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  1. Radios are group OOC chats , I've seen some people putting it into good use but... Other than few people, it's just a way to chat OOCly when you're not near your buddies (totally my experience and what i've seen, i haven't seen it's being used by illegal roleplayers)
  2. jk, love all my German bros and sisters ❤️
  3. A recoil system, perhaps? But I'm pretty sure that everyone will grind it. Edit: As I said on the other post. It's not possible to prevent the usages of 3rd party scripts for crosshairs and etc. same goes for the monitor crosshairs.
  4. User: Hornypostlover240 Comment: I need sum too please send them2mymail
  5. I was dumb to enter my discord ID wrong..
  6. I've created an account for the LSSD forum but I'm unable to see any posts or anything at all. I was going to pm someone on the SD forum, but I can't cause I can't see anyone there either. Asked this on the discord as well no help there either. Edit: also tried deleting cookies.
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