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  1. LoCKt Up Ocho gets shot by the police in Forum Drive while on a "187 Mission", failing to smoke an opp. He would recover in the Hospital after a few weeks and gets sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility for Evading, Possession of a prohibited firearm, attempted murder ( dropped ) & Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Alan Taylor: Today is your lucky fuckin' day. Ocho: Uh? No shit? Alan Taylor: You get brandishing instead of attempted murder.
  2. 5-7 Killa Early that day Ocho and the homie from the set would get into a fight with the Crips from W/S Five Seven N-Hooooood! N-GANG. (W/S 57-Neighborhood Crips). a 2v2 brawl would take place. One of the crabs pulled out a gun and pops the homie. The homie dies (RIP) from his injuries. Later that day, Ocho would cruise around Forum Dr with a baby shotty to seek out revenge. Booom!Boom!Boom!! leaving one of them dead after catching one slipping in the Alleys. Skuuuhhhrrrr!! Ocho dashes away from the scene, circles the block once more hoping to see more mfkers slippin, He would fuck outta Strawberry for a couple of days to lay low. Fuck Omie Ocho gets arrested for minor, non felony charges out in Vespucci, spends a week in Twin Towers Correctional Facility.
  3. SCPBS Central Connection Ocho gets a call from 'Stoner', pulls up with the homie 'P' in Flats territory. Ocho: What's up, fool? welcome back! vato. Locks it up with Stoner then He would talk to him about some gang shit in South Central.
  4. Baldy's Gun Store Ocho drives to the County to try out some guns and to visit 'Baldy'. The Smith n Wesson 500 Mag would get his attention. The Gun's raw power would blow the tattoos off his arms. After using a crate of ammo in gun Gun Range they would again talk about illegal shiet.
  5. Regular azz Day Ocho starts his day with a joint, notices a few messages from 'Rampage' he would decide to call her up immediately. Later that day Ocho would pull up at El Burro heights with the homie 'Boxer' Ocho hangs out with the homies for a while, brings the homie 'Boxer' with him to El Burro heights. pulls up on 'Rampage' and 'Devil' from Hillside Gangsters 13. He would buy 150 grams of cocaine from 'Rampage'.
  6. Strawberry, Home. Ocho: What's good, dog? A: All good, I got to give you something, fool. Ocho: Orale, come through. Ocho meets up with the Armenian homie Aleksandr aka 'A' from West Side AP in front of the Tahitian apartment complex. Aleks drops the note * List of Cars* to Ocho. Ocho: Orale, I'll hand this over to 'Kato', catch you around fool. A: For sure, fool, later. Later that Day Ocho: All good, dog? Kato: Yeah, we getting paid for the rides soon, homie. Ocho: Orale. Ocho hangs out with the homies in the hood for a moment then would drive up to the Strip Club to talk to the homie 'Yaffa' from W/S-59 Hoover Crips about business. The homie 'Yaffa' asks Ocho to help him out in the Drug Game. Ocho agrees to help out Yaffa for something in return. a VIP pass for the members of SCPBS every time they pull up. Al Dente's Ocho meets up with the Italian Vato 'Rick'. Pulls up in Al Dente's to welcome him back in the streets and to talk about business. Ocho: Ricky! welcome back fool. Ricky: Thanks, man. Ocho: How you been? Rick: I just got out.. We need to lay low. They would talk for a couple of minutes about putting their lil business on hold for a while. Weeks Ago Dusty Guns Ocho and the homie 'Don P' would drive up north to meet up with Johnny aka 'Baldy' , Ocho talks Gun Business with Baldy also a spot in the Inner Circle. Baldy rejects Ocho saying that it is too early for him to have a spot in the Trade but tells him to keep in touch and put in more work.
  7. S/O 2 the Uso omies! - Ocho
  8. Months Ago Ocho chops it up with the homie 'Maniac' in the heart of TF turf, talks illegal shit with him. Ocho: Alright that's all you need, dog? two small ones? I can do that. Maniac: Orale, anyway here fool - Maniac takes out a mini SMG from the wood works of the room. Ocho would take the mini SMG from the homie 'Maniac' sliding it in his waistband. Ocho: Gracias, dog. Maniac: Ey, if you need that Military shit, I got it, fool, just holla at me. Ocho: Orale. Days After Ocho would set up a meet with the homie 'Toker' and the vato 'Rick' for a gun deal. Minutes in the deal, a dozen mfkers fucks the deal up, raiding the place all geared up an shit, with Wolf like K-9s. Police sirens and dog barks would be heard around the fuckin place. Illegal guns and stacks of money would get confiscated by the mfking Law.
  9. Ocho speaks to the homeboy 'Sad Boy' about the raid that happened months ago in TF turf when he was doing business with the homey 'Toker' and the Italian vato 'Rick'. Ocho: We need to lay low around Central, fool. from all I know, these mother fuckin police got ears around the Flats, omie, we need to watch how we talk around Tahitian, I don't know how those mother fuckers got the word, but mother fucker! is hella suspicious, dog. Sad Boy: For sho, omie, I know, I know.
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