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  1. Iosif

    RIP In Peace bro.
  2. Iosif

    You can lower your windows without breaking them by flipping the bird which is not all that nice, plus no way to put them back on without respawning the vehicle. So there absolutely is the vehicle state to do this and it is completely possible.
  3. Iosif

  4. Iosif

    Good screens my good Chef Chef. Why don't you post some more?
  5. Iosif

    There used to be a poker script, it was buggy but it's been so long I don't even remember the bugs. Just suggest fixing it and putting it back. I think the biggest problem with that script was that it spawned a table and then forced you into it. Fuck that table. Actually suggest just changing it into a base card script. Let's you start a game, deal however many cards you want face up or face down to players, go through the players in turn and let them bet, show cards, discard cards face up or face down, fold, and then let the dealer say when someone has won, who has won and how to deal with the pot. That would cover everything. Blackjack, Omaha Poker, Texas Poker, and whatever other games you want.
  6. Iosif

    YESSSSSSSSSS. Let's discuss this until February so there's no snow!
  7. Iosif

  8. The solution here is very easy. Bind /sb to a key. Believe me you'll simply press it as a reflex pretty quick. I don't even know what key is used to turn on the cars or lock them I only know my hands know the keys.
  9. Iosif

    Wow my earlier post got deleted apparently. A CK should completely wipe out your stats. If you prioritize stats over roleplay then you're a statwhore. If you care so much about your fancy stats then simply don't do shit that will get you killed. The system is supposed to be rigorous so a troll can't just CK you out on a whim. If you get CK'ed is because you fucked up quite good. There is no good reason for this at all. It would beat the point of having CKs, even if they only kept 0.00000000001% of their shit. Here's the thing. Either CKs are implemented with complete loss of stats of the dead character or we can just face the fact that GTW is not a heavy roleplay server. I'm fine either way.
  10. Iosif

    So call someone with a towtruck or a regular truck and seize it all.
  11. Local #2864, International Brotherhood of Teamsters The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is a North American labor union which formed at the start of the 20th Century. The union represents an array of workers ranging from various backgrounds and cultures. Contrary to popular belief, the IBT do not solely represent truck drivers. Since the foundation of the union, there has been constant growth, be it the member base or developing unions in areas other of work. The IBT exploded in the 1950s and continued to expand in size until the 1970’s when it hit its peak membership at 2 million members throughout the United States and Canada. Currently there are over 1 million members throughout 21 seperate divisions that include virtually every occupation imaginable. The Los Santos Local, #2864, is relatively new to the IBT. The IBT expanded its grasp to Los Santos in the late 1980s, originally only representing workers at the Port of Los Santos and the Waste Management workers. As of 2017 Local #2864 represents a far wider array of occupations than what was originally planned for. Consisting currently of 7 major occupational divisions which span the majority of blue collar jobs around the Los Santos and Paleto Bay area, the IBT plan on future expansions of Local #2864. Many employees and employers ask many questions about the IBT, but the majority of the questions end up at the age old ones “Why the Teamsters?” and “What are the benefits?” While Local #2864 supports and fights for the employee, we also greatly benefit the employer. We are major players in labor laws and help evolve the laws along with the ever changing job market. For those who decide to join and become a due paying member of Local #2864 the benefits we offer are great for an array of people, be it a single person or a person with a family. Health Insurance with three levels, all dependant on how much money the member decides to submit. Full Coverage Partial Coverage Minimal Coverage Dental Insurance, we provide 100% coverage of dental insurance. Reimbursement for work related clothing or equipment. Life Insurance Full Pension The internal structure of Locale 2864 consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and a Recording Secretary. Complementing these democratically elected positions is a board of Trustees who are in turn business representatives. Each division head within the Locale has a Trustee/Business representative at the helm. They are responsible for the Locales members within the specialized area.
  12. Iosif

    No snow. <- Best solution ever.
  13. Iosif

    15.0 Scrolling Weapons It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay with the exception of handguns. E.G. Player scrolls an assault rifle. Though it says only handguns, could it be argued that scrolling would also be allowed for compact handgun-sized SMGs, specifically the mini SMG?
  14. Iosif

    I'd like to bump this because ads were lowered to 500 but it's still too much.