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  1. Changed to FOR SALE. Any nice offer!
  2. People drive like maniacs on the boulevard too, when I as a cop stop them they get all aggresive and mad. I agree this police building even unused should be a safe zone.
  3. Read again what I wrote. And dont question it if you dont know how commands work. A command is made SEPARATELY. EVERY command is a SEPARATE function. We are not going to spend hours making 500 SEPARATE commands because people dont want to write "anim " behind the slash.
  4. 1. Nope not happening, we are thinking of another system but so far we sticking with the current. 2. No lol this fucked up lsrps economy houses being sold for 2m. 3. Doable 4. Not doable, we have over 500 anims if I am not mistaken. Thatd require 500 separate commands while this /anim is a system that picks the animation from our animation database. 500 separate commands is just impractical and it literally takes 2 secs to type /anim (NAME) its literally 5 characters extra.
  5. Who knows, even then it will have to go through staff.
  6. The only things I miss are big scale events , such as a halloween funfair or a disaster. But then again that requires alooooot of mapping and right now thatd lag the server and its clients. So im fine the way it is. Everything else can stay out of it.
  7. Euros are there cause the donations are in Euros. But I can hardcode the dollars in
  8. For the IC moderation comment. It is not gonna happen, people outside staff will NEVER be FB moderators. They can see emails and what not which is way to sensitive information for someone not in Staff. As for the checkmark, this is still a game not real life. This server costs money to keep rolling. FB is on an entire separate server because of its usage and resources need. If people wanna continue playing for free these are things we have to do to stay alive. Sure we can make FB for donators only if thats making you more satisfied, remove the check and add a "FB access" perk instead. We cannot suddenly remove donator perks which people paid for without a good reason or whatsoever
  9. I believe RAGEMP, there's no actual limit limit but once around 600 entities (being players, objects, cars) in your stream distance you'll start to experience lag/timeouts. That's why at big events or big turnups at clubs admins will despawn cars as they count as 1 entity each. Imagine a building of 1000 items being spawned in...
  10. just resize your hd picture to the forum max width and height and im sure itll never succeed 746 kilobytes
  11. He means permanent mapping to edit the map. This is possible with a dlc removing the specific area and adding objects but since we have a stream limit we are not planning to do it anytime soon
  12. Update 1.9.4a Additions Added /vehwindow (/vwindow) to open and close your windows. Driver can operate all the windows, passengers can only operate their own window. /low with closed windows will only be visible for people inside the vehicle when spoken inside, and only visible to people outside the vehicle when spoken outside. Normal speaking & /shout will also have a lowered range with closed windows. You can now enter your Tug' cabin by pressing Y next to the left door /accessories on/off to take of clothing accessories Fixes Fixed a bug where people who are not listening to devices (bugs) can receive messages.
  13. The car mods are already client side? Not sure what you mean
  14. St3fan[NL]

    Limit on age?

    12 is fine as long as you dont do stupid shit no 12yo would do irl
  15. Ill have a look tonight for the disable auto popup chats.
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