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  1. St3fan[NL]

    96069 Details will be shared there. Or email [email protected] ((forum pm))
  2. St3fan[NL]

    Looking to purchase a Weeny Issi, preferably with some upgrades and security!
  3. St3fan[NL]

    They are probably renamed with the new Animation Menu, I just double checked Dancing8 => Dancing5
  4. St3fan[NL]

    Feature Showcase: Animation Wheel Introduction We have over 500 animations in GTA World that you can use to enchant your roleplay. Many times players have asked for some kind of favorite animations option so they can quickly navigate to their favorite animations. Thanks to @Doakes this is now possible, he made a great CEF based animation wheel which allows you to have a quick access menu for 10 animations, which you can edit by pressing the pencil icon at an animation. Video
  5. St3fan[NL]

    Sorry, someone offered 27 through phone sms and its sold.
  6. St3fan[NL]

    In the middle? 26.5?
  7. St3fan[NL]

    Hi, I am selling my Weeny Issi, it is a soft top cabriolet. It has 75miles on it and has some modifications done to its performance. It has an Anti-theft system installed and a GPS. I am looking to get around 28 grands.
  8. St3fan[NL]

  9. St3fan[NL]

    I was informed it has over 1000 miles.. so I will pass for 90.
  10. St3fan[NL]

    Pretty sure this already falls under PG if you report someone. Cops can see in the mdc the timestamp so if it says 16.01 and its currently 16.02 its clear they JUST insured it
  11. St3fan[NL]

    Exactly this, who forces you to open at 9PM ST? You can open at 7 or 8 PM too. There is no rule requirements saying "You can only open your club when its dark"
  12. St3fan[NL]

    Hi, Email me if you have a Sentinel Cabriolet! Inform me of the miles, last maintenance, upgrades etc! Thanks
  13. St3fan[NL]

    Locking.. This is turning into a complain topic. The time is decided on, give it some time and see how it adjusts. Dont jump to conclusions that people wont alter their events etc.
  14. St3fan[NL]

    Server went back 1hour, not forward. 18:00 is now 17:00
  15. St3fan[NL]

    Has it come to your mind, that people who opened these businesses also have gone back -1h? Most likely events will happen one hour earlier too.