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  1. Logged like 2.5-3k hrs on NGRP and I was a cop the whole damn time. If you played the server, I probably pulled you over. LSPD/SASD for about 6 years. Trevor Graham
  2. I've been hearing it's against the rules for the driver of a car/bike to shoot while driving. If so, can someone confirm/deny this, and possibly send me a link to where it says that on the forums? Can't seem to find anything on the topic-..tyvm.
  3. I'll start the bidding off at $55,000. The car still has lots of potential for upgrades and given there's no photos, I'm going to assume I'll be spending lots of money on it. (( Can you post pictures/stats? ))
  4. 4-how the fk do i get gold status on forums
  6. Noted. Parting with the tow-truck tomorrow.
  7. [4SALE] VAPID TOW TRUCK Auction Price: $22,000 This tow truck is stock from top to bottom. Rarely used, this tow truck was intended to be used for tow services at a local mechanic shop. It was later decided that two tow trucks was unnecessary, and we've decided to part with it. This truck has barely been used, and is still in a like-new state. CONTACT @ 6325131 or by e-mail. (( PM )) [4SALE] DECLASSE VAMOS Sold @ $125,000 This classic muscle car has been kept clean with no rust and paint chips. The chrome bumpers have been redone. Performance upgrades have been installed including; engine and transmission swap, aftermarket tubo charger, modified suspension, performance brakes. CONTACT @ 6325131 or by e-mail. (( PM ))
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