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  1. Okay, thanks for letting me know, folks!
  2. I take it that there is no way to downgrade as of yet? 😧
  3. Hey there! From day 1 of joining until now I never had any issues with my game (Steam version). Today, I try loading up the client as usual and am met with the following error message. Absolutely no changes were made, software or hardware-wise to the system. Does anyone have an explanation / fix as to why this is happening and how I can solve it? Thanks a lot!
  4. @Rickaroni I've seen a lot of cops chilling randomly at a gas station to grab coffee together, heading into a shop to get lunch, having lunch together etc. This is what the public is probably not always seeing. It's only normal to have a 'pack mentality' when you're in an organisation that deals with the kind of shit that the LSPD deals with on the daily. Negative interactions are limited to specific situations, in general I've found the PD and SD to be pretty good guys.
  5. Unforunately I've had to do that :l
  6. My weapon was taken by the police. I was not a suspect. They are using a firearm that was dropped because my character DIED in that scene. How can it now, a good week later, be used against me in a different lawsuit? Literal quote from the metagaming rule: "Returning to the scene of your death is also considered metagaming, even if done on another character. Some time must be given so the players on the scene can leave it. Once the players involved in your death (involved meaning present at the scene in this particular instance), you can roleplay normally in that particular area. Returning to the same neighborhood is enough to be considered returning to the scene. You may not roleplay gathering information on your own death on any character you have, or referencing any of your dead characters on any of your other characters. Interacting with your own body on any character." If I were to roleplay seeing this evidence, I'm gathering information on my own death.. This makes no sense.
  7. @Connor Let's say that my friend Jimmy gets shot and his pistol is seized by the police, he PK's from the scene. Can his own pistol, which he dropped upon PK'ing, later be used as 'evidence' in a lawsuit against him in another case?
  8. @nateX keep balling, player ❤️
  9. Title says it all! Any Belgians / Dutch folk around?
  10. For those interested in trying the game without spending money first, there's a free demo available on their website and Steam!
  11. I feel it would be acceptable for the detective to reach out to contacts he has in the underworld and order the hit instead of doing it himself. That'd be a realistic way of handling it without directly compromising your character's sense of self. Pay to get problem solved, hit squad does their thing, problem solved. Should you go at it yourself (which is also realistic, if a man's pushed too far, he's pushed too far, end of) I'd at least try and get a gun without a serial and methodically plan things out. Scout 'em out while on duty, then head off duty and do the deed, then go investigate the murder yourself to clean up evidence where you may have left it. That's how I'd do it if I was a detective. Not sure about your OOC policy on corruption and how far it can go. If you guy doesn't do the deed, he shouldn't be held accountable for breach of corruption rules. He's only suggested a person to do it for money.
  12. Hi, please find he attached picture for the the typo in question. 'You are currently have recent record'. Much love.
  13. I totally understand their decision and point of view, and respect that. It makes sense as well. It's just very easy, this day and age, to get a gun without a license.
  14. Hello. I have had a weird interaction or situation occur.. To set the scene. I personally have two characters that I keep for specific types of role play. Character A is focused around selling cars and makes a legal living. Character B is focused around bodyguarding private individuals and has several illegal jobs. I received a forum report on Character B that is now being handled while having applied for a PF license on Character A. This forum report caused Character A PF license to be put on hold, pending the report outcome. What I want to know is: - How does an OOC forum report influence a different character's IC application? What criteria influences the LSPD OOC decision making and how far does this go in terms of punishment(s)? Revoked license, suspended from applying for one, ... ? - How does stopping a player from getting a legal license in an OOC way prevent said person from accessing weapons through the black market? Thank you! Much love!
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