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  1. Edwards

  2. Beautiful mapping, lots of creativity!
  3. I would like this to be added. A toggleable option should be put in place, similarly to how '/togtyping' works, as it's a matter of personal preference. That way, it's a perfect balance and everyone is happy. Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Edwards

    Bids aren't being taken as this isn't an auction. If you have any other questions about the property, contact myself through the email at [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) and I'll be happy to assist.
  5. Edwards

    Still up for grabs! Contact [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or #601-31-48.
  6. Edwards

    The property was to sell earlier today for the listed asking price but the person (not one that is being quoted) decided on buying a different property from me that was in plans of being advertised once this one was sold. Before that, a couple of offers were received but none considered as they weren't deemed suitable. With that being said, the property is still up for grabs.
  7. INTERIOR: Type: House Location: Mirror Park Address: 3226 West Mirror Drive Price: SOLD Contact [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or #601-31-48.
  8. Edwards

    Amazing work. Keep it up!
  9. Edwards

  10. Edwards

    Still in search!
  11. Edwards

    Still in search!