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  1. That applies everywhere when it comes to illegal role players vs legal role players. Hey, I'm just a civilian, leave me alone. Also, fuck you leave me alone. It's tough when 90% of the legal role players are CCW holders and have a pistol on them. They don't have to show fear to a criminal when they have a gun on them. It's sickening, you get clowned as a hardened criminal because civilians show no fear to you. And when you DO something about it ICly, they will /report you!
  2. This can be L&A, I'm starting a chapter 2 for this character.
  3. "I learned from the fuckin' best, brudda."
  4. "I learned from the fuckin' best, brudda."
  5. Username: TWilliamsBlue Comment: Exactly why I stay OUT of the city!
  6. I do not get ANY stuttering when playing single player. Is this a RAGE issue for me?
  7. No mods, GTA5 on SSD, RageMP on HDD. I've tried it with v sync on and off and it still stutters
  8. Specs are: i5 9600k RTX 2070 16 GB RAM Game stutters more then it should, and my fps isnt really consistent. Grass is set to normal, v sync on, etc
  9. "Ya don't say no to the reaper..."
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