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  1. This does make a lot of sense! Strict enforcement of business licenses should resolve a lot of these issues. It does mean that there's a large barrier of entry, likely lessening competition and increasing prices further though.
  2. What is the actual problem here? Dealerships are providing a service for which there is a demand. People aren't being scammed, and if they are willing to pay the listed price then this is what the car is worth it to them. If you believe that it is too profitable, you can reduce your asking prices and compete with other dealership that you believe are paying too little for used cars, and asking too much when they are selling. The inevitable result from this post will be that more people will try to do the same thing, and make money this way. More competition will reduce the margins.
  3. I think this is important. Sure, on facebook posts aren't public by default. However, this is not facebook. Facebrowser has so many fewer users, it is important to have content out there. Having posts be public by default, or opt-in, is really important.
  4. This is the right solution!
  5. ULSA, I would assume. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/University_of_San_Andreas,_Los_Santos
  6. You can try to request a business property instead?
  7. Open renting isnt very realistic though.
  8. Id love to see more of this. Occasionally some more rural focused characters stop by in Sandy. Would be nice to have more of these!
  9. Elections are mentions in the devlog Obviously its behind schedule. I hope at the very least the development team can ensure that this system is in place in time to have election day to occur somewhere in early November. A lot of people will be in tune with politics then, so it would be nice timing. Parties and would-be administrations need time to prepare and showcase themselves though. If we can get an announcement somewhere in the summer for this, then we can really start to make this viable RP again.
  10. Whats the market price of this property?
  11. This is not a good idea. Wipes are only a last resort, usually for data loss or incompatibility.
  12. What is the market price and furniture value, if any?
  13. Is there an update to this guide or a better solution on how to add a station without paying? The free option listed here is only a 7 day trial now.
  14. If its possible, then great. But Bash is usually right, this looks like a user group permissions solution currently in place. Not a big chance of being able to filter links by domain.
  15. This sounds like the most reasonable course of action.
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