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  1. Awesome, figure this is very welcome to a lot of people :) N1 Everett!
  2. House robberies or money laundering would be dope.
  3. Seems like just saying "Supporting" isn't allowed probably because I need to give a reason why I'm supporting this suggestion. Well, I don't see the necessity to just repeat the author's reasoning behind the suggestion considering it's a pretty simple one. But here we go. I fully agree with liking the idea of having an option to turn accessories on and off. Supporting.
  4. I feel like people are mixing in 2 topics, either way. I feel like asking in /do is sufficient enough, considering it's against server rules to lie in /do AFAIK.
  5. I like this a lot of well, provides a whole new role playing scenario for both legal and illegal focused individuals.
  6. I'm assuming this is already in progress but I thought I'd post it here in case it wasn't. Basically the suggestion is pretty simple. I would like to have a call history available in the phone menu so that you can call people back after they have called you. (Avoids the need of having to PM the player and going OOC to get their number since you'd have it on your phone.)
  7. Nice one on the video, good luck.
  8. Interesting, hope this works out, good luck!
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