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Everything posted by St3fan[NL]

  1. St3fan[NL]

    Hello, I am looking for a Weeny Issi! Any condition, please leave a message.
  2. St3fan[NL]

    Hey! In the Netherlands and probably a lot of other countries you can get a contract for your phone with x amount of data and call minutes. We can also choose a phone for a lowered price per month.. It's my time to renew my contract as my last 2 years are almost completed. I am really struggling to choose between either the new S20 plus or the A71... So let me put the price things along side each other.. What do you guys think I should do?
  3. St3fan[NL]

    Yup, cause im a Samsung guy. No Apple or Sony. Huawai might be an option but I cant even spell its brand LMAO
  4. St3fan[NL]

    The A71 is also from Samsung, its just the A series instead of S series 😛
  5. St3fan[NL]

    Selling Speeder - $250000 Jackal - $75000
  6. St3fan[NL]

    Edited topic, Bati and Speeder added
  7. St3fan[NL]

    Character name: Natalie Reyes UCP name: St3fan[NL] (Discord name?): St3fan[NL]#2917 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 3525 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony Edited October 8, 2018 by Atiku
  8. St3fan[NL]

    Tomorrow afternoon?
  9. St3fan[NL]

    Last warning. Keep it civil or I will lock this suggestion.
  10. St3fan[NL]

    Exactly, and that is already in the rules as Pedophilia. Minor x Minor should be an IC problem rather than an OOC one to slap a rule on. This is what I tried to say with you have the right to say No in OOC. Thanks for explaining it more direct haha
  11. St3fan[NL]

    There are people roleplaying students at UCLA and group up together. It happens IRL so why should it be OOC bannished here? Bare in mind half of the community is actually under aged so they aint 30 year olds roleplaying 16 year olds. I am not against nor in favor of the suggestion, I don't see the big fuss about it. Pedophilia is already not allowed and that is minor x adult. Minor x Minor is a misdemeanor in California apparently but its not within Los Santos Penal Code. If anything you can just say no in OOC if a minor character wants to engage ERP with your minor, just as it would be allowed with other disgusting roleplay. Anyhow I am not going to reply anymore after this, just monitoring this topic to keep everyone civil and on topic.
  12. St3fan[NL]

    Keep it civil.. As others stated a lot of people lose their virginity around the teen age in high school. It's not "weird as fuck". Be kind to other members of the community instead of calling them weird.
  13. St3fan[NL]

    Wikipedia: A person must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia. Penal Code (GTAW Los Santos Law https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/20053-san-andreas-penal-code/ ) : 223. Statutory Rape (F) Any person(s) who engages in an act of consensual sexual intercourse accomplished with a person who is a minor under the age of 18 years. So based on this I'd say you are allowed to RP sexual intercourse as a 15 y/o but only with people of the same age, e.g. classmates etc. Anyone above 18+ is basically not a minor anymore so anywhere from 15-17 should be fine. (Admins can correct me ofc)
  14. St3fan[NL]

    I'd say no, because you know you're kidnapping someone, you know the risks. If you dont want them to see faces you should plan it better. Simply killing for the reason "they saw my face" is not a valid reason.
  15. St3fan[NL]

    Hey everyone. It is time for a phone upgrade I been working on for some time, it is still in development. Groups Chats (Whatsapp alike) Though we need a name for this app, and we would like the community to submit their ideas!
  16. 🔶Hayes Auto Body Shop 🔷 OPENING: 25/OCT/2019 8 PM LOCATION: Del Perro Boulevard
  17. Hi. Hearby selling my beautiful Vespucci home, just a few yards from the beach! 1214 Melanoma Street (use your GPS to check it out) Interior: http://imgur.com/a/5KoEW4t Feel free to leave a bid! Will be sold for any acceptable offer.
  18. St3fan[NL]

    Already sold srry
  19. St3fan[NL]

    Looking to purchase a Scout.
  20. St3fan[NL]

    You won the house. I will not be available untill late today to finalize the sale.
  21. St3fan[NL]

    Closing in 24h or 500k
  22. St3fan[NL]

    ((Unlocked, investigation closed))
  23. St3fan[NL]

    Has been suggested numerous times, ill lock this and tag Nervous so he can overrule. @Nervous
  24. St3fan[NL]

    This has been suggested before. We are an US based server. Our speed limits in the penal code and driving test are also MPH. There's absolutely no need for KMH.
  25. St3fan[NL]

    Technically impossible.