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  1. Yeah, I'm not against charity. It's totally realistic for a specific character to feel empathy when dealing with the homeless, or financially struggling characters. Maybe they have their own experiences of being in a bad place. It's just that the experiences I've had are so far from that tbh.
  2. Yup, it's the same with my character and him trying to get jobs. Don't know wth you're doing and wanna work in the big city? Sure, here's the job, here's the money for your new suit, here's all you need. It's a bit irritating since people seem to have an unchecked desire to fix things when it comes to dealing with others' characters. I.e. get a homeless person a home, etc.
  3. Sorry, just repeating the point that was made earlier in the thread. Got no idea myself about that system, so. Feel free to scroll up to like p2 and you'll prolly find the guy claiming that thing about 1b with confidence.
  4. I think their point was that the server started with 1b in that govt bank that starter money comes from. But hey, not sure if that's actually a lot in the bigger picture. (And what else that money is spent on.)
  5. You know, aside your attempts to take jabs at people you're trying to prove wrong, your post just reeks of the LSRP attitude that I hope this community's never going to have. Nonetheless, I respect your right to an opinion, but I defo hope I won't get to roleplay with you on GTAW.
  6. As far as I know, you're wrong about money spawning. I've been told by other players that money is in circulation as opposed to being spawned out of thin air. But hey, I'm not sure about that, so.
  7. I can't agree to this — you're pretty much taking roleplay out of the equation in favor of realism. Not to mention that script-enforced roleplay is a bad practice that we don't want to accept in other areas (i.e. hunger / thirst scripts), so I don't know why this should be any different. If there's anything I'd suggest, that is to tackle mechanic income (correct me if I'm wrong, but mechanics are currently the richest on the server?) and revamp upgrades — lose the abstractions of "Engine 1 through 4, Transmission 1 through 4" and introduce actual car parts based on in-game brands to make people go to mechanics and ask which brakes or which engines are better, "Dinka V6 or Pfister Something", for example.
  8. True but isn't there an actual property rule specifying that your properties have to be aligned with the wealth and income of your character? If so, you could as well report them.
  9. Punish them. Steal their cars, key their cars, etcetera. I mean, I don't imagine a Lambo's gonna do fine in a bad neighborhood, so you guys should totally show them that IC. But yeah, don't take my comment as "take it IC", I totally agree with you and I have pet peeves of mine when it comes to realism issues too.
  10. Yep, I meant that they're willing to give a few thousand of IG cash which I assume equates to a few hundred IRL. Yup, and I'm totally against shaming. I guess I'm hoping to just raise awareness with this thread. I'm totally on board with your suggestion to roleplay a stunned reaction, as that's what I've done so far.
  11. Haha, actually nope. :x But now that you say that, I feel like that issue is quadrupled for female chars.
  12. Hey guys! It seems there is an issue with excessive IC generosity on GTA World. I've been roleplaying here for about a month and while my character isn't exactly hopelessly broke, they're not well-off either. Many — or many enough — encounters I have tend to get to the point where people are way too willing to throw money at my character. I understand that it's pointless and wrong to mandate people's roleplay — if someone is roleplaying a compassionate, generous character, that's just what they're going to do, but can we please acknowledge the realism aspect in being willing to give someone a few thousand IG dollars (which I reckon equates to a few hundred IRL) to a nearly complete stranger, with no expectation of any reciprocity? Or give them a car if they're currently in between jobs, let them rent for free and so on? Please consider your generosity and your character's needs. It may even make perfect sense for your character to be generous IC given that they have a well-paying job, but I'm pretty sure that they have both the immediate expenses like food, clothing and the need to indulge whatever habits they have, as well as bigger goals like saving up for a gadget, car, place, mortgage, tourism or to pay off their student loans, etc? Kinda hoping I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
  13. I would agree with this too. One of the most wanted features for me personally is the optimization of the chat box. I'm not familiar with coding at all, but I understand that Rage MP didn't offer a chat box per se, and that the chat box the game's running has essentially been built by Nervous and his team. Amazing work, but would wanna see it optimized if possible. ❤️
  14. Can't disagree with this, I've always stayed away from cash and honestly, I like giving my characters the same mindset — they would use credit cards (and no, not because I want to avoid losing money if robbed, if anything there's my character's phone which is far more precious to them). And ads. I would love to see ads reworked.
  15. Sure, contact me at 71973832. Edit: Sold
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