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  1. Hah! I suppose that could be arranged. Alright, CT-1, cyberpunkthot420 and Mashallah Habibi there'll be a mail coming your way within the hour! Thank you, all. ☺️
  2. Improvements made to CamShow quality. First three to comment (by writing a response on this business page) receives a free copy.
  3. Pornographic video(s) for sale. Jesse’s CamShow - 5000$ To purchase a item, simply mail your order to Jesse and transfers the money via bank. The movie will be mailed as soon as the bank transfer is confirmed. ( Use “/banktransfer 5000 Jesse O'Leary” and write account name in comment, or message this user account so I can find you. PS. Confirm that you're 18 or older on older.)
  4. Dominatrix experience. Forget responsibilities and enjoy the feeling of letting go, an experience bordering the surreal, not unlike the effect of illegal recreational substances - An evening with a dominatrix can be your escape from reality and give much needed respite. Petplay, training by a firm hand and/or intricate bondage; your mistress has the tools to tailor your exciting experience. Dominatrix is purely an act, which reaches its best performance, if there’s a little conversation before it begins. Meet Jesse for a talk about expectations. (Be aware that the dominatrix experience is not a offer of sex for money. Intercourse is not part of the offer. Customer is paying for an act that involves close contact). Strip dance. Interested in the more classic adult entertainment? Call and book a dancer for your club or private party. Specific outfits and/or lingerie can be requested, if done so in good time, but it’s likely an outfit that suits your taste or theme is already available. Webshop. Located on this website just below contact information. Purchase of items is per request via mail. Scroll down and take a look - so far, there’s only one item on the list, but expect the variety of oddities to expand over time. Contact information. Phone: 56342579 Mail: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/profile/38246-ddera/ Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/Redthot Now proud partners of Harsh Souls sex shop in Hawick.
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