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  1. CrisisGG

    Among Us

    Pretty sure Orca112 is the Impostor, saw them jump out of a vent in Navigations.
  2. People from New York have awesome accents, and you are awesome.
  3. It could be something conflicting, have you tried moving your Rage install to your SSD? And checked if any programs listed in the post above are running? How about the performance on 1.1 too?
  4. Hey mate, try the following for us: - Stick RageMP on your SSD so that GTA V and RageMP are on the same drive. - Download and Install Display Driver Uninstaller and try removing your current Display Drivers (Nvidia in this case), then redownload the latest GeForce Experience Drivers for the 2070 after restarting your machine when DDU does its thing. - Download and Install CrystalDiskMark and run a test on your SSD / HDD to ensure speeds are as advertised, if you could post results back on here that would be great too. - Ensure your DirectX Version is up to date, you can download the latest version from Microsoft. - If running a 144Hz Panel, try lowering the Hz on Nvidia Control Panel to 60Hz to see if it eliminates stuttering, this is a temporary measure to see if it fixes the problem. - Make sure none of the following overlays or programs are being used while playing GTA V on RageMP. - Discord Overlay - Steam Overlay - Nvidia Shadowplay - OBS Software - Overwolf - Antivirus Software - Streaming Software - MSI Afterburner - AI Suite 3 - GameFirst V - RivaTuner - Adguard - Microsoft Gaming Overlay (Also called 'Xbox Game Bar') - Sandboxie - Abusive software (E.g. cheats) If all else fails, is this something you experience on other games, or strictly related to GTA? Cheers.
  5. Mall looks sick, suggestion would be to add some more lighting and color to the interior, but very cool regardless!
  6. CrisisGG

    Commands list

    /save (text) also seems as though it has some sort of functionality, I haven't tested as to what it does, but found it while trying to force a save state.
  7. CrisisGG

    Commands list

    Couple Jail / Prison commands to add: /jailtime - Checks time remaining on sentence. /jevent (event text) - Describes an event related to the Prison, such as a brawl. /jrequest (request text) - Requests attention of any On-Duty Prison Guards.
  8. CrisisGG

    Commands list

    Thank you so much for this! Appreciate bud.
  9. The Life and Death of Clayton Reeds A Character Story by Crisis
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