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  1. Since you don't want anyone being able to explain their actions/have an opinion but players or management. I will be locking this and a management staff member can reply if they feel like it.
  2. St3fan[NL]

  3. St3fan[NL]

    Update 1.8a  Changes /spike is now spawning the spikes in front of the officer in the direction they are looking. /takespike is now requiring a size, 1 to 3 for the length of the spike. Fixed Spike trigger is now properly working. Client crash when choosing a vehicle too quickly from a garage spawner. We added a test sync fix to see if we can solve the burnout on vehicles when they come in range.
  4. St3fan[NL]

    Most of the time they were abused. They are a means to get around when you just join. People abuse the fact that they are exempted from needing a license and the list goes on. We literally did this 2 days ago. Its staying for now.
  5. St3fan[NL]

    Feature Showcase: Evidence Locker Information The Law Enforcement Factions have been seizing items from criminals since the beginning of the server, though these items were always deleted out of the server and did no longer exist. To counter this issue we have developed an evidence locker. Law Enforcement Officers can bring the items to the evidence locker and store them appropriately by filling out the format. They then get a label number which their entry is labeled as for future references e.g. court cases or investigations. Specific ranks within the Law Enforcement Agencies can also search through the entries from a specific locker and remove items from the locker, e.g. if someone filed a court case, won it and their weapon was seized upon arrest, this is a way to give it back to the person. Commands /evidencelocker (/el) - Brings up the User Interface and everything is controlled from there. Video
  6. St3fan[NL]

    Feature Showcase: Garage Spawner Information Since the old GT:MP days we used the Native GTAV menu's to spawn vehicles out of faction/business garages. Several factions got quite a motor pool and it was starting to become a hassle finding the right vehicle for you to use. Because of that we decided to make a new Garage Spawner which brings up a CEF based list of all vehicles with on top a filter menu to filter through the vehicles which should help you get the one you need faster! Video
  7. St3fan[NL]

    The only difference is the amount addition.
  8. St3fan[NL]

    Done. Vapid Speedo Express
  9. Spread your suggestion over three different topics.
  10. Located the issue, will be fixed next update!
  11. This was supposed to be a thing but it is buggy as far as I know. I will discuss with @Nervous and @Static
  12. St3fan[NL]

    I always get god damn copyright claims so I went safe this time!
  13. St3fan[NL]

    Edit: This is a 1/1 scale build. The size matches the exterior of the house! It's just build on top of it to avoid items glitching.
  14. St3fan[NL]

    We are aware it rains too much now that the sync is fixed, this was never an issue as the stored weather was ALWAYS sunny. Ill discuss with the dev team on how to make it better.
  15. St3fan[NL]

    For the record. Weather is proper synced now. Use /weather to see the supposed weather to know if its desynced or not.