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  1. Making Davis LTD a crime free area is pointless... Like @lambchops said pump your gas somewhere else. You’ll just be adding more work for the administrators who already have enough on their plates. I don’t see this moving forward. In regards to whether it’s unrealistic or realistic for there to be multiple murders or brawls between other gangs near the LTD. It is very much realistic as you have multiple gangs in that area fighting over turf. Happens all the time in areas with high gang activity, especially in the US.
  2. Username: DaRealDre comment: that was ight.
  3. Your screens are ?, great content.
  4. Banned for being Jeffreyy ?
  5. This thread is straight fire, keep it up y’all. ??
  6. TyJ

    The D'Arco Crew

    Take this FAR BOYS! ???
  7. KingTomatoHead has been banned by TyJ for consistently simping on a daily basis. Player has been deemed unfit for the server, take some time to re-evaluate your life decisions, for 7 days.
  8. Name: DaRealDre Comment: LV! That shit was tight as fuck nigga. You gonna do big things out here, trust.
  9. TyJ

    Morrison & Meadows DTO

  10. Take this far boys. ?
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