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  1. nah nah r u skunked u aint gonna do my guy patrick star like dat
  2. Literally so true - there is no use for banks if people are just gonna carry all their cash on them.
  3. ngl tho that nigga was fucking her fast as fuck like bro what drugs he taking
  4. Sad...sad...sad server we play on, huh?
  5. It's unrealistic to carry large amounts of cash on you, but from an OOC standpoint like for furnishing I don't think you should loose all your cash becuase you're furnishing ect.
  6. Done that, however it doesn't show on the server unfortunately.
  7. All I have is a dlc.rpf, what do I do with it? When I launch dlc.rpf in modloader it just crashes after loading into server?
  8. So how would I archive fix the betterfemalefaces? For example? I'm hella confused. If you could make a video i'd appreciate it.
  9. I don't get how to ArchiveFix, like wtf do I even do?
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