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  1. Believe it or not mate this was a advertised garage not an alley, I sell to manual labor businesses, garages etc... When I was held at gun point, believe it or not It was outside a garage ((Not naming for MG reasons)) but like I said its only a small portion of shit RP but majority of the time i'm really happy with how well the community took to this RP.
  2. I'd say a good %75 of my RP encounters with work places and selling my food from my van is a really pleasant experience... the other %25... well this is made up of being moved on by really sus' people who for some reason take a disliking to the fact a food van has popped round to do a lunch run ? I mean I got a SS from an encounter today and the worse thing is, this isn't even a bad re-action compared to one place I stopped at and got held at gun point for my Tacos because they thought i was a "fed"... I guess what im trying to encourage here is just a little more warmness and realism when you see me and your thinking of assaulting the taco van. In my time IRL ive worked in several garages and if a food van showed up (which is often did) I'd be all over it like a tramp on chips. Thanks to those that too come up and have a good bit of RP, shame on those that are scared of the taco man and think everyone who stops by who you dont know is a cop or out to get you.
  3. FOR VIEWINGS CALL/SMS: 36912 Email: [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  5. "A clean truck is a happy truck" We keep our facilities as clean as possible, stopping to sort the place out at every given chance.
  6. **A leaflet on various street lamps**
  7. $dollar$


    Yeah I get you mate, and I can see it from everyone's perspective here, I thought it was a good suggestion, its not sat well with a few people. It was a suggestion to create RP and a new channel for people to go down instead of just body shops, owning a generic business or a restaurant. But I have some other plans for other RP's as this was a last ditch attempt at Saving the realty business. Thanks for the feedback though everyone, great debate.
  8. $dollar$


    Noones been caught out mate. Yes I run a real estate company, with no custom, because theres no system in place, I was suggesting the system, but it seems alot of bitterness towards wanting to RP it so yes I am annoyed with some of the feedback as It affects me directly of course. No Income because of OOC reasons. Of course I would support this idea as I deal with it on a daily basis and it is important to me. Can you not see that?.
  9. $dollar$


    Hi there, I think I may have the wrong idea about this community in general and to what extent people are willing to RP. Its fine, L&A this then. Il lower my standards also. Thanks for your time everyone but it seems we have hit a wall.
  10. $dollar$


    I think the terms your using are actually quite rude. I am SUGGESTING a rule change to increase RP opportunities on this server to make it more enjoyable if anything. If you much prefer just typing /ad and selling your house to someone you've met two minutes ago then so be it, but I don't enjoy that low quality RP. I've taken your point on board, but no one is "shoehorning" or pleading here, its a simple suggestion.
  11. $dollar$


    At no point have I called for ultra realistic systems to be put in place. All ive asked for is that we stop people being able to sell through /ad. Or incorporate Realty firms in to the game. I also would not like an ultra realistic experience. I've been through it all before irl, I have my own house etc... its not fun, but I wouldn't of had a clue what to do. But lets be sensible about this. Selling isnt rped at all currently.
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