his life he cared about was playing football and avoid the gang warfare where him and his family lives. His father who works extra hours leaves Dominic and his sisters' education in the hands of his Grandmother, a Catholic, which provides Dominic a basic education on being good to everyone and always strive for the best. As Dominic gets older and stays on the streets late, Dominic found a set of friends that share the same struggles, the lack of money and positive goals or dreams which leaves Dominic with two options: Does he follows his dream of being a successful football player or will he end up a product of the environment?
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