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  1. Anyway to add some sort of shopping cart type of thing? I'd love to be able to pick visual parts, see how they look together and then purchase them.
  2. **Comments on all the platforms are turned on** Username: Comment:
  3. Alf-Dog's brand new song has come out on SoundCloud! Follow him on FaceBrowser, SoundCloud and subscribe on YouTube! https://soundcloud.com/user-932494034/good-morning
  4. Afl-Dog's Sad Boi is now out on IOS, Android, Spotify and SoundCloud. #SupportYourLocalAlfDog https://soundcloud.com/user-932494034/sad-boi #SadBoi 😞
  5. Spare room for rent! This fine home is located in The Rancho, near Davis. The Rancho is a fine neighbourhood with many friendly faces. Inside the two story home is a beautiful kitchen with an open floor plan to the living room. The kitchen has all the needed necessities and the living room has many luxuries, such as a TV. Upstairs is an amazing home gym with all the workout equipment you need. In the home we have two bedrooms. The room i'm renting out comes with a gaming console which is pretty skitz. The home has one bathroom and a tub. The tubs pretty relaxing and it's amazing to light up a doobie and fuck around with the bubbles. The home is a marijuana and a cigarette friendly place. I'm looking for a friendly roommate. The rent is around 2000 a week ((IRL week)) and i'm willing to negotiate. Please email me at: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) for any enquires. Exterior: Open plan living room/kitchen: Home gym: My room: Bathroom: And, finally, the room for rent:
  6. Selling my Dominator. It's had a lot of after work done. This car has new wheels, new engine, transmission, breaks and suspension. This car has just over 1000 miles on the odometer I'm looking for around 50 thousand dollars.
  7. Gonna withdraw my bid. Best of luck selling
  8. TheHatStealer


    Offering Buyout.
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